Heavy fighting reported around Donetsk

Fort Russ (www.fortruss.blogspot.com) has extensive coverage of what is happening on the front. Events are escalating. Below is one article. Plus Fort Russ has, under “Brothers in arms” section at the top of their page, links to other sites with coverage.

From Fort Russ
June 3, 2015
Heavy fighting Reported Around Donetsk
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Statement by DPR Minister of Defense Basurin

“As of right now [7:30 a.m.], we have about 15 killed, those are the DPR losses since the first assault at 3:45am. UAF shelling damaged the Skochinskoye mine in Donetsk, depriving it of electricity and stranding 375 miners below ground without air or water. Abakumov mine was hit as well, but no miners were under ground. Right now there is a battle being waged at Maryinka.

Statements from military correspondents: “Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Dokuchayevsk, and Shirokino are under fire, Ukrainians are jamming cell phone communications. We need people to show up at blood transfusion centers, the militia has many wounded. Witnesses claim shells struck the Sokol market in the Tekstil region of Donetsk while there were many civilians there. The number of casualties is still being ascertained. Hell is unfolding in Maryinka. We are launching Grads and everything else we’ve got at the Ukrainian positions. UAF ATO HQ is claiming that Maryinka is under attack by 20 tanks and 1000 DPR militia.

Statement by militiaman Aleksandr Zhuchkovskiy

“The NAF is so far not conducting a full-scale assault. The enemy attempted a breakthrough, but we counter-attacked and advanced, the UAF took heavy losses. Fighting spiked starting at 5 am when the UAF opened heavy fire on our positions using Vasilyok automatic mortars. Then their 120mm mortars, tanks, 122mm howitzers, Grads, and some unidentified very large caliber weapons, most likely imported. We had no choice but to reply with counterbattery fire and begin forward movement. We put down many enemies, they evacuated two trucks worth of KIAs from their positions. We repelled the attack from the direction of Krasnogorovka and entered Maryinka. We raised the DPR flag, but things are not going as well as they seem. We don’t fully control it, we are stuck in a positional fight. UAF is sending a 50 vehicle strong column of reinforcements. The situation in Maryinka and Krasnogorovka is reminding one of situation in Avdeyevka and Peski during the winter. We can hold back the enemy, but if there are no orders to advance further, we’ll continue butting heads and lose people without gaining much.

Announcement by a Operational Coordination Center

“Donetsk. Petrovka is under UkroNazi shelling. Our groups found over 30 Nazi dead during the fighting around Maryinka and Krasnogorovka. The Ukrofascists are delivering wounded to Dimitrovk, Konstantinovka, Artyomovsk, but it’s not an organized evacuation. NAF has found a large number of UAF wounded on positions it captured. There are over 200 wounded in the over-filled Kurakhovo hospital, including many in critical condition.”

Military correspondents report:

“Should there be a breakthrough, UAF positions in Peski, Karlovka, and Avdeevka will be encircled. The Right Sector is talking about the possibility of an encirclement around Peski and Avdeyevka if the front is broken at Maryinka. This was reported by the Right Sector deputy corps commander Valentin Manko.”

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