Reading betweeen the lines of Putin’s UN speech: US is cornered in Syria

From Fort Russ

September 28, 2015
Blogger Dima Piterski
Translated by Kristina Rus

A few words about what preceded Putin’s speech. After the schedule of speeches was revealed, NASA immediately convened a press conference at almost the same time with some sensational details about Mars. It turned out that small rivers might flow there, or, perhaps not. It is clear that this was done so that Americans would change the channel and not watch Putin’s speech.

Many, including myself, noticed that simultaneously with the beginning of Putin’s speech a strange noise was heard in the room coming from the speakers. The noise was distinct and irritating. The aim is clear – to ruin the impression from the speech and try to bring Putin a little out of balance.


The intrigue was revealed by Obama, who in his speech called Assad a dictator, expressed complaints about Crimea, in short, ran the old song. Which is encouraging – it means they will not agree and there will not be any more hypocritical smiles and more hoots of the Russian fifth about “the extended hand of friendship” [from the US].

In Putin’s speech, who said everything we already know about the Western destruction of the Middle East and support of terrorists, asking a rhetorical question: “Do you realize what you’ve done?”, – I would emphasize one point that helps to envision his future course. The President first stressed, that the only legitimate authority in Syria is the Assad government, and secondly- that no one can arbitrarily act in circumvention of the UN Charter.

Since Russia has a veto power, then no coalition can legitimately act without our consent. But we can act without the consent of the United States and their lackeys because we are asked by the legitimate government of Syria. This is a strong position.

Another question is what will we do if the US still dares to attack Assad. But, obviously, all the consequences of such a step Putin will explain to Obama face-to-face in today’s talks.

I really hope that even a superficial agreement will not be achieved and Russia will continue the hard line on squeezing the U.S. out of Eurasia.

Poroshenko: Russia is destabilizing the Islamic State (video)

From Fort Russ

September 26, 2015

Anatoly Shariy Youtube Channel
Translated by Kristina Rus
Peter Poroshenko today talked to journalists, well how did he talk – there were three bodies nodding their heads, asking questions, to which Poroshenko already had written down the answers. But it didn’t smell of journalism, perhaps of alcohol, because Poroshenko said “Russia is destabilizing the situation in the Islamic state”.
Poroshenko: “Nothing will work out. Everyone knows well the role of Russia as a destabilizing factor in the Islamic State, Syria, Ukraine and other places.”
That person called a journalist, instead of drinking water, should have asked: “Where, where is it destabilizing the situation?”
“In the Islamic state”
“In the Islamic state”
 No more drinks for him.

Starikov: Russia is forcing the Americans to destroy their own project in its infancy

From Fort Russ

September 30, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Russian author, historian and politician Nikolay Starikov explains what happened today like no one else at today’s meeting with fans and supporters. 


Even cats don’t get born on their own and such high-profile terrorist organisations, packaged with beautiful Hollywood promos don’t appear on their own. Of course, it is a project, the same project of the global banking elite. as once was Adolf Hitler, and before that where the Bolsheviks-Trotskyists, who have destroyed the Russian empire and were going to crush the neighboring states.

Islamic state is a can opener in the hands of the global elite, with which it was planning to destroy the world order, as it is.

You know, often when we talk about WWII, a question comes to mind, why did the English have to bring Hitler to power, if they were the strongest ones? Well, in order to be the strongest, you must destroy your competition. And Hitler was brought to power in order to destroy the USSR, which not only grew economically, but presented an alternative of a social order, which was a death sentence.   

Lets remember the post-war USSR, when there was a constant dropping of prices which completely contradicts the market economy. Stalin did it, And did it yearly. And he would strangle this financially oriented economy with his price drops. It had to be prevented. This was Hitler’s task. 

Today’s Islamic State is a tool to prevent the growth of China, Russia, and Europe getting out of control. 

A big war is needed. Chaos is needed. It will help solve the problem of dropping consumption in the entire world.

War is needed for many reasons. Americans create the Islamic state. 

Note, two years ago no one knew about this Islamic state. There was Al Qaida  and Syrian opposition. Remember the Free Syrian Army, where is it today? Is it so free, that it has dissipated on its own?

Imagine, you have the Bandera “Forest brothers” in the woods, and suddenly they self-organize in the woods and become “The Red Guard.” It is impossible. Either they are the “Forest brothers” or the “Red Guard”.  They can be one thing or the other. One cannot transform into the other on its own. 

In order to create this instrument of destroying the world order you must destroy statehood. 

First the destruction of states is a standard path of the global banking elite, which I am writing about in my book “Power”.

Second, how can you create this force, if you have states everywhere? You have the states of Iraq and Syria. You cannot create 100 thousand militants on the territory of Iraq. Therefore you have to get rid of the Iraqi state. Either it has to be completely absent as in Lybia, or be nominal, occupying two blocks in Baghdad. It is weakened and destroyed.

And here is Syria. It also has to be destroyed, but it doesn’t surrender. This is where the hate towards Assad comes from. This is why they keep repeating, Assad must go – in order to destroy the state.

Instead they create a quazi-state structure, which they pump with money and weapons and sent it towards Afghanistan. By the way there is fighting going on right now for Kunduz, which is on the border with Tajikistahn. They are preparing a bridgehead for the invasion. Everything is going according to plan. 

They have to finish off Assad.

100 thousand fled to Europe, and how many refugees are in the camps?  A few million. If they cannot get to Europe, where will they go? You can hire them for cheap into your army, for example ISIS. People have no options, the infrastructure has been destroyed, there is nowhere to live, and here you are offered a salary!

This mess they want to send through Afghanistan to Central Asia. To destroy the Central Asian states. Which I and many others wrote about several years ago.

Further they will strike Russia and China.

Today several thousand Uighur militants are fighting for ISIS. This is the force that will be blowing up China.

You have to understand the logic of the Unites States. They gave birth to this instrument, but they need to let it grow. 

They say “We are going to fight it”. They create a coalition, and as a result of this battle ISIS spreads to a huge territory. 

Here is a question, are they fighting them? 

In Afghanistan they were fighting with drugs. As a result the drug production grew 42 times. So ISIS will grow 42 times too. They are not fighting themselves, and not letting anyone fight it.

What are American strikes on the positions of militants? Do we know who they are bombing? I hope they know who they are bombing. They could be bombing the Syrian army. And if anything, they will say: “Ooops, sorry”. We said, we are sorry!

When they are there, ISIS can freely grow. 

What is Russia doing? Understating, that this threat is coming for us, of course we have to fight there, but how? Not by bringing ground troops. Instructors, heavy equipment, aviation, but no ground troops. There are Syrian and Kurd ground troops.  

The surrounding states see what’s going on. They are not stupid. They understand that his hurricane will sweep all the sovereign states. In Saudi Arabia there is a war on the border.

Do you think Saudi Arabia is happy, no they would rather drink cocktails and pump oil. At that moment comes Russia and says, guys we will clean this up, fold ISIS, we will pretend we don’t know it was created by the US. But we will liquidate it. All we want from you is help. 

A week before Putin’s speech the Israeli prime minister, the Saudi king, the king of Jordan, why did they all fly to Putin? Because the fire is under their feet. 

Everyone pretends they don’t know where ISIS came from. 

When we brought our instructors and weapons there, Americans ended up in a difficult situation. Their monopoly on fighting ISIS was destroyed. We said let’s fight it, and they say, we are already fighting, we will not  

Why are you flying here, bombing whatever you want?

If you don’t do that, we will fight ISIS ourselves.

Americans lost the opportunity to bomb anyone they want on the Syrian territory. If they fly they can get shot down, saying “Why din’t you coordinate with us? You flew into the territory of the Syrian army and they shot down your plane. We would have told you the Syrian army is there

Now they will try to torpedo this. If someone starts to pound the bandits, they are in a situation as if England and France were forced to destroy Hitler in 1938. Russia is forcing them to destroy their own project. This is the essence of it. 

Today’s approval of our Federation Council to use force abroad is simply a legal formality. It doesn’t mean our troops will go there. They would love to suck us into a ground war, but we won’t go for it. We will get money from the surrounding states. Syria will give us the soldiers. And everyone will be happy to get over with this ISIS. And Americans will be forced to repeat, yes, what a terrible organization.

We buried their project before it has entered a mature stage.

This is what’s happening there today.

Putin: Who created ISIS?

Published on Sep 25, 2015
In 2014, President Obama named the three major threats to US national security; ISIS, Russia and Ebola (because spiraling national debt, unequal distribution of wealth, over-incarceration, climate change etc are less pressing issues.) [1]

It would be fair to say that Russian politicians took much offence to being placed in this list, next to a terror organisation and a disease.
In relation to this statement, Putin answers a number of questions from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club, late 2014.
I’m not affiliated to them but I encourage those interested in Eurasian politics to follow Valdai on Facebook, for truthful insights with leading experts.

Putin vs the Neocons – 1:0

 September 30, 2015
Mikhail Delyagin
Translated by Kristina Rus

Russia created the first since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact international coalition and will legally defend itself from Islamic terror on its frontiers

The Federation Council for the second time in a year and a half gave President Vladimir Putin the right to use the army outside of Russia. Sources reported that this pertains only to Syria. The head of the administration, former defense minister, Sergei Ivanov said we are talking only about airstrikes.

Mikhail Delyagin said: “It was ridiculous to wait until the U.S. fed Islamic fundamentalists will eat up Assad and come for us. It was ridiculous to wait until the destruction of Syria would open a land route for Qatari gas to Europe.

The fight against ISIS in Syria – is defense of Russia on its far frontiers: it is easier and cheaper, however the US providing the Islamists with advanced air defense weapons poses a serious danger.

Obama knowingly fled from journalists after a meeting with Vladimir Putin: looks like he was just put before the fact of creation of Russia’s first post Warsaw Treaty international military coalition. The harbinger was the creation of a unified information center in Baghdad, uniting Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia – the countries that actually fight terrorism. Hope, actually it is a complete command center; I hope there are representatives of China, who do not want the pro-American terrorists to blow up the Xinjiang-Uigur region. And it is important that the United States could not record the transfer of our aircraft to Syria: it indicates the scale of our technical superiority over them in this area.

Obama’s statement that the departure of Assad is no longer his priority, establishing a direct link between the Pentagon, the Defense Ministry and the expulsion of the head of the “Russian Department” of the Pentagon, are encouraging news.

It seems that Obama became a “lame duck”, for the sake of Biden’s victory and deterrence of the neocons (including Hillary Clinton) have abandoned the policy of supporting Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, from which he began his rule. The promises of Saudi Arabia to take down Assad militarily give impression of a random administrative fluctuation or a last desperate attempt to reverse the decision already made by the master.

It is important that on the eve of the UNGA session, the leadership of Saudi Arabia has ordered to completely stop funding Islamic militants in three months.

Vladimir Putin, having completed in recent months a genuine diplomatic blitzkrieg and, it seems, reaching agreement with Israel and Saudi Arabia, achieved a victory over the neocons, which went unnoticed in Russia’s and, consequently, over the forces of global destabilization.

This victory is not complete and cannot be so, however, it wins us at least a year and makes Russia the geopolitical leader of reasonable Islam.

If this person [Putin] refuses to go for a fourth term, he will have to be forced to do it”.

Newsbreak: Major development on Syria, Kerry/Lavrov press conference (video)

Kerry on live TV just publicly surrendered the US position on Syria to Russia

September 30th, 2015
Fort Russ – op-ed

By: Joaquin Flores

The US Empire is truly its last days.  

What was said on live television at the UN with the ”joint” statement made by Lavrov, and with Kerry at the conclusion, are “the things history is made from”. And what was said behind closed doors versus what was said publicly is more than likely to be oceans apart.

There are certain key phrases that were used that are the biggest indication that this wide-gulf exists, setting aside an objective assessment of the situation which also demands such a view.  Any objective appraisal indicates the US has a vulnerable position. 

The decision to make this statement jointly and in the language of collaboration is partly about not scaring the general public – or giving the stock market a shock, given the relationship between this and treasury bonds and other notes which are held by the Chinese.  The largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is of course China, which owns about $1.2 trillion in bills, notes and bonds, according to the US Treasury. The Chinese and the CSTO are no doubt involved in this conflict.

But chiefly, this decision to imply consensus and collaboration is about giving the US a graceful exit, something which is not only strategic for Russia but reflects its manner of conducting foreign policy.  It is done in a manner which least encourages, least corners, and least frustrates their adversaries. 

Allowing one’s enemy a safe routing passage is an age old tactic, and a basic military maneuver which ensures the opponent does not have a necessary reason to fight to the bitter end. 

It has allowed the US to make a hasty if somewhat tactical withdrawal without using the overt language of surrender. 

Also, the language of collaboration has a legal meaning. While we live in a world where the US has tried to deconstruct the post-war order of law and precedent, and has abrogated any number of agreements and conventions, it is important to understand that this is not Russia’s aim.

At the very core of the US’s lawlessness is this:  The post-war order created an international system of law, that while recognizing the supremacy of the victors of the war as evidenced in the structure of the UN Security Council, was also quite truly based in principles of equality between nations and the right to self determination.

In the several decades that followed the end of WWII the world saw a global anti-colonial and anti-imperialist uprising, primarily in the third world, which – despite some frustrations at the hands of US imperialism – was able to make good on the promises and values enshrined in the UN Charter.  While the US continued to violate human rights and international law in some major instances; in South-east Asia and Central America in particular – its primary interaction with the world at large was not reliant on lawlessness as an operating system.

The US was agreeable to this post-war legal order, because through the international financial system of banks and parent structures like the IMF and WTO, they could dominate and control the third world countries economically even after they had won formal independence and sovereignty.

As many of these countries grew up, and in some ways surpassed the US, the method of maintaining hegemony through economic domination, that could counter the legal equality of nation-states, became less and less useful proportionally.

This explains in large part why the US has needed to defy international law as its primary operating system in order to hold on to or regain its once dominant position. 

The combined forces of China, Russia, and Iran on the Eurasian continent cannot likely be defeated. The US is keenly aware of this, but for reasons of its own internal political and military culture, required ‘evidence’ in the form of a massively successful air campaign on the part of the Russians. This is what the Russians delivered today, and that was probably the main reason for it.

So what was said today behind closed doors?

What has probably in fact happened is a series of ultimatums were given by either side, but Russia is holding the cards. The US’s primary bargaining tactic is to overplay its hand, and to bluff.  Russia being aware of this, and aware of the delicate and sensitive US position given its newly discovered mortality, probably politely nodded in agreement to the US’s threatening and outrageous claims and threats.  All the while, however, it kept its focus on communicating their own final and unmoved position. 

What has not happened is any sort of joint plan by the US and Russia to strike at ISIS targets.  US media which hints at this are serving the primary role of running two kinds of interference: dissembling the reality that the US’s main creation cum ally is in fact ISIS, and to make it look like the US is still part of something which smells or sounds like ‘winning’. 

What may have indeed happened is the US negotiating on behalf of Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to provide safe exit corridors for their foreign mercenary/extremist (hybrid) army groupments, and other important leaders, experts, and trainers.  There is a growing view among many analysts that among the real refugees coming into Europe, are important leaders and trainers from ISIS/FSA/Al Nusra who got a bit ahead of the curve and made their exits a few weeks sooner.

What Kerry publicly said which is of critical importance – and what gives away the real nature of today’s talk  – that is US capitulation militarily –  was this:

“As Sergey said to you, we agreed on the imperative of a … as soon as possible, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, but as soon as possible – having a military to military deconflec .. deconfliction discussion, meeting, conference, whichever, whatever could be done as soon as possible, because we agree on the urgency of that deconfliction.”

A military deconfliction discussion is neutrally postured face saving language for something more adequately described as ‘disentanglement’ or perhaps even ‘terms of conditional surrender’.

To stare right in the face of the obvious – we must call it as it is.  For two parties to have a deconfliction discussion – they must be in conflict.  This is what was at the core of this last minute talk.

Another very significant thing that was not mentioned publicly was any talk of Syrian President Assad resigning from office.

There is little doubt who – between Kerry and Lavrov – begged for this emergency meeting to take place.  

Outside of this more or less outright admission of defeat on the part of the US, is the similarity this has to the Debaltsevo situation and the Minsk Agreement.  

This serves as a parallel to the Ukraine conflict where we saw the Debaltsevo cauldron, and the surrounding of what Motorola claimed publicly were NATO soldiers (whether in mercenary formations like Greystone/ Blackwater/ Xe/ Academi was not important), and the subsequent Minsk II Agreement built upon the defeat of the US proxy forces at Russian proxy force hands

We also therefore must speculate as to whether combatants from the MI6, CIA, Mosssad and other secret military/special forces/ and/or the western mercenary outfits linked to these were among today’s casualties. 

And like with the Minsk II agreement, we will see the US continually attempt to sabotage it or work contrary to its own stated commitments. 

At the same time, Russia is well aware of this, and will rely more heavily on its primary strength in today’s emerging world: multi-polarity. 

The US alliance is falling apart, and any wrong move which smells like a greater conflict could send the fragile US economy into shock mode. It has been difficult enough to use debt spending and an increasing debt-to-GDP ratio to simulate (not stimulate) growth. It has been difficult enough to shift numbers around to make a growing unemployment rate look like a shrinking one.

What Russia has essentially offered the US is also similar to September 2013 in Syria, but in heightened form, when Russia provided the US – as now – a very graceful and dignified official exit from the conflict.  This came at the heels of a failed false flag attempt by the US to place the blame for a chemical weapons attack on the Syrian government. 

What the US has threatened behind closed doors is that the it will double-down on its support for Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, or if you prefer ‘ISIS’. This dovetails nicely with what has emerged publicly from Kerry, which is that Russia will “be allowed” to fight ISIS on its own.

To really understand how these two fit together, we need only hear from US presidential candidates like Trump, whose job it has been to float this idea.  The idea is to ‘let’ Russia handle this fight, but with the real aim being here to increase support to ISIS with the goal of creating an Afghanistan like entanglement for Russia. 

Truly, what was just said on live television at this late hour – after a long day of Russia obliterating at least 8 ISIS targets in 20 sorties – must be at odds with what was said behind closed doors.

As Lavrov spoke in the clear and transparent language of Russian diplomacy, Kerry had no choice but to nod his head in agreement, as if Lavrov’s words were his own choosing.

Evidence that Kerry was forced into an agreement not to his liking behind closed doors, were his final public statements.

Conclusively and to summarize these; that while the two men had just tentatively agreed on points of principle –  a Unified Syria, a Sovereign Syria, a Democratic Syria, a Secular Syria, and a Syria that is home to all ethnic and confessional groups – he would have to take this back to Obama and ‘his team’ for final approval. 

In a diplomatic faux pas and incorrectly speaking for Lavrov, Kerry also included that Lavrov would likely be taking this back to Putin for approval.  But it is not likely that Lavrov needs any further consultation given that what was agreed to were probably the full list of requirements from the Russian side. Victory does not typically require approval from above to accept – terms of surrender often do. 

The difference is, Lavrov came, in standard Russian form, with the full authority of state to enter into the agreement of their own choosing, to begin with. Lavrov, like the gentleman he is, allowed the child-like Kerry to engage in a little more face-saving damage control.

Of course, Lavrov will not object publicly or correct Kerry. Russia’ position of strength is not based on what Kerry thinks or does not think, says or does not say, but rather on its position in the international community. 

Russia’s strength lays with its partners in the region and on its actions founded firmly in principles of international law, and its military capacity – as resoundingly demonstrated today.

Russian strategy has been based upon its understanding between the relationship of actual power and support ‘in principle’ from the international community.  As the US adventure has run out of gas, and run out of prospects for success – there has been an equal decrease in support from the international community.  Filling the support vacuum, is Russia. 

It is indeed very interesting to witness in real time the increased isolation of the US, and its decreased ability to make unilateral actions and demands upon the world.  It is amazing to see that Kerry on live TV publicly surrendered the US position on Syria to Russia.


JOAQUIN FLORES, based in Belgrade, serves as director for the Center for Syncretic Studies. The center was founded in 2013 in Belgrade as an international ideological education organisation, a discussion forum,  review of significant works and news items, and an advocacy organization developing proposal recommendations, as well a research facility for syncretic and inter-disciplinary social analysis. He is also the managing editor of Fort Russ news service, as well as the president of the Berlin based Independent Journalist Association for Peace.

President Putin grants Russian citizenship to American boxer Roy Jones Jr.

In an August meeting in Crimea with Vladimir Putin, Roy Jones, Jr. requested a Russian passport to be able to freely travel back and forth between Russia and the United States. President Putin said that if he was going to spend a significant part of his life working in Russia, then yes.

On September 12, 2015, President Putin signed an Executive Order granting Russian citizenship to Roy Jones, Jr.

The meeting in Crimea, August 19, 2015

The boxer is also known for his music and acting career. In Crimea, Roy Jones will participate in the Battle of Mount Gasfort boxing show as a singer.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Jones, I am very happy to see you.

Roy Jones: I am pretty glad to be here, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: How did you find yourself in Crimea?

Roy Jones: We do a lot of boxing business.

Vladimir Putin: Naturally, I am very happy to meet you. I am a big fan of sports, especially martial arts and boxing.

You were highly successful in boxing – like no one else. You were a world champion in the middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions. I don’t think there have been any others like you in the world. At least, not in boxing.

Roy Jones: No, not from middleweight to heavyweight.

Vladimir Putin: Indeed.

Roy Jones: What age were you in when you got into combat sports?

Vladimir Putin: I was 14.

Roy Jones: What got you in?

Vladimir Putin: I liked wrestling. I began with the Russian martial art, Sambo; and then I moved on to Judo. Unfortunately, I did not have your level of athletic success.

Roy Jones: But it’s not about the achievements; it’s about the personality you get from it.

Vladimir Putin: That’s true. It really helps to develop your character. I know you are doing well in many other areas. You are a singer, musician and actor.

Roy Jones: Well, because when God blesses you with a gift, you have to try to use it to the fullest.

Vladimir Putin: You are doing it well. I hope you will succeed in business here in Russia as well.

Roy Jones: That’s why I want to come here. That’s why I’m also here. Because I want to ask you about maybe having a passport to go back and forth so that I can do business here. Because all the people here seem to love Roy Jones Jr. And I love when people love me.

Vladimir Putin: Your name is very well known among sports and boxing fans in Russia. If you plan to spend a significant part of your life working in Russia, we would certainly be happy to fulfil your request to receive a Russian passport, Russian citizenship.

Roy Jones: Thank you.

Vladimir Putin: I think Russian boxing fans would be very happy.

Roy Jones: Oh, they will.

Vladimir Putin: I wish you success in all your work in Russia.

Roy Jones: Thank you, sir. And also, I think, sports-wise, it would help build a bridge between the two countries.

Vladimir Putin: We had different kinds of relations at different times, but whenever America and Russia’s higher interest demanded it, we always found the strength to build relations in the best possible way. And if people like you can provide additional opportunities to build relations not only at the state level, but also at the human level, that will create the necessary conditions.

Roy Jones: That’s what I plan to do.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you very much.

Roy Jones: Thank you.

The announcement of the Executive Order