Reading betweeen the lines of Putin’s UN speech: US is cornered in Syria

From Fort Russ

September 28, 2015
Blogger Dima Piterski
Translated by Kristina Rus

A few words about what preceded Putin’s speech. After the schedule of speeches was revealed, NASA immediately convened a press conference at almost the same time with some sensational details about Mars. It turned out that small rivers might flow there, or, perhaps not. It is clear that this was done so that Americans would change the channel and not watch Putin’s speech.

Many, including myself, noticed that simultaneously with the beginning of Putin’s speech a strange noise was heard in the room coming from the speakers. The noise was distinct and irritating. The aim is clear – to ruin the impression from the speech and try to bring Putin a little out of balance.


The intrigue was revealed by Obama, who in his speech called Assad a dictator, expressed complaints about Crimea, in short, ran the old song. Which is encouraging – it means they will not agree and there will not be any more hypocritical smiles and more hoots of the Russian fifth about “the extended hand of friendship” [from the US].

In Putin’s speech, who said everything we already know about the Western destruction of the Middle East and support of terrorists, asking a rhetorical question: “Do you realize what you’ve done?”, – I would emphasize one point that helps to envision his future course. The President first stressed, that the only legitimate authority in Syria is the Assad government, and secondly- that no one can arbitrarily act in circumvention of the UN Charter.

Since Russia has a veto power, then no coalition can legitimately act without our consent. But we can act without the consent of the United States and their lackeys because we are asked by the legitimate government of Syria. This is a strong position.

Another question is what will we do if the US still dares to attack Assad. But, obviously, all the consequences of such a step Putin will explain to Obama face-to-face in today’s talks.

I really hope that even a superficial agreement will not be achieved and Russia will continue the hard line on squeezing the U.S. out of Eurasia.

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