Jean-Claude Junker, EC president, hands over 600 million Euros to Kiev regime

February 12, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Blog de soutien aux Républiques de Donetsk et Lougansk, translated by Tom Winter –

During the Ukrainian Prime Minister’s visit to Brussels on February 10, Juncker, the president of the European Commission, not elected by the people of the EU, granted 600 million to the Kiev regime [*]. Even though less than a week before, the Ukrainian army carried out the worst bombardments against the Donbass and the civilian population, this technocratic entity gives money to a corrupt regime [**].

In December, “Europe” sanctioned Greece because it paid a thirteenth salary to people receiving a small pension, two months later, this same “Europe” gives money to a regime that bombards civilians and cheerfully robs the Ukrainian people by selling Ukraine to the multinationals [***]. The last sentence of the communiqué in the last link cited says a lot about the betrayal of a president born of a putsch supported by the US / Canada and the EU.

Last year, Poroshenko, the butcher of the Donbass, in the scandal of the Panama papers was cited by name, for like any corrupt oligarch (pleonasm!), this war criminal had an account in this tax haven to hide his pelf stolen from the Ukrainian people [****].

While he promised to sell his businesses to avoid conflicts of interest, he has never done it, and he would continue to raise the millions while applying the reforms imposed by international bodies to demand loans that the Ukrainian people would have to pay by a steady decline in their standard of living (declining wages, rising cost of living).

Good news for the Ukrainians despoiled by the corrupt junta of the Maïdan: they will be able to come on holiday without visas in the EU before this summer! [*****] The only problem is that given the level of wages in Ukraine, apart from the oligarchs, their families and post-Maïdan enthusiasts, you will not encounter many Ukrainians on the beaches of southern France!

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