Silence is not golden

From Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

On the street again today
with my sign ‘No war with Russia – Stop NATO’,
an hour in heart of downtown Brunswick 
seven of us
15-20% of cars gave positive response,
only saw two outright negatives.
Lots of strong honks by truckers

Most people just stare straight ahead
locked in fear, brainwashed,
politically ignorant.
Long ago surrendered their 
soul and nation
to the corporate neo-con oligarchs.

Cynthia brought her banner along,
great Chomsky quote.
It must be seen more often,
many cars honked as they passed it by.
Clear truth.

My thinking is being on the street
gives permission
to skeptics of US-NATO war mongering,
more confidence to share their doubts
with others.

The US is led by psychopaths,
terrorists, liars, agents of hell.
They are charting a dark course
to endless chaos
and neo-feudalism.

We must be more courageous
and public
with our free-will 
to critique
our sorry-ass 
so-called governments.


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