Short video: U.S. is sending new, very destructive nuclear B61-12 warheads to Europe without public knowledge or consent


This short animated video explains about the new nuclear warhead the United States is delivering to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey without the people’s knowledge or consent. Spread the word and help get these weapons of mass destruction out of Europe and build momentum for these countries to join the treaty banning nuclear weapons instead.

From International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

As many of you know, there are new US nuclear weapons which POLITICO announced [1] could be delivered to US host countries – Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey, as soon as December, replacing the current weapons stationed in those countries. 

The B61-12 warhead is a more advanced warhead from the ones currently stationed in countries hosting US nuclear weapons. It has different yields,[2] from 0.3kt to 50kt, but could be even more destructive if detonated underground, increasing its yield to up to 1,250kt, 83 times the size of Hiroshima-sized nuclear weapons.

To help spread the word about these new weapons and encourage action to protest their arrival in Europe, we worked with animator Catherine Killough to produce this new informational video.

The video is available on Youtube at: Get in touch if you’d like to access a video without the English voiceover or subtitles and the transcript to add in a translated version.

We encourage you to share the video with your networks and use it as you like in your campaigning! Here are some sample tweets, to translate and adapt as you would like.

  1. What’s not on our holiday gift list? New nuclear weapons in Europe. This winter, the US is delivering new nuclear warheads to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey. Find out more and spread the word:  #nuclearban
  1. The B61-12 warhead is a new nuclear weapon with catastrophic humanitarian consequences. The United States is bringing this warhead to Europe this winter. Educate your community about what this means with this animated video:  #nuclearban
  1. The holiday season is about spreading cheer, not nuclear weapons! Find out about the new nuclear weapons coming to Europe and how to stand up against them in this new animated video:  #nuclearban

[1] politico[dot]com/news/2022/10/26/u-s-plans-upgraded-nukes-europe-00063675
[2] fas[.]org/blogs/security/2016/01/b61-12_earth-penetration/


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