“There is no such thing as Russian language”–Poroshenko Block Deputy

From Fort Russ


Poroshenko Block Deputy: There is no Russian language, there is only the northern dialect of Ukrainian.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Rada Deputy Ivan Vinnik said that there is no such thing as a Russian language during the commemoration of the Heavenly Hundred.

First one of the Self-Defense party members complained that the head of the Kherson city administration Andrey Putilov speaks only Russian and does not want to learn Ukrainian.

Then it was Vinnik’s turn at the microphone, where he said that the Russian language does not exist at all.

“Maybe this is going to be unexpected, but I’d like to emphasize the fact that the Russian language does not exist. There exists the northern dialect of Ukrainian. You have to keep in mind that in the 15th century Russia did have a language at all, there was Mongolian, German, and then they imported Ukrainians who wrote the first book in Russia. Therefore I’d like to stop all insinuations concerning the language,” the deputy said.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Once you embrace Stepan Bandera as a hero and his ideology as the cornerstone of the “new and improved” Ukrainian state, I suppose it’s only logical that sooner or later someone will take those ideas to its logical conclusion. Namely genocide of all “non-Ukrainians”, as defined by the Galicians. Unless they are stopped by forces internal and/or external.