Azerbaijan recalls Consul General from Turkey


Azerbaijan’s President recalled several high-level officials. This is extremely significant.

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November 26, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree to recall the Consul General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul and at the same time the permanent representative of Azerbaijan in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, Hasan Zeynalov, reports the official website of the President.

Another decree of the President recalled from office the permanent representative of Azerbaijan to the UN office at Geneva and other international organizations, Murad Najafbeyli.

KR: Azerbaijan’s two big brothers traditionally have been Russia and Turkey. However, this proud small resource rich nation was not eager to become a Western vassal as it has been pressured to. It has always honored the age old ties with Russia and prefers  Russia’s approach of mutual cooperation (and its meticulous balancing act in Nagorny Karabah dispute with Armenia)  rather then Western approach of domination. 
Ilham Aliev’s latest gesture is a strong move which shows whose side Azerbaijan is on. 

Azerbaijan police arrest businessman linked to Tony Blair

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So, Azerbaijan has KFC. That’s too bad. American fast food and processed food is typically loaded with fat, salt, and sugar to keep people coming back — the “bliss” factor researched and utilized by the food industry.  Addictive, yes. This guarantees them a steady and growing profit, especially  in new markets. Healthy? That’s not the goal. Native foods, based on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins, are far better, and get sidelined by Western products. Mr. Piriyev owns the franchise for KFC.

This is just another aspect of invasion. Trade doors swing open first and allow that invasion, which prepares the ground for further erosions of national character, more encroachments, and more devastating invasions.

The map below shows why the West wants Azerbaijan.

Posted on Global Research, May 17, 2015
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Azerbaijan: Mafia State

Police in Baku arrested Nizami Piriyev, a high-profile Azerbaijani businessman closely associated with President Ilham Aliyev.

Mr Piriyev, media reported, was charged with various financial crimes. He is in prison ahead of a trial in what appears to be a spectacular public fall.

One of Azerbaijan’s richest men, Mr Piriyev was the official owner of the Azerbaijan Methanol Company, a large and high-profile operation on the outskirts of Baku.

He paid for former British PM Tony Blair to fly to Baku in 2009 to open the plant. Mr Blair, criticised for taking cash from governments with dubious human rights records since he left office in 2007, was photographed at a press conference in Baku sitting between Mr Piriyev and his son, Nasib.

Mr Piriyev’s holding company PNN Group also owned franchise rights to a number of Western brands in Azerbaijan and across the former Soviet Union. It’s website said that this included the British high street news agent WHSmith and US fast food chain KFC. A spokesman for WHSmith, though, said that Mr Piriyev did not hold its franchise in Azerbaijan.

Mr Piriyev used to work in Russia for Gazprom and had businesses stretching across Central Asia.

It’s unclear what triggered his arrest and whether he has been associated with Azerbaijan’s increasingly marginalised opposition or if he had fallen out with President Aliyev. The United States and Europe have been increasingly critical of Mr Aliyev for cracking down on opposition.

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