What is the Debaltsevo cauldron hiding?

From Fort Russ

February 8, 2015

What’s inside in the Debaltsevo cauldron? Why did the leaders of Europe rush to Russia?

Admittedly, when “the mousetrap” began to shut, everyone began to shout about the need… the need of what? Oh, about the need to follow the Minsk agreements..

The “Debaltsevo cauldron” was intended as a “Debaltsevo springboard” to start a victorious attack on DPR and LPR. In this regard, huge quantities of weapons, ammunition and food was brought to this area. This was confirmed by the militia after the capture of Uglegorsk. They got arsenals overflowing with weapons and warehouses with American food.

To foolishly lose such volume of weapons and “illegal American aid” for tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, and then to beg for the “ultimate weapon to defeat Putin” – this is the height of idiocy and helplessness of senior command.

Likely for this reason, to rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of sponsors, the Ukrainian offensive started today on all fronts at once, and with a simultaneous request for a truce…

It is a madhouse, and not a government and a General staff! They are so unpredictable, that honestly, it’s laughable! And yet, there are theories that in the arsenals of Debaltsevo one will find phosphorous and cluster shells and bombs, banned by international conventions, but used by the Ukrainian armed forces during the shelling of cities and towns. This could be evidence of war crimes…



Ukrainian commanders abandon their soldiers

Translated by Kristina Rus
February 5, 2015
From http://ext-1320878.livejournal.com/feed/


Reports from Donbass often talk about how Ukrainian officers behave in critical situations. For example:

“UAF officers fled first. Soldiers without the ability to retreat took the fight almost without command. Thanks to intelligence and wide agent network, it is possible to destroy the fire positions of the enemy before them opening fire. To destroy their convoys at the stage of their formation…”

“Threw heavy equipment and reinforcements to the Debaltsevo front. The pot began to boil, UAF commanders are saving themselves…”

“POW’s can not hide the anger and contempt towards their commanders, who threw them into the hands of the militia, and shamelessly ran away…”

“Panic in Kramatorsk. UAF and the Right Sector headquarters are evacuating, as they say, to Krasny Lyman…”

“I think only recruits remain in Uglegorsk. And without the commander rats they will die under strict orders and threats of persecution. Pity for their mothers. Those from UAF who are left in Uglegorsk are cannon fodder. Poroshenko will not pay them 1000 UAH as participants of ATO. The funerals will be more expensive…”

Meanwhile the Ukrainian side said the same thing since the summer defeats the army. On the pages of the weekly “Kraina,” Denis Vorobyov, correspondent of Espresso.TV, who spent 38 days in captivity after Ilovaisk, wrote:

“The entire command got out of this cauldron. Two vans with General Homchak and Dnepr battalion commander Yuri Bereza turned onto a forest lane. No one fired at them. Soldiers do not respect many of the commanders. The guys, who were wounded along with Semen Semenchenko, said: he got into a helicopter and flew to the hospital, and left them behind with broken legs…”

Since then, according to observers, nothing has changed. Ukrainian generals and officers now behave the same; evidence abound.


“Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyev” on Thursday (February 5, 2015)

Pavel Astakhov, the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation:

“Interesting report which had shocked me last night: “The Council of Europe is offering a three day ceasefire in South-Eastern Ukraine. This was an apotheosis. For what? As representatives of DPR and LPR told me yesterday it is to take out the command staff from Debaltsevo cauldron. Not to take out the children, which I have a list of, not to create a humanitarian corridor – not once had they created a humanitarian corridor, but to help the Ukrainian security forces to evacuate their command staff, which got trapped in the cauldron.”

Ukrainian commanders always flee first