Russian invasion threat is a hoax—interview with Veterans Today

From Press TV September 6, 2014
Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor, Veteran’s Today, Atlanta about the Ukraine conflict now under ceasefire, how NATOs agenda and sanctions are affecting the situation there.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.


Press TV: Press TV guest Mr. Frederick Petersen (Congressional defense policy advisor, Washington) paints a picture that NATO is not a threat to East Ukraine or even to Russia. How do you react to that?

Dean: Well, it’s probably one of the most incredible statements that I heard in the whole crisis. Coming from a marine officer it’s rather shocking – because we have a lot of marines at Veteran’s Today – when it comes to a marine officer that works for a think-tank that’s associated with the neocons and the AIPAC lobby.

And the area is covered with them. They basically say that NATO is in some kind of defensive mode here when we have two decades of NATO expansion. Ukraine has been in its crosshairs now for over ten years.

Russia has not been spending billions of dollars to instigate color revolutions in Eastern Europe; they have not been trying to push their missile shield into these countries, it’s the West that’s been doing this and they have a lot of people that are behind them on this. They have their own agendas, defense contractors…

And part of this whole Ukraine thing there has been a whole psy-ops to pretend that there is some kind of Russian threat, which they have no offensive capacity whatsoever. All their military spending is completely defensive and it’s just an outrage to have to listen to this from a retired American military colonel.

Press TV: Mr. Petersen is speaking about history and we do know the history of the Soviet Union. Is he making a legitimate point saying we cannot completely disregard the idea that may be Russia doe have expansionist policies?

Dean: This is just your neo-Cold War psycho-babble that we’ve been hearing for over a year now; they’ve really come out in the open with this ridiculous Soviet era routine.

Veteran’s Today is an intelligence site. We’ve had over three generations of top security people going all the way back to the beginning of the Cold War. Some of them even Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor Leo Wanta. We know the history of this; we’ve had people who’ve actually been historians of some of our major intelligence organizations. We know the history of this backwards and forwards.

This trying to paint the ‘attack the American people and the Europeans’ that there is some kind of aggressive threat from Russia is an attack on the democracies of these people because it is a psychological operation to do nothing more but prepare them to fund NATO expansion and also to being a missile shield up to the Soviet border, which is a terribly destabilizing move and it’s also cost the European people tremendous economic devastation.

So, we don’t have any problem at all taking these people on and all the open forums that we can and we can eat them alive and barbecue them for the benefit of the public and we’re happy to do it anytime any place and we’re happy to do it today.

Press TV: Mr. Petersen says Russia should join NATO rather than to oppose its expansion. How do you feel about that?

Dean: Russia was already cooperating tremendously with the West.

They have a 110 million dollar trade deficit with Europe; they coordinated with the war on terror; and there are a lot of levels. So there has been tremendous progress made until some group of people somewhere decided they wanted to dial that back.

And so they started a color revolution also in Russia, which Mr. Putin had kind of nipped in the bud when the oligarchs were taking over the country – they took over the media, then they were going to start actually running candidates that actually rule Russia.

So you had a subversive force actually trying to subvert Russia using their system, which Putin was one of the key people that he pushed them back and ran the oligarchs off who were basically given safety in the West.

So what we have here at the expense of the European economy, which is now thousands, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people are going to suffer with this new aggression plan.

The other thing I’ll mention about NATO as a military force other than air power is a joke. Most or all their bases are closed; they couldn’t even cover the ammunition for a no fly zone in Libya.

So this whole fraud that they’re pulling here is to start dialing up the spending so that they can build up a force and they used the country of Ukraine as a sacrificial lamb to try to build this up.

We think at Veteran’s Today that this is a criminal act and we’re going to be hunting down and exposing everybody that we can find that was involved in this.

And NATO for what they’re doing now, there are a growing number of people in the active military that don’t want to be mercenaries for commercial interests and fight for trade markets. So they’re going to be getting a lot of pushback – more than they expected.

And if we don’t barbecue them we’ll certainly be able to debate them very well.

Press TV: What are your final comments and your reaction to what our guest has said?

Dean: I’ll just close by saying that again we consider this whole Russian threat thing to be a total hoax.

We could fill a stadium with military analysis that basically says Russia is in a totally defensive position and all their money is spent for defensive spending.

This is very similar to the hoax of the Iranian nuclear threat, which is completely bogus and Iran is also spending all of their money on defense because they are the ones that are getting threatened with pre-emptive strike.

That doctrine of pre-emptive strike came out of the West with the neo-Cons in the late 1990s and it is still living now and we have a lot of people getting on board the train.

And the poor people of Ukraine are the ones that have really paid a terrible price; and the Europeans are going to be paying also for the tremendous blowback we’ve had from their sanctions stupidity that have made so many people suffer for no reason except for some military head-trippers that want to reinvent the Cold war again.

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