In Lugansk region lies “dead load” of 122 thousand tons of coal

From Ukrainian Pravda, December 5, 2014

In stock: “LisichanskUgol” and “Pervomayskugol” have more than 122 thousand tons of coal.

On Friday the chairman of the Lugansk Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal writes on its website .

“Today in the associations’ warehouses ‘LisichanskUgol’ and ‘Pervomayskugol’ on the territory controlled by Ukraine is 122,000 tons of coal,” – said the governor.

According to him, the coal “is dead load, because the Donetsk Railway (central office which, despite a decision of the National Security Council and the Cabinet of Ministers and remained in the occupied Donetsk) has no rail cars for shipment of coal to thermal power plants.

“There is a paradoxical situation – coal is purchased only in South Africa, imported to Ukraine and hits the thermal power plants, and what is produced in the Lugansk region on the territory controlled by Ukraine cannot be sent to the thermal power plants due to a lack of cars and locomotives for diesel fuel,” – said Moskal.

It is known that on Friday at the Ministry of Energy and Coal (Minenergouglya) an emergency meeting takes place with the new Minister Vladimir Demchishin in which trying to find a way out of the catastrophic situation with the lack of coal at thermal power plants.

According to one of the directors of thermal power plants, if in the near future are not started oil-gas units, the plants will stop, and many cities will be left without light and heat, including Kiev.


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