Adviser to Poroshenko writes about the high number of draft evaders and the resistance to the mobilization

From, January 27, 2015

Presidential adviser Yuri Biryukov wrote on his Facebook page on the frustration of the fourth wave of mobilization and the number of draft dodgers in the western regions of Ukraine.

So, according to him, the head of 14 village councils, Ivano-Frankivsk region, refused to receive the notification on the agenda. 57% of reservists notified by Ivano-Frankivsk region have not arrived at the passage meditsinkoy Commission, while 37% of reservists notified by Ivano-Frankivsk region basically left the territory of Ukraine.

“The heads of village of Ternopil region pleased to openly sabotage activities on notification, in the case of in district representatives of RVC notifications – inform their residents and surrounding villages” writes Biryukov

The adviser said that the head of the village Selrady Grooms, Kozova Raion, reported on the eve the local population hired two buses and drove them to the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the small town of Mukachevo, Kolchyno district, Transcarpathian region, of 105 people notified, presented only three: 9 persons did not reside at the address register, and 93 people in January were eliminated for seasonal agriculture.

“Over the past 30 days the state border in the Chernivtsi region has crossed 17% of the total number of area reservists. From unofficial sources we know that hostels and motels in the border area of neighboring Romania completely filled with draft evaders, “- said Biryukov.

He also said that 19% of notified conscripts of Volyn region refused military service on religious grounds, although in recent years the percentage refusal under this formulation did not exceed 0.7%.

“Patriots, mlyat. Warriors of Light, mlyat. Cowardly mongrel! “- Summed up the adviser.

In Ukraine, the fourth wave continues partial mobilization. In 2015 it is planned to mobilize in the Ukrainian army 50 thousand people; if necessary – 104,000. According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, the mobilization is planned in two stages – 24 000 people and 26 000 people.

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