Webinar: Ukraine — The Developing Situation, with Scott Ritter and Joe Lombardo (VIDEO)

From United National AntiWar Coalition

The Developing Situation in Ukraine
A webinar with Scott Ritter and Joe Lombardo
Also speaking is Wyatt Miller.

Held September 30, 2022

In recent weeks, there have been important developments in Ukraine. In four territories in the Eastern and Southern part of the country there have been referenda for the people to choose if they want to become part of Russia, there has been a partial mobilization of reserve forces in Russia, a Ukrainian offensive in Kherson and economic fallout from the US/EU imposed sanctions that seem to be sinking the economies, especially of NATO countries. In the webinar, you will hear an analysis of developing events, what we can expect in the future and how to we get peace in the region.


10,000 Ukrainian soldiers have deserted since April 2014

From Macedonia Online — MINA
June 23, 2015

More than 10,000 cases of desertion have been registered in the Ukrainian Army since the outbreak of the Donbass war in April 2014, Ukrainian Vesti reported.

In 2014 the army suffered heavy desertion and nearly 30 percent of the servicemen called up in the first wave of mobilization (March 17) abandoned their positions, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said.

Ukrainian parliament Verkhovna Rada has announced six waves of mobilization so far. By the end of 2014 the strength of Ukrainian Armed Forces grew from 130,000 to 232,000.

Ukrainians have been protesting against the mobilization. They travel to work abroad or simply reside at their relatives’ in other countries. Almost 1,3 million Ukrainian draftees live in Russia.

Since April 7, 2014 the Kiev authorities have been waging war against Donbass self-defense forces who rejected the legitimacy of the coup-imposed Ukrainian government and declared the independent republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Official figures estimate the number of victims to near 6,500. But the German intelligence reported of 50,000 victims in February 2015.


Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi police state: Maidan criminalizes itself

From Unz Review

The following text is translated from Russian. It points to the total lack of support for the Kiev regime, as well as the implementation of an all encompassing Neo-Nazi Police State apparatus, based on fear, intimidation and racism, directed not only against the Russian speaking population: Ukrainians who oppose the government and exercise free speech can be arrested,  journalists are arrested and disappeared.  

by Anatoly Karlin

The following leaflets are being spread in Slavyansk, a once focal point of the Donbass resistance that was recaptured by Ukrainian forces in July last year:



How to recognize your typical separatist?

  • Calls for the entry of Russian troops or suggests surrendering to Russia.
  • Propagandizes Russian symbols and spreads the idea of the “Russian world.”
  • Denigrates the values of the Ukrainian people, expresses doubts about the fact of the existence of the Ukrainian nation, Ukrainian language, etc.
  • Spreads rumors about the non-existent threats to the Russian language or Russian speakers in Ukraine.
  • Denigrates Ukrainian state symbols – the flag, national anthem, coat of arms, etc.
  • Praises the so-called DNR and LNR.
  • Protests against military mobilization.
  • Initiates events in which people call for overthrow of the government and mass riots.
  • Spreads lies and inflames interethnic hatred (racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism).
  • Promotes fear, panic, and defeatist attitudes.

A SEPARATIST IS EVEN SOMEONE WHO AGITATES AGAINST MOBILIZATION OR AWAITS PUTIN’S ARRIVAL! Punishment: 7-12 years imprisonment (Article 110 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code).

If you have encountered a case of separatism, please call the SBU or the government hotline and record the evidence on your phone, video recorder, photo camera.

0 800 507 309 – Government hotline

0 800 501 482 – SBU hotline

Toll free from landline phones.

Useless to argue the morals of this; it is justified or not depending on your particular partisan sympathies and the consistency of any convictions you might have on free speech, etc. So I won’t bother.

I will however make a few wider points:

1) The utter hypocrisy (and hardheaded practicality) of a regime that came to power through an illegal coup on a wave of mass riots now banning the same thing that got them into power in the first place. And of course the incredibly hardline restrictions on free speech implicit in all this, which are and will continue to be abused (Your neighbor’s dog is too loud? Maybe he’s a separatist!).

Lest one think this all just talk, consider the case of Ruslan Kotsaba, a (West Ukrainian!) journalist arrested for making a video in which he came out against mobilization, which is strictly speaking without legal basis during a time in which war has not been declared, i.e. up till now. He faces up to 15 years in prison. This is just what is probably the most visible case; there have been sackings, denunciations, business shakedowns, arrests, and imprisonments for non violent expressions of different opinion (or allegations of such) on a scale that would have saved Yanukovych’s “bloody regime” had he been even a tenth as ruthless.

2) A corrolary is that the results of opinion polls, which generally show drastic declines in attitudes towards Russia, while certainly real at some level, surely overstate the level of the decline. If you live in Kharkov and some unknown person phoned you and asked you for your opinions on Crimea then you’d have to be fairly brave or at least confident that you are dealing with an ethical pollster before voicing any opinion that goes against the Maidan party line.

3) As the Ukrainian economy plummets into the abyss with a helping hand from the IMF, the incidence of repressions (of which witchhunts for separatists is but a part) is ratcheting up and this process will continue further because after all they will have all been organized by Russia. After all, what possible valid reason could a pensioner with skyrocketing heating bills and devalued savings living on $50 a month have for opposing the oligarchs who rule Ukraine? And with the regime having promoted plenty of Neo-Nazis to positions of power, who’ll be happy enough to crack heads while the money continues flowing.

The fact that the regime is driven to such repressive measures is an indication that it does not enjoy firm and overwhelming support from the population. With things likely to get much worse before they get better, it is only a matter of time before the regime will have to drop what remains of its liberal democracy European values facade.

Copyright Anatoly Karlin the Unz Review, 2015



Search for 8,000 army draft evaders unleashed in Ukraine’s south-west

Posted on Strategic Culture Foundation, February 24, 2015

TASS – Authorities in Ukraine’s south-western Ivano-Frankivsk region have opened a search for about 8,000 men who are evading conscription for military service as part of the government’s yet another wave of mobilization, the Vesti news portal said on Tuesday.

Yuri Veranovsky, a deputy military commissar of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional military board told reporters the majority of those on the ‘wanted list’ were absent from the places of their official permanent residence while the mayors of rural communities refused to assist the workers of military boards in handing the call-up notifications to the designated population.

Local military commissars say many of the men, who were be drafted, had left for other countries while many others were hiding out on their private households and refusing to let anyone in.

Ukrainian legislation specifies punishment for evasion of military service. Any evader can be imprisoned for a period of up to five years.

In 2015, the Ukrainian Armed Forces hope to draft up to 200,000 conscripts as part of the fourth, fifth, and sixth waves of mobilization. Also, about 40,000 men should be drafted for regular military service.


A whole village in Odessa region kicks out the military recruiters in protest of mobilization

Posted on Fort Russ

January 26, 2015
Alexander Ignatiev – Politnavigator
Translated by Kristina Rus

In the village of Kulich, Odessa region, locals rebelled against mobilization and expelled military officials from the village.

According to local residents, they learned in advance, that 240 army summons are coming to the village, and in a few minutes about 500 people gathered in the center. Six representatives from the military showed up to give out the mobilization papers, but were not met with understanding from the local population, writes the newspaper “Timer”.

In response to the statement that refusal from mobilization shall be punished by law, the people began to shout “No to war!” and “We are for peace!”, recalling that the country has not yet declared a martial law, and that the Minsk agreements have not been canceled. In this regard, the people refused to accept the summons, called the new wave of mobilization illegal and forcible, and kicked out of the military reps from their village.

People wrote an official address to the local authorities, calling mobilization illegal. They declared that they refuse to join the army, and any attempt to pick up their loved ones by force will be sabotaged by the entire village.

Update: According to social media this a Bulgarian village, please watch the video of the protest: “Let Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko fight in the first rows”


Adviser to Poroshenko writes about the high number of draft evaders and the resistance to the mobilization

From Ruposters.com, January 27, 2015

Presidential adviser Yuri Biryukov wrote on his Facebook page on the frustration of the fourth wave of mobilization and the number of draft dodgers in the western regions of Ukraine.

So, according to him, the head of 14 village councils, Ivano-Frankivsk region, refused to receive the notification on the agenda. 57% of reservists notified by Ivano-Frankivsk region have not arrived at the passage meditsinkoy Commission, while 37% of reservists notified by Ivano-Frankivsk region basically left the territory of Ukraine.

“The heads of village of Ternopil region pleased to openly sabotage activities on notification, in the case of in district representatives of RVC notifications – inform their residents and surrounding villages” writes Biryukov

The adviser said that the head of the village Selrady Grooms, Kozova Raion, reported on the eve the local population hired two buses and drove them to the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the small town of Mukachevo, Kolchyno district, Transcarpathian region, of 105 people notified, presented only three: 9 persons did not reside at the address register, and 93 people in January were eliminated for seasonal agriculture.

“Over the past 30 days the state border in the Chernivtsi region has crossed 17% of the total number of area reservists. From unofficial sources we know that hostels and motels in the border area of neighboring Romania completely filled with draft evaders, “- said Biryukov.

He also said that 19% of notified conscripts of Volyn region refused military service on religious grounds, although in recent years the percentage refusal under this formulation did not exceed 0.7%.

“Patriots, mlyat. Warriors of Light, mlyat. Cowardly mongrel! “- Summed up the adviser.

In Ukraine, the fourth wave continues partial mobilization. In 2015 it is planned to mobilize in the Ukrainian army 50 thousand people; if necessary – 104,000. According to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, the mobilization is planned in two stages – 24 000 people and 26 000 people.


26 busloads of men leave Ukraine to avoid mobilization

Posted on Fort Russ
Yurasumy, January 25, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

…On January 19, the day before the official start of the partial mobilization campaign, about a thousand men from Pereginskaya left to work abroad – in Russia. 26 buses with workers went to Krasnoyarsk.

This was announced at a meeting on the issues of mobilization that took place today in the Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration with the participation of the military commandants of all districts of the region, representatives of power structures and social activists.

This fact was voiced by an [Maidan] activist from the town of Kalush in the address to Kalush District Commissar, which oversees Rozhnyatovsky district. The activist expressed surprise that this fact was unknown to the military Commissar. Before the Commissar said that it is impossible to locate Pereginskaya men and to subject them to mobilization.

“It’s all excuses. I know that almost everyone came back home for the Christmas holidays. And after they all leave. Therefore don’t say they are impossible to find. It’s just our stupidity,” – responded the Chairman of Regional State Administration Oleg Goncharuk.

Out of 17 400 inhabitants of Pereginskaya, among which there are about 7000 men of military age, in 23 years of independence of Ukraine only one resident of the village served in the army. This man volunteered to the war zone in the East and now defends Ukraine in one of the volunteer battalions.

The Chairman of regional state administration declared that during the following closed session of the meeting with commissars will be decided how to strengthen the district military Commissar of the Kalush area.

The second session of the meeting was held behind doors closed for journalists. Public activists headed by Roman Ostrovsky were present at the meeting. Roman Ostrovsky started an argument that the meeting should be closed to journalists. Finally, the journalists were asked to stay behind the door. http://kurs.if.ua/news/do_rosii_na_zarobitky_vyihaly_naperedodni_mobilizatsii_26_avtobusiv_cholovikiv_iz_prykarpatskogo_selyshcha_pereginsk_13247.html

This is how mobilization is going…

P. S. As written in the comments to the previous material about mobilization in Sumy, summons are delivered to the factories. Accept the summons – you can work, if not – you have to quit. People are quitting en masse (there are no idiots).



Poroshenko signs law on partial mobilization in Ukraine

From Sputnik News, January 19, 2015

According to Ukrainian parliamentary portal, President Poroshenko signed a partial mobilization law Monday.

IEV, January 19 (Sputnik) — Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a law on partial mobilization in the country, Ukrainian parliament portal reported Monday.

The status of the adopted law says that the document “has been returned with the President’s signature on January 19”.

On January 15, the Ukrainian parliament approved the partial military mobilization act that requires three waves of mobilization in 2015. The act also stipulates the spring demobilization of servicemen who joined the military during 2014’s first wave of mobilization in March.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the first mobilization wave of 2015, during which 50,000 troops are expected to be added to military ranks, is expected to begin on January 20. Overall the three-stage military mobilization would add a total of 104,000 soldiers to the country’s army.

Kiev began military operation against the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics in April and carried out three mobilization waves in 2014.


Ukraine ready to impose martial law and declare war on Russia

Posted on Fort Russ, January 23, 2015
Editorial – Politonline.ru
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Kiev is ready to impose martial law in the South-East of Ukraine and to declare war on Russia. This was announced in Verkhovnaya Rada, confessed the head of the Committee on National Security and Defense. Deputies noted that the decision has been made, only postponed for financial reasons, because the IMF will not give money to a country at war.

Recall that the national guard received orders to take Donetsk and the airport close to it, but… it turned out that the security forces were not ready to attack. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin offered Petro Poroshenko a new proposal for the withdrawal of heavy artillery. Kiev refused it, without offering anything in return. Later, the Ukrainian authorities offered Moscow to sign the schedule of implementation of the Minsk agreements.

At the same time, the fourth wave of mobilization started in Ukraine. The decree was signed by Poroshenko even a few days before the deadline – the reason for this was a tragedy near Volnovaha, which killed 12 passengers of the bus. Male population of Ukraine again is preparing for mass exodus, during which entire villages of males disappear. Experts have already wrote that in any scenario of a military solution to the conflict, Ukraine will lose.

Earlier, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Aleksandr Turchynov talked about the plans of the authorities of his country – he said that the war with Russia is inevitable and Ukraine will supposedly return Crimea, “as soon as it will accumulate enough strength”. In addition, the former Defense Minister of Ukraine Valeriy Geletey promised from the podium of the Verkhovna Rada that he will attack Russia and conduct a so-called “victory parade” in Sevastopol, Crimea, which he will make “Ukrainian”.

“I think it’s a propaganda statement. Martial law cannot be applied to a part of a country, it can be introduced across the entire country – and this automatically means the dissolution of the Verkhovnaya Rada, the transition of power to the military and cancelling civil authority. This means the absence of constitutional and social freedoms, curfew throughout the country, three-shift working day,” told Politonline.ru Director of the Institute of National Strategy of Russia, Yuri Solozobov.

“It also means huge financial losses – no one will give loans to a warring country.” Well-known political analyst added that “if they declare war on Russia unilaterally (and Moscow does not consider itself a party to the conflict, and rightfully so) – this means the aggression on the part of Ukraine, an attack on the territory of the Russian Federation”,- he added. “In this case, our country will have a free pass, it will be able to apply all – emphasize – any means to respond to an aggression.”

Will NATO help Ukraine? Yuri Solozobov reminded that according to some sources, “the commander of the ground forces of NATO is already in the zone of conflict“, in addition, there are a lot of military instructors, mercenaries, representatives of private military companies, foreign weapons were discovered, there is already a U.S. Congress resolution on delivery of lethal weapons”. The expert believes that it “dramatically complicates the situation”.

“They want to impose a martial law, but in order to do that, a war is necessary. Which there is not. And if there is a war inside the country, you cannot declare martial law, maximum – a state of emergency,” told in an interview to Politonline.ru the leading expert of the Center for Political-Military studies at MGIMO, Mikhail Alexandrov. He noted that to introduce martial law, Ukraine has to declare war on Russia.

“Then, will Russia watch indifferently as a war is declared against it? No. If they declare war on Russia in order to solve their crisis – Russia has every right to move troops to the territory of Ukraine. In this scenario, Ukraine has no chance – the resistance of Ukrainian forces will last a week at most”,- said the military expert.

What’s next? “Then all of Ukraine is occupied by Russian troops on a completely legal basis – if officially a war was declared on Russia, then no West, OSCE or the UN can say anything. In this case, Russia will use the UN Charter on the right for individual and collective defense and will be able to calmly destroy the armed forces of Ukraine as the aggressor,” – says the military analyst.

Even according to the results of war-2008 the “shadow Pentagon,” Stratfor, has published a guide for analysts, in which it was noted: “the Russian army is capable of successful operations, can defeat U.S. military forces.” In 2014 appeared the statements of NATO about Russia as “clever and cunning enemy.” And statements that NATO “is not ready to defeat Russia”.

Note that military analysts repeatedly and meticulously analyzed the options of war between Russia and Ukraine (as well as a war between Russia and USA). For example, there is a “battle outlook” of RAND and three scenarios from a local battle to a nuclear attack on Ukraine. Ukraine in these scenarios, of course, loses outright.

It is also significant that even Ukrainians quote an American marine in social networks: “I would not want the Russians to seriously begin fighting with us. Let me be unpatriotic, but I feel that they will definitely kick our butt”.