Three children killed in a direct hit on Gorlovka home

From Fort Russ

February 12, 2015

Translated by Kristna Rus
Eduard Basurin, deputy corps commander of Ministry of Defense of Donetsk People’s Republic:
“A very big tragedy happened today, a tragedy for the entire Republic. At 20:30 an artillery shelling of the city began. As a result of which, there was a direct hit on a residential house, where there were three children: a one year old boy, a 6 year old girl, and a 12 year old girl. They all died on the spot.
During the meeting in Minsk, when the signing of ceasefire memorandum was taking place, when the ink has not yet dried on that document, this tragedy happened.
This shows the fallacy of those authorities who are now in Kiev. They are inhuman. There is no other word for it.
They are not Nazis, they are not fascists, it is something worse. To express what each of us is feeling right now… The deaths of these children, who were at the beginning of their life, who were just beginning to discover the beauty of life…
Gorlovka was under fire for 40 minutes. There may be more victims. Currently emergency crews are working on clearing the rubble, and we will tell you the latest information in the morning.”
PS Elsewhere it was reported that the mother of the children was at the home, and survived… 

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