Azov battalion thugs hijack a car of Mariupol prosecutor

From Fort Russ

February 15, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Militants from Azov battalion, threatening with a pistol, stole the SUV of a Mariupol prosecutor.

Prosecutor of one of the districts of Mariupol experienced unity with Ukraine on his own skin.

When he was driving on a highway in his SUV, he was cut off by a military truck with soldiers from Azov punitive battalion. Jumping out of the truck with weapons, the militants forced the Prosecutor to get out of the car and give them the keys.

Attempts by the Prosecutor to explain who he is, ended predictably. The militants put the gun to the head of the stubborn civil defender. The mercenaries “liberated” the prosecutor from his car and disappeared in it.

In the occupied Mariupol such a case is not uncommon. As local residents say, “Azov” can do anything – grab people on the streets, break into a house and take out anything they want.

The law enforcement who serve the new government, prefer not to intervene and not to investigate such cases, as a response to any criminal case can be a grenade in their window.

Military correspondent of Rusvesna (“Russian Spring”),  Steppe.

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