Rada deputy Lyashko urges shooting the Kharkov authorities for refusing to declare Russia as an “aggressor”

Posted on Fort Russ

Pro-Russian rally in Kharkov, March 2014

March 5, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

The head of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko asked the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to consider the dissolution of the city and regional councils of Kharkov for not recognizing Russia as an “aggressor”.

“Today an extraordinary event took place in Kharkov. Kharkov regional council refused to include in the agenda the recognition of Russia as an aggressor. Let me remind you, that earlier the Kharkov city council refused to recognize Russia as an aggressor. I think this is an extremely dangerous event. Kharkov region is a border region. [!!!] When the city and regional councils refuse to recognize Russia as an aggressor, then tomorrow they can hold a referendum on the accession of the Kharkov region to Russia,” – said Lyashko.

The politician promised to register a draft law on the dissolution of the regional and city councils of Kharkov, as well as new elections. However, he did not stop there.

Kharkov regional and city councils should be dissolved for contributing to terrorism, conducting anti-state activities. As a minimum – dissolution, and the maximum – Kharkov mayor Kernes and the head of the Kharkov regional Council should be shot,” – suggested deputy Lyashko.



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