NATO commander urges warfare against “the false narrative”

The false narrative — such a disruptive,  murderous force which can destroy nations.

Commander Breedlove is right: The way to attack the false narrative is to drag the false narrative into the light and expose it.

The problem is that he is peddling the false narrative, not someone else. More and more people realize this and are exposing it. Factual, accurate narratives love the light, and that’s what Breedlove wants to eliminate — the truth. So, though he uses the language of truth and of honor, what he actually proposes is something very different. He says it is necessary to wage war on this information.

It’s increasingly difficult to “sell” the US/Pentagon/NATO false narrative as true. They can do it with higher volume, by slander and libel, and by trying to eliminate any fact-based narratives.

There will be more computer and website attacks, greater pressure put on the mainstream media to keep out any contrary narrative, political pressures and laws, personal attacks, and probably physical attacks in the myriad ways which the military has at their disposal. Anyone espousing “Russia’s” position will be targeted.

The truth and everyone telling the truth have become the enemy to Commander Breedlove and his allies. What they want, they intend to get if at all possible. However, truth does shine brightly, along with the  people who share it.

It is critical now more than ever to give information to as many as we can in as many ways as we can.

Posted by Rick Rozoff

March 23, 2015
Breedlove urges West to start information warfare with Russia


KYIV: The western countries, primarily the NATO member states, should engage in the informational confrontation with aggressive Russian propaganda.

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Philip Breedlove said this in Brussels on Sunday, Ukrinform reports.

“We need as a western group of nations or as an alliance to engage in this informational warfare. The way to attack the false narrative is to drag the false narrative into the light and expose it,” Breedlove said.

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