Nalivaychenko to purge, reorganize Ukrainian Security Service along OUN-UPA lines

SBU is the Ukrainian Security Service
OUN-UPA are fascist Ukrainian ultra-nationalists. These organizations were responsible for the massacres in Volynia.

See interview below of former Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) Chief Yakimenko about current SBU Chief Nalivaychenko.

FSB is the Federal Security Service of Russia.

From Fort Russ

Nalivaychenko to purge, reorganize SBU along OUN-UPA lines
By J.Hawk

SBU head Nalivaychenko gave an interview in which he said two things of interest:

1. He is aggressively purging the organization of its mid-level management. This is consistent with earlier statements by Poroshenko that a year ago 80% of SBU were FSB agents (!), which is why it was not able to prevent the Crimea and Donbass secession.

2. He believes that the best experience on which the SBU can rely is that of OUN-UPA counter-intelligence between 1930-1950. This implies a highly ideologized political secret police which is more concerned with maintaining a specific ideology or political course, rather than the integrity of the state.

How Ukraine intends to maintain its territorial integrity is a mystery that grows with every passing day. One day Poroshenko or Yatsenyuk claim ownership of victory over fascism, while the next they embrace OUN-UPA and other aspects of Ukrainian nationalism. These are entirely incompatible traditions–you can embrace one or the other (and then watch the other half of the country drift away), but not both. Then there’s the question of neighboring countries, none of which view the OUN-UPA as a benign phenomenon.

As a side note, the emphasis on ideological purity and reliance on the most fanatical factions of Ukraine’s political spectrum suggests Poroshenko increasingly views the domestic situation as the greatest threat to his power–which of course he should. I suppose the good news is that if most money, personnel, and attention is focused on the SBU, it makes life easier for the Donbass.

Excerpt from interview with former Security Services Chief Aleksandr Yakimenko

Q: Is it true that Nalivaichenko allowed the CIA agents to work in the Security Service building?

AY: Yes, that’s true. He also handed personal files of his own employees over to the CIA agents to study. But their mission was interrupted by an armed coup. The Maidan do not appoint these people; rather, it’s the US that does it. It’s enough to look at the newly appointed officials: Parubiy, Gvozd, Nalyvaichenko are all people who followed somebody else’s orders, the orders of the US, not even Europe. They are directly linked to the American intelligence. They sought to delay the negotiations and prevent the incumbent president from striking a deal with Russia and Russia from helping to prop up the social and economic order in Ukraine. After that they were planning to depose the president and integrate Ukraine into Europe, using Russian money. Who was troubled by the victory of the EU and the pro-integration forces? Only the US. It was the only country concerned over a possible alliance of Europe, Russia and Ukraine. The Customs Union and the connection between Russia and Ukraine did not sit well with their plans, either.

They’d been doing it ever since Yushchenko was president, and we couldn’t get rid of them. Once we started to put pressure, they relocated to Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The most interesting part is that many regional governments spent budget money to pay for the so-called vyshkoli, i.e. training camps for militants to fight with various types of weapons.

All the orders were given either by the US embassy or by Jan Tombinski, a Polish representative who worked in the EU mission in Kiev. Poland played an invaluable role in the coup. It has always dreamt of restoring its former power and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Ever since the Maidan kicked off, our security service registered a dramatic increase in diplomatic correspondence coming in to various Western embassies in Kiev. There is one more mystery. Straight after this influx of correspondence we saw some foreign money at the Maidan and in Kiev exchange bureaus: the new, re-designed US dollar bank notes.

Q: So they were bringing in cash?

AY: Yes. Poroshenko, Firtash, Pinchuk – they all poured money into the Maidan. With all their assets in foreign banks, they found themselves trapped. So they had to follow orders from the West. All they were supposed to do was back the Maidan; otherwise they would have lost all their assets. They were thinking about their money rather than their own country. Unfortunately we couldn’t prevent the casualties, the people, mainly those who had come from the Western regions, were sent into the line of fire. The Maidan militants had left the barricades after the sniper fire started. But time will set the record straight.

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