Ukrainian army general, with other officers, defects to the Donetsk People’s Republic

From Médias-Presse-Info

by Emilie Defresne
24 June 2015

This information will probably not be relayed by the official media because “they demonstrate that Ukraine of Poroshenko is torn from within.

Former Assistant Minister of Defence of Ukraine, “Major-General” (equivalent to a general of army corps in France) Aleksandr Kolomiyets, passed with arms and baggage to the side of the Novorussian resistance. Arms and baggage, or more accurately with other officers of the Ukrainian National Army.

“I am Alexander Kolomiyets, a major-general of the Ukrainian armed forces … My last position was adviser to the Ukrainian defense minister and senior defense analyst,” he said at the opening of the conference that he gave to Donetsk. He added: “I will work for the good of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. “. “Observe who is currently fighting; only voluntary National Guard. “” “Soon, there will be unrest in the army. They do not understand the orders given to them, to kill civilians. We will see that by fall, everything will change. “

Together General of the Army corps and officers around him came provide assistance to the armed forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The general is a leading rookie for the rebellion of Donbass, not only because he is a very senior officer knows the Kievan enemy within, but he also knows very well the military of the Donetsk region for having spent 19 years at the helm. This is also a very damaging loss for the Kiev junta.

Constant purges within the ranks of Ukrainian armies and security services, popular demonstrations against the US omnipresence, all this is beginning to weigh heavily on real Ukrainians who care about their country and their families.

The general and his friends do not go to the Novorusse side on a whim. Beforehand, they took care to put their families safe from Kievan reprisals. According to him, many of his fellow commanders seek to go over to the separatists, they would be about a hundred:

“The morale of the Ukrainian army is at its lowest, officers and generals are aware of the criminal nature of political power in place in Kiev and do not want to fight.”

Before him, the former head of customs at Lugansk, Oleg Tchermoussov, had also left his post to join the separatists. Lately Alexei and Yuri Miroshnichenko brothers attached to the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris (attached to the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine), had joined the separatists because of their disagreement with the Kiev policy. And these are two more recruits of choice, from the heart of the enemy system, to strengthen the cause of the New Russia.

The two brothers decided to leave work in Paris and return home in Lugansk. They claim to be in total disagreement with the policies of the regime in Kiev. They joined with their own means Lugansk where they gave a press conference to explain the reasons for their actions:

“My brother and I have seen what was going on in Ukraine, the coming to power of some people. We decided to leave and who have nowhere to go we decided to come back home in Lugansk […] We have not been forced by anyone, we have made this decision voluntarily. We could reasonably continue to work for the regime that is in place in Ukraine. These are just traitors, fascists and agents in the pay of other nations, they lead the country to ruin. “.

We must be courageous in this climate of purges and reprisals in Kiev to protest against the Americans who invested the government with three key ministers:
This was done a few days ago the Ukrainians in Kiev. We hear very clearly protesters shout: “US go home! “
Video above: Military Square of Cemetery of Lviv

This does not prevent the US-oligarch Kiev regime massaging equipment and men on the front line of contact as shown by the map below, which takes stock of the positioning of troops this morning June 24, 2015. The troops of Kiev are in blue:

However soldiers are certainly not thrilled to have to face their former compatriots. They have in mind the aisles of graves of fighters that extend and multiply in cemeteries.

In recent hours, the front line has remained stable but the shelling continued on Donetsk, Gorlovka, Marinka and Shirokino particular. The intensity of the fighting northwest of Lugansk also increases.

The war in Ukraine is not yet complete, the system set up by the Americans is likely to collapse. That’s probably what they see coming as they do get wet too. The promised military equipment is still waiting, and Canadian trainers. But no doubt that the US authorities do not care about destroying a country, as long as they have wreaked havoc by dividing a little more of Europe, an amount of Europeans of Russia against Europeans of the Union. And we have not seen everything yet, they will not stop in such a bad way, because they are destabilizing the Balkans.