Russia enters a new war

September 30, 2015
Oleg Nemen
Translated by Kristina Rus

Russia entered a war. A major war, probably long.
The result is not guaranteed, its course hard to predict.
Russia is forced to do it. Indeed, soon it will be too late but we will still have to fight, only in a worse position.

But I don’t understand this universal joy. Like a holiday!

That the USA is forced to concede defeat in the Middle East policy and agree with the Russian plan is, of course, cool. It really changes the international position of Russia.

But the very fact that Russia took responsibility for all the mess, brewed by Washington in the Middle East, is not encouraging. Russia had no choice. This is a risky and dangerous step.

To think that Russia will now shoot and solve all the problems, on which the US with the EU broke its teeth, is naive. This is a huge, very expensive and very hard war. And, of course, not only in Syria.

At the same time the West will lead a global information war against Russia – every day they will show “children murdered by the Russians,” etc.

This does not mean that we should not engage. It is necessary, we have to, but it’s not an occasion to celebrate.

God willing, it is successful. But a natural feeling at its beginning – worry. But all around – “Hooray, we won, we are a world power!”

A “world power” which cannot even defend Russians near our  borders…


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