PHOTOS: Pro-Russian rally in Damascus before shelling

At the risk of their lives, citizens in Syria rally. Where are the American citizens protesting U.S. actions in the region and supporting Russia?  Where are the Russian flags waving on American streets?

From Fort Russ

October 15, 2015 –
Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“Exclusive report of ‘Russian Spring’ from today’s pro-Russian rally in Damascus which terrorists shelled” 

The Donetsk militiaman and Ukrainian citizen currently in Syria with the call-sign “Timur” passed on  to “Russian Spring” exclusive footage from Tuesday’s Damascus rally in support of Russia’s operations in the Middle East.
People were not afraid to come to the rally, although they knew that they [terrorists] would shoot. Just half a kilometer from the venue of the rally, a thoroughly shelled place, is a quarters occupied by militants. 


As reported earlier, on Tuesday morning this rally in support of Russia and President Putin at the Russian embassy in Damascus was shelled by mortars.













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