Ukrainian National Academy of Science journal publishes the truth about Donbass. Panic ensues.

From Fort Russ

Panic in Kiev: A scientific journal published a “separatist” article on genocide of residents of Donbass by the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Original headline

October 12, 2015

October 14, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Panic in Kyiv: A scientific journal of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NANU) has published a “separatist” article about the genocide of the residents of Donbass by the VSU.

The Ukrainian Banderized public is in a state of shock. In Kiev, they called it unprecentented betrayal. The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is disgraced, having dared to suspect Ukraine’s valiant armed forces of genocide against the population of Donbass. And they not only suspected, but they dared to release an article on this subject with, so to speak, absolutely “separatist” content.

{Inset in Russian text from a Ukrainian paper: “Some Putinist name of Lopata scribbled up some garbage about the genocide of Donbass, and she even called The Revolution of Dignity a coup.”}

So, at least, say a number of pro-regime Ukrainian media, starting with Oksana Onishchenko in the “Weekly Mirror” in her column from the department of education, science, medicine and the environment.

Onishchenko, on her Facebook page, denounced the terrible “crime” committed by a candidate of jurisprudence A. Lopata, who dared to openly publish, in the magazine of the National Academy of Sciences, a “separatist” and propagandist article, which calls into question the essence of “The Revolution of Dignity,” according to Onishchenko and the Ukrainian press, which has been blossoming with typical and predictable headlines.

In fact, the other day a scientific academic journal of NANU, “Sociology: theory, methods, marketing,” published an article by master of laws A. Lopata: “Lugansk: the hot summer of 2014,” in which the author dares to “wrongly” interpret the triumph of the “The Revolution of Dignity” and accuses the APU of the genocide of the people of Donbass.

According to the scientist, this revolution was nothing more than a coup.

Huge amounts of money were spread around in it, and not just those Nuland cookies … Its main participants were outcasts from across the country, who, in fact, had nothing to lose. The outcasts very much wanted to take the property not just from “Donetskis”, but also from “Kievskis”, “Lvivskis”, “Rivnenskis” and others,” wrote, in particular, the author of the scientific publication.

In addition, Lopata qualified the war in the Donbass as the genocide of the people in the east of the country by the army of Ukraine.  “Today, the population of Donbass en masse is being systematically, and brutally destroyed by the Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ukraine, including through means and methods of warfare that are prohibited by international law,” – wrote A. Lopata.

The author also points out that “the authorities of the country have made a decision to urgently direct the entire Maidan “fuel” material to Eastern Ukraine;” and that “there is no aggression of Russia against Ukraine, but instead there is a US war with Russia in Donbass “to the last Ukrainian.”

The horror that seized the properly patriotic (svidomized) media yesterday was shared today by Ukraine’s Ministry of Education. Its Certifying Authority immediately instructed the NANU publication board to investigate the journal “Sociology: theory, methods, marketing” for compliance with the criteria that apply to the specialized scientific journals.

The reason for the inquest is “a great disturbance in the academic community and the media caused by the publication in the proceedings of the” round table “held in Luhansk on January 9 this year, entitled” Lugansk: hot summer of 2014″ in the form of an article by master of laws A. Lopata. “
“The Ministry of Education and Science is sure: The ideological cliches of a neighboring aggressor-state published in this article have nothing to do with scientific discourse. We believe that the tragic events in the Crimea and the Donbass should be subject to rigorous academic study, but such cannot work at the “round table” held in the occupied territory, where there are no opportunities for the expression of free thought “- they sniffed at the Ministry.
The ministry added that the authors of numerous appeals to the Ministry of Education and Science “see in the actions of the magazine not only an insult to tens of millions of Ukrainians, but also a flagrant violation of the principles of scientific ethics.”
“I ask the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the absolute majority of whose workers exhibit a clear patriotic position, to give the proper scientific, professional and civic assessment of the aforementioned publication, its author, and editorial offices that put it together” – ordered the head of the Ministry, Sergei Kvit.
There is no doubt that following up on Minister Kvit, the SBU will be interested in the publication of the material, and the researcher will be subjected to brutal violence, and well, if it would cost only dismissal, rather than arrest followed by a long prison term. The courage of the man it is impossible not to admire. These people inspire a timid hope that the healing of Ukraine from its Banderist poisoning, sooner or later, but, ultimately, is inevitable.

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