America’s assault on wildlife

Wolves – a symbol of wildness.



The U.S. states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado have adopted wolf elimination programs. Other states aren’t far behind. Bounties are put on wolves and other wild animals. Snipers in helicopters take out wolves. Poison and traps are also used. Wolf pups are killed or left orphaned to die. Wild animals are on the run from the assault.

Bison –their thundering herds resonated across the Great Plains until Americans invaded their territory. On horseback or leaning out the windows of hunting party trains, Americans shot them down until they nearly eliminated the bison from the land. All for sport, and perhaps a trophy set of horns or hide. Ranchers and hunters favor the elimination of bison. And restrictive laws mandate that bison are only safe if they stay inside park boundaries like Yellowstone National Park. If they stray outside park zones, they can be killed. There are reports that food is put out to intentionally lure them out of park land so they can “legally” be killed.

America’s love affair with guns and killing extends from invasions and wars against other countries, to the militarization of police, to the stalking and killing of wildlife. Many American hunters kill because it brings them pleasure, and they do not eat what they kill. One wonders what other sadistic and perverse pleasures they engage in.

The US military bases being built on rare and irreplaceable habitat at Okinawa and Jeju Island, destroying species, displacing human communities. US Navy exercises in the Gulf of Alaska during the whale migrating and breeding season. Pagan Island — the latest place to be taken for a weapons testing and training range by the US military. Considerations of the earth do not concern American and Pentagon policy makers and officials.

Coyotes, prairie dogs, mountain lions, Florida panthers (the last one reported killed recently), otters, wild horses, and many more constantly under assault in America.

Who killed Cecil the lion? An American from the state of Minnesota.

The quotes below –“smoke a pack a day.” “shoot, shovel and shut up” — could have easily been spoken by Pravy Sektor or Azov Battalion regarding humans. Racism against species.

America is afraid of wildness. Maybe it goes back to its strict Puritan, Catholic, and Masonic roots. Wildness is too free perhaps or too pleasurable or too natural. It can’t be controlled. Also wildness gets in the way of commerce – ranching and hunting. Wildness must be tamed and subjugated or eliminated by these people. That’s America’s foreign policy as well.

Idaho just killed 30 wolves, the latest in their all-out war against a dwindling population of wolves. One wonders who they will kill next if they wipe out native wolves.

Center for Biological Diversity has been fighting this assault for years, along with other organizations and many Americans protesting this senseless killing.

30 dead wolves — 29 shot, one trapped. That’s the total so far in Idaho’s grisly wolf-hunting season. In the past few weeks, 30 wolf families have been shattered.

And the anti-wolf zealots want more. They’re howling with glee. On Facebook groups like “The Only Good Wolf is a Dead Wolf,” they’ve been sharing photos of the bloody carcasses of their victims — egging each other on to “smoke a pack a day.” With as few as 550 wolves left in the entire state, these wolves are in danger of being wiped out by killers whose mantra is “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

The Center for Biological Diversity is in a running fight with these killers, who want to spread Idaho’s terror across every state where wolves are trying to recover. You can help us stop them with a donation to the Predator Defense Fund.

If we don’t stop them, the killers will hunt down wolf families from the Great Lakes to the Pacific, wiping them out for the second time in a century. They don’t want a single wolf family left in the wild, and their friends in Congress have their backs. The Center is currently fighting a slew of sneaky congressional “riders,” amendments that would end federal protection of wolves in states like Minnesota and Wyoming.

Wolves need the best defense possible, and the Center is there for them. In the past year, we succeeded in getting the wolf hunt cancelled in Wyoming, saving scores of wolves. We ended a disgusting wolf-killing “derby” contest on BLM federal land, and made Idaho’s wolf-hating governor, Butch Otter, abruptly end the mission of a bounty hunter the state had sent to kill packs in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

The US government even has an agency called Wildlife Services which is particularly notorious.

Many Americans are horrified by these actions. Center for Biological Diversity, Prairie Dog Coalition, and other animal advocacy groups work to stop this: you can get email alerts to current news. Speak out to federal and state reps. Publicly boycott those states – such as Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana – that advocate this slaughter.

“You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.” Stop the slaughter. Honor the wild.

Prairie Dog Coalition

Gray wolf




2 thoughts on “America’s assault on wildlife

  1. That is one thing I find peculiar in the American character. A desire almost to invent problems, crises and enemies to fear, fight and eliminate. Our planet just isn’t that hostile!

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