Syrian battlefield report–Syrian forces advance in South Aleppo; South Front needs financial help to keep reporting

Please contribute what you can to keep this valuable independent news source going.
Global Research, December 16, 2015
South Front 15 December 2015
"No Fly Zone" War for Syria: Replicating The "Libya Scenario"

Global Research Editor’s Note

Our partner website South Front, which provides incisive and carefully documented daily video reports is facing financial difficulties. 

We call upon Global Research readers to support this important and courageous endeavour. 

South Front provides information and analysis which is not reported by US-EU network TV.  

(GR Editor, Michel Chossudovsky)

Inspired by your support, we released this documentary Syrian battlefield report.

We are continuing our struggle to keep the project alive.

Tomorrow, we will try to produce a battlefield report which includes an animated map.

Due to your support, we got a chance to restore the video production not in one week, but by now.

If you have a possibility, if you like our content and approaches, please, support the project.

Our work wont be possible without your help:


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