China targets Russia for 5G launch at 2018 World Cup – Trojan Horse from the East?

The article below from Fierce Wireless describes the Chinese launch of 5G in Russia.

Why is China launching 5G in Russia? Why is it targeting another country which is a rival, though a friendly one and frequent partner? Why isn’t China targeting China for its 5G launch?

5G is a new, very powerful form of wireless telecommunications that is still under development. The article about Wolf Messing’s strange prophecy comes to mind.[i]

The Independent scientific literature on wireless radiation has found harm for decades. After all, this technology is used by the US and Russian military in microwave and EMF weapons – very powerful and very effective at very low levels.

The effects are known. They include:

DNA and genetic damage, damage to the blood-brain barrier, cancers and tumors, altering brain waves (another military use),changes in the blood, including rouleau formation, affecting the muscles and causing spasms, impacting immune, neurological, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems, altering cognition (including memory and attention), changing hormone levels, destroying sperm (and probably eggs), linked to ADHD, Alzheimers, dementia, and stroke, and causing cellular stress, weakness, and fatigue.

Children are the most vulnerable. These are very serious health and environmental issues.

Russian scientists have been at the forefront of research and warning the public. In 2008, the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, a federal organization, sent an appeal in multiple languages to the world press, warning of the impacts especially to children. The RNCNIRP sent out a second warning in 2009, and Russian scientists have continued alerting the world to what their research has found. Ukrainian scientists posted this review of research in 2014—“Low intensity radiofrequency radiation: a new oxidant for living cells.” [ii]

The Russian government must listen to these courageous scientists.

The Austrian Chamber of Physicians (Austria’s national medical association) released a report in 2014 titled “Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses”.[iii] In that report, they set preliminary “very far above normal” exposure levels 10,000 lower than United States FCC exposure guidelines. They also set preliminary “normal” limits which are 10 million times lower than FCC limits. Nowhere did they say “normal” was safe, just that this was a place to start based on their data.

So why is the Russian government reportedly adopting FCC-Western exposure standards that are 100X higher than Russia’s more cautious standards? And why is the Russian government allowing 5G, a very powerful new form of wireless communication still under development, to be tested in 11 of Russia’s largest cities? Why?

Huawei will also be testing machine-to-machine communication (M2M). How much Western and Chinese technology is throughout Russia, with unknown backdoors? How is allowing 5G a good idea?

The headline below from Fierce Wireless should read “Huawei targets Russia during 2018 World Cup for 5G trial”.

EMF and RF signals are very bioactive and harmful. 5G promises even greater physiological harm than 4G.

The presence of other countries controlling hardware and/or signal is a security threat to Russia. Project Censored’s report “US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Health: A Study of the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons”[i] gives a glimpse at the possibilities.

Eldon Byrd, a scientist for the Naval Surface Weapon Centre, USN, in one of his lectures in 1986 on the effects of microwaves stated:

‘We can alter the behaviour of tissues, cells, organs and whole organisms…. you can cause up to six times higher foetus mortality and birth defects in laboratory animals, and these fields are so weak you can hardly detect them…You can do genetic engineering with ELF [extremely low frequency] weak magnetic fields without micro-surgical techniques that are currently employed to do genetic engineering. It is known how to induce malignant diseases in human cells and how to cure them. You can entrain human beings’ brain waves across a room with a very weak magnetic field.’…“…the technology has progressed to the point where even genetic engineering with fields is possible and demonstrable. That the technology to inflict mind control on human beings exists is beyond question”[ii]

From Richard S. Cesaro, deputy director for advanced sensors at the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, now deceased,

“[I]n our experiments we did some remarkable things. And there was no question in my mind that you can get into the brain with microwaves.”

“…demonstrated that very small amounts of electromagnetic radiation could appreciably alter the functions of living cells”

“…pathological effects close to those induced by highly toxic substances could be produced by electromagnetic radiation even at very low power”

“…research seems to have confirmed that low-level electromagnetic fields, modulated to be similar to normal brainwaves, could seriously affect brain function. Experiments with pulsed magnetic fields carried out in animals have reportedly produced specific effects such as inducing sleep and triggering anxiety or aggressiveness”.[iii]

Remember the Trojan horse. It looked like a gift. An elaborate ruse was created to encourage the Trojans to believe it was a gift and to bring it inside their safe fortress. That “gift” ended up costing them their lives.

That’s what’s happening in America and in many places throughout the world. The telecommunications industry is using every bit of trickery and deceit to get wireless radiation deployed everywhere. As other countries, such as France, are removing Wi-Fi from schools, American regulators are pushing them to the very tiniest children. Drool guards for cell phones are available so that babies can put them in their mouths, despite the fact that the radiation emitted can exceed very high FCC standards. Children are becoming addicted to these devices, and rehabilitation programs, similar to drug rehab programs, are being created for these tiny addicts.

Children growing up with these devices are losing motor skills – they cannot manipulate blocks, but they can swipe a screen. If children never develop these motor skills during this critical developmental and neurological stage, what then? This is happening in the West. Their future has been sold to the telecom industry. What enormous handicaps will these children display as they age? What will be the costs to society? This is frightening.

School programs have been rewritten to promote wireless technology – selling product for the industry. This is what capitalism does, how it works. And the damage to school performance and children’s health is increasing.

Infertility from years of exposure next to reproductive organs is foretold by experts like Barrie Trower.[iv] For a country such as Russia that wants increased birthrates and wants to insure healthy, thriving children, this is a death sentence for your future and your people.

Telecom companies work with corrupt legislators to rewrite laws and strip citizens, cities, and other local governments of their power. In the United States and some other countries, it is forbidden to consider health and environmental effects in wireless antenna construction, under threat of a lawsuit by these wealthy companies. A city in America cannot decide that the health risk from a cell tower or mast is too great. That decision would be against the law in the United States of America under Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. And it is against federal law to restrict the location of cell towers. They can be constructed anywhere, including on hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Under the TTP and TTIP trade agreements, these laws would be even stronger.

Equō nē crēdite, Teucrī!

Quidquid id est,

timeō Danaōs et dōna ferentes.

“Do not trust the horse, Trojans!

Whatever it is,

I fear the Danaans, even when bringing gifts.”

Virgil’s Aeneid
Huawei targets 2018 World Cup in Russia for 5G trial
November 20, 2014 |
By Monica Alleven

Huawei is getting even deeper into 5G waters, inking a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MegaFon in Russia, with plans to demonstrate 5G in a trial during the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

That’s two years ahead of when commercial 5G is expected to be available. “With the help of MegaFon, we are confident for turning a ‘science fiction’ service into 5G reality for Russian citizens and soccer fans from around the world, two years ahead of the industry’s estimated 5G introduction date of 2020!” Ryan Ding, president, products and solutions at Huawei, declared in a press release.

“The communication boundaries between human and machines are bound to be broken by 5G,” he said. “Huawei has made great progress in the development of 5G,” and the 2018 FIFA World Cup provides a unique platform in wireless history for Huawei to demonstrate its leadership in 5G development.

The announcement came during the 2014 Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBB Forum) in Shanghai, China, this week.

According to the MoU, Huawei and MegaFon will collaborate to test 5G networks in the runup to the FIFA World Cup 2018 that will be hosted in 11 of Russia’s largest cities and, according to the Russia 2018 Bid Committee, will be attended by more than 1 million foreign football fans.

MegaFon will, for the first time among the Russian mobile operators, be involved in developing communication standards and influence its technical characteristics based on the realities of the Russian telecommunications market, its frequency range and terrain, according to the press release. Huawei will take into account MegaFon’s recommendations and test pilot equipment for the new standard on the operator’s networks.

The 5G trials will be the first in Russia, as well as the first with plans to serve large scale users and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices, Huawei says.

To ensure the testing of a full-scale, 100 percent 5G experience, Huawei will be introducing technologies “such as SCMA, full duplex, and cloud base station to the 5G network, as well as providing testing 5G terminals in trial zones,” the release said.

In other 5G Huawei news, the vendor is pledging to launch innovation programs with Singapore’s SingTel. That partnership calls for the two to launch the Fifth Generation (5G) Joint Innovation Program, which will serve as a research hub for the advancement of 5G mobile broadband technologies.

That project comes after Huawei announced it was going to invest in a large-scale 5G test bed at the University of Surrey in Guildford, England.

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