Robert Ford’s shameful support of terrorism in Syria and the “moderate rebel” myth

From Activist Post
January 26, 2016
By Brandon Turbeville

Former U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford has long been a cheerleader of the “moderate cannibals” raping and beheading their way across Syria under the guise of being “moderate rebels” and other various semantical terms that would attempt to portray the jihadists as anything other than what they are. Indeed, Ford was one of the men most instrumental in helping to organize the death squad fighters on the ground in Syria until the Syrian government could no longer stand his treachery and booted him from the country.

He was, as death squad expert John Negroponte once described him, a man who was not afraid to get his hands dirty.

When Ford was first playing his role in fomenting the Syrian destabilization, he and his State Department cohorts presented every “rebel” as “moderate” freedom-loving fighters for democracy. After this incredibly deceptive façade crashed, largely thanks to the alternative media, Ford’s line became one that attempted to separate the fighters on the ground into two forces – “moderate rebel” freedom fighters on one hand and al-Qaeda terrorists who somehow managed to slip in under cover of darkness and hijack portions of the “rebellion.”

Now, however, Ford has been forced to admit that the overwhelming majority of his “rebellion” is indeed made up of terrorists, jihadists, and other Sharia-obsessed psychopathic killers. Yet, despite his recent admissions, Ford still refuses to admit that the entirety of the “rebellion” was always made up of these elements. This is, of course, despite the fact that we are now five years on and no one has yet to produce a sample of moderate rebels for evaluation.

Yet Ford’s denial of reality, forced into the open only by the reporting of a number of alternative media outlets demonstrating the jihadist nature of his previous “moderates,” has itself been repeatedly debunked in the same outlets as well as a number of mainstream publications. There never were any moderates fighting against the government in Syria and, since the beginning of the crisis, the only tangible difference between the so-called “moderates,” al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS has been a name.

This is a fact that Ford is increasingly being forced to acknowledge publicly whenever confronted with even the slightest amount of critical thought. In a back and forth that took place on February, 2015 between Ford and a number of individuals questioning his statements and position on the “moderate rebels,” Ford was asked “Do you deny knowing most moderates u directly backed fought alongside ISIS & al-Nusra on front lines in Aleppo in 2013?” Ford responded “ absolutely do not deny – criticized them in 2013 and 2014 and publicly a month ago. Major problem for oppo.”

In fact, Ford has supported jihadists and the aforementioned terrorist groups since the beginning of the conflict. Simply naming rapists, jihadists, and cannibals “moderate” does not change what they are.

In another Twitter misstep, taking place on January 2, 2016 in the wake of the death of revered Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr who was executed by Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, Ford tweeted “Nimr’s execution raises questions, but wish Iranian gov’t also blasted Assad killing 200,000 civilians w/Iranian help.”

Fortunately, not all of Ford’s Twitter followers were so intellectually defunct as to take his statements seriously. Journalist and commentator on the Syrian Crisis, Vanessa Beeley, tweeted an article in response to Robert Ford’s assessment of the situation regarding Nimr’s death. The article was one written by Alexandre Otrakji and it contested Ford’s own position on the Syrian crisis which he personally helped create.

In her article, “Disseminating Fake Information: Conversations With State Department Propagandist Robert S. Ford, Former U.S. Ambassador To Syria,” Beeley states that Ford then responded to her tweet with a private message, prompting a conversation between the two.

The conversation that Beeley says took place between the two is reproduced both in her article and here below:

Ford: Vanessa – rather than put a tweet out to thousands, in answer to your question, I do remember Camille’s long piece. I agreed with some of it. Some of it badly distorted things I had said and misinterpreted American policy and some of it ignored realities on the ground and what the Syrian government does. I wrote him a long response last spring. You can ask him to share it if he wants. I note that he didn’t publish it on his FB page, but that’s his right

Vanessa: Um did you not just tweet to thousands, utterly incorrect statistics from Syria. According to you Assad personally killed 200,000. That is a barefaced lie even by the US Government standards and to state that in conjunction with the heinous execution of Sheikh Nimr without even including his title out of respect for this visionary man of peace and unity and with no reference to the continuing policy of execution both in Saudi Arabia and globally by their Frankenstein monsters that your Government helped are the propagandist sir, Camille’s article is at least well researched. Your statement is a lie, that we have all stopped believing.

You saw the execution of a Saudi Muslim faith leader and opposition speaker against the despotic Saudi regime as an opportunity for propaganda, both against Syria and Iran..shame on you. Where is your respect?

All figures coming out of Syria are skewed by your propagandists on the ground and you know that. Where are the figures on the US Coalition bombing civilian deaths in Syria? Al Bab, Aleppo bombing of civilians covered up by Congress. Where are the figures for the “rebel” mortar victims in Damascus and Homs & across Syria, the “mod reb” suicide bomb attacks across Syria, the “moderate rebel” snipers, the “rebel” hell cannon attacks in Aleppo? When are they ever mentioned by your pet UKFO CIA/Soros propagandists, aka the White Helmets?

For the rest of this extensive article

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