A peace pledge for government officials and candidates to sign

From Peaceful Skies Coalition

Click to access CandidatePeacePledge.pdf

Stand for Peace. Take the Pledge.

There is a strong desire for peace both within the United States and around the world. Awareness continues to grow that the use of warfare rather than peacemaking has created dangerous fallout, the impacts of which affect everyone.

2016 is the time to recommit to peacemaking.

Therefore, it is imperative that all elected officials commit to address the tragic environmental, financial, and human costs of US militarism. I understand that not only federal funding goes to militarism, but that state and local governments also fund the military.

As a candidate for elected office I commit to this Candidate Peace Pledge:

  1. I will work to end the global epidemic of violence by prioritizing diplomacy, peacemaking, and the demilitarization of the police. I will work to stop wars, declared and undeclared.
  2. If elected to office in 2016, I will prioritize economic conversion and demilitarizing the economy.
  3. I will work for the cleanup of all toxic military sites and protection of the public health. Biological, chemical and nuclear warfare research, development, use, and waste across the US and around the world has resulted in the destruction of human and environmental health. It is an obligation of all levels of government to repair the damage to the highest degree possible.


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