Huge numbers of dead and wounded as terrorists rain missiles down on Aleppo

The US-Romanian shipment of arms arrived.

From 21st Century Wire

Silvia Cattori
Arret sur Info

The missiles raining down upon Aleppo since dawn on the 3rd May 2016 are being launched by the terrorist groups our media like to call “revolutionaries”.

“Today, the deluge of bombs striking Aleppo have targeted the Obstetric hospital. Huge numbers of dead and wounded.” ~ Dr Nabil Antaki, 3pm

aleppo 28

“A massive explosion.  The battles have not stopped. More than 100 mortars since this morning.  The Aleppo students should have sat end of year exams today.  There is firing from all sides.

Ambulance sirens can be heard everywhere.  This is nothing new, but today its horrible! ” ~ Father Georges Sabe, 12.30pm
alep maternité

“The whole building where I am has just shook, it was almost lifted off the ground. The battles are terrible outside, you have no idea”. ~ Pierre le Corf

hotos taken from SANA Facebook page.

aleppo 22aleppo 23aleppo 24aleppo 25aleppo 27aleppo 29aleppo 32aleppo 35


Translated from the French by Vanessa Beeley

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