“We’re people, not separatists or militants!” VIDEO

Interview with former resident of Iliovaisk city. She is now superintendent-volunteer at a TAF — temporary accommodation facility — for refugees in Khartosyzsk, DPR.

February 3, 2016 –
Vox Populi Evo

Partial transcript:

“If you have a chance to talk to us, residents of Donbass, in person, in Internet or via Skype, don’t miss this opportunity.

Because there is no one besides us who lived through this misery, nobody will tell you the truth, whatever bitter and hard truth it is. But this is the truth, and the truth is….what for?

For what are our cities being destroyed, and our children are dying?

For what are our elderly dying?


Why are you declaring us some sort of subhumans?

Why should we be deprived of the possibility to speak our native language?

…Despite the Minsk agreements, there is no truce. We don’t see it.

…People have nowhere to return to. They had everything, saving and building their whole life, building their lives, raising children. And they were deprived of all that in one instant. Simply taken away.

Like helpless kittens and puppies get thrown away, we were thrown away out of normal, stable life.

Interviewer: I represent international media resource Vox Populi. What would you like to say to our international viewers, people in Europe, America, Canada, Australia?

I’ll repeat the same thing: if you have a chance to get in touch with us, residents of Donbass, territory considered to be “seized by militants”, don’t miss the opportunity.

We are not separatists and not militants as we were declared for the whole world. We are just people who fight for their freedom and right to have their own opinion.”


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