Euromaidan “hero”: Provocations and a military coup are being prepared in Kiev

From Fort Russ

July 16, 2016 –
Mikhail Ryabov, PolitNavigator – 
Translated by J. Arnoldski
Preparation for a military coup is underway in Kiev over the course of which the Maidanite oligarchs will clear out their recent allies from the so-called “Revolution of Dignity.” Verkhovna Rada deputy Igor Lutsenko announced this on his Facebook page. Lutsenko himself is among the disgruntled “heroes of the Maidan” who would suffer from such a putsch.
“I am not exaggerating when I say that preparations for a military coup are underway in Kiev now. The date simply has yet to be assigned….Multiple armed forces at once are now almost openly declaring their desire to come to power by forces. I will emphasize that we are not talking about some kind of informal armed structures of the Right Sector type from 2014, but about official, formally state-controlled, organized, and trained troops with heavy equipment and God knows what other weapons. They are not even hiding that they are planning the details of their ascent to power in a, so to say, tactical, rapid way,” Lutsenko wrote. 
According to Lutsenko, a military dictatorship is supported by part of politicians currently in power. They are yearning to massacre their yesterday allies on the Maidan now quarreling with the government and inconveniencing authorities. He writes further: 
“Behind this preparation stand politicians of the highest echelon, including from the so-called ‘strategic seven.’ The heads of security agencies are actively developing an algorithm for an armed assertion of their own power.
Meanwhile, an active information campaign is underway and society is being massaged in order for, at a certain moment, a chain of provocations to be triggered and the scenario of a military coup to be realized which could be presented as something different, as salvation from a rebellion of some kind of abstract military men. 
One possible scenario is that some kind of group of radicals (of course with military experience) will make a coup attempt which will be effectively suppressed. To save “constitutional order,” regular armed units will immediately come in who will quickly take control of the main administrative centers of the country: government offices, TV/radio broadcasting, mobile communications, and the internet.
They’ll explain events as such: ‘Putin has put radicals into power, we are only restoring order, don’t worry, there will be no emergency measures, but for some time it’s just necessary to enforce a state of emergency.’ While the West is trying to figure out what happened, unknown persons will kidnap the active opposition. We are not taking about first persons of the largest opposition parties – this would be too obvious of an anti-democratic step. We are talking about decisive, influential, and competent people who are capable of becoming the engine of resistance to the oligarchical dictatorship, the potential field commanders of a peaceful or armed resistance.
The opposition will be deprived of power and provocations will help justify a long state of emergency in the capital. Civil society, so disoriented and divided following the Maidan, will refrain from joining the game.
The cleansing of this potential opposition is happening now. Politicians who are screaming more than all the others about the need for ‘order’ and threats to the government from volunteers, ‘nationalists’, and ‘radicals’ are those politicians who are planning a military coup. These state mutineers are inspiring criminal cases against Maidaners and front-liners and have entered into an alliance with the ‘old’ security forces of Yanukovych. These state rebels are now trying to physically and politically destroy their future opponents, those who are ready and able to stop their armed rebellion…
Society is blind and divided. ‘There won’t be a third Maidan’ – this is true. A military coup is a much more likely prospect among the radicalization of internal scenarios,” Lutsenko judges. 

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