Look to the Netherlands for Clinton Foundation’s ongoing source of cash

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By —— Bio and Archives August 28, 2016

Takeover of America through the compromise by foreign governments of Hillary Rodham Clinton

It’s the ever-gurgling running water from the taps of the borderless Postcode Lotteries that’s enriching the Clinton Foundation, a fact that seems to be passing straight over the heads of investigative authorities trying to source the Foundation’s steady cash flow.

Tragically, just like its most infamous member, Hillary Clinton, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, sustained by millions of dollars from Postcode Lotteries,  will never be brought down by FBI investigation.

Even if the Foundation were forced to send back billions to foreign countries who bought into Hillary Clinton political favors when she was Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, the Foundation would thrive and go on because investigating authorities do not know where to go to turn off the Foundation’s free-running, borderless taps.

Little wonder that Bill Clinton, on the Postcode Lottery board of directors to this very day, crowed back in 2009: “The (Postcode) lottery is the best thing I’ve seen”.

How do you turn the tap off on the “best thing ever seen”?

“The National Postcode Lottery, the second largest lottery in The Netherlands, has donated over $25 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.” (The Dutch Government, the Clinton Foundation and the Postcode Lottery, Aug. 13, 2016)

And that’s just the amount that shows on Foundation books.

In essence, the Clintons have won the biggest lottery of all time.

In coming up with a fail-proof scheme—one that uses million s of unsuspecting lottery ticket buyers in a market now going worldwide—the Clintons, you might say, won the lottery and are running Western society into the ground with it.

Their lottery booty will not just make them personally rich, it guarantees a Democrat presidency in 2016 and for long into the foreseeable future.

“Australia, Norway and Saudi-Arabia each gave the Foundation between $10 and 25 million dollars. They are followed by The Netherlands and Kuwait, with each $5 to 10 million in donations, and subsequently by Qatar, Brunei and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with each between $1 and 5 million dollars worth of gifts.” (The Dutch Government, the Clinton Foundation and the Postcode Lottery)

Cash gifts from foreign countries are mostly one-offs.  Postcode Lotteries are ongoing.

“For more than two decades, the Dutch have been running the Postcode Lottery, which supports charities in the Netherlands and abroad. (The Dutch Government, the Clinton Foundation and the Postcode Lottery)

“Since its launch in 1989, it has grown to become the third largest charitable organization worldwide.”

“The Dutch aren’t stopping in the Netherlands; recently they have established lotteries in Sweden and Great Britain. With a new initiative to establish Postcode Lotteries in as many countries as possible, the aim is to help as many innovators and charitable organizations as they can make the world a little bit better through a lotto ticket.

“The Postcode Lottery is the best thing I have ever seen to involve ordinary people in charitable work. A whole community can win and it must be a great feeling to be a part of it,” said President Bill Clinton, an international ambassador for the Postcode Lotteries.”

“The way it works, 50 percent of each 2 euro ticket sold, goes to fund charities, which adds up to billions of dollars for 253 charities worldwide working on everything from Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation, which builds green in New Orleans and elsewhere, to programs that fund health and research, support of children, the environment and cultural issues. The organizers say it is an alternative to a tax encouraging citizens to engage in civic behavior.

“In 2011, lotteries in the United States brought in $56 billion – 25 percent, or about $14 billion, went back to the states for government services such as education and senior programs, 60 percent goes to prize winners and 15 percent to retailers. The Dutch Postcode Lottery sets itself apart by funding individual entrepreneurs.

“We like encouraging people to take matters into their own hand and create a better world and we also like to encourage entrepreneurship,” Marieke Van Schaik managing director of the Dutch Postcode Lottery told ABC News. “I think it’s wonderful that we can help, and can inspire other people to do something like this.”

Has anyone noticed that voluntary charitable acts are out, and Postcode “is an alternative to a tax encouraging citizens to engage in civic behavior” according to its organizers?

How many are aware that in some countries, including Britain,  Postcode is set up in such a way that your bank account is automatically deducted.

“But that’s not all. The Postcode Lottery is managed by Novamedia BV, a company founded by businessman Boudewijn Poelman. Novamedia has expanded its lottery franchise to other countries such as Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. (The Dutch Government, the Clinton Foundation and the Postcode Lottery)

“And indeed, its franchises the People’s Postcode Trust and the Postcode African Trust have also given between a half and a whole million dollars to the Foundation. The Swedish Postcode Foundation gave between $1-5 million, as well as the Swedish Postcode Lottery, which donated between $10 and 25 million dollar.s Together, the Poelman lotteries donated between at least $36 and 52 million dollars.

“Here we must ask the same questions. Why didn’t the Lotteries spend such amounts directly on their own affiliated charities? What’s so special about the Clinton Foundation? It is not the case that the Clinton Foundation knows how to spend its money better. This fact check shows that the Clinton Foundation spent nearly 81% of its donations to organization costs, travel costs, trainings and salaries. No more than 19% actually reached the designated charities.

Hillary Clinton’s exchange of favors for foreign cash have made the running of America a free for all for foreign states—many of them intolerant of America.

But the biggest clue in blocking the cash flow to the Clinton Foundation would take authorities to the Netherlands where Postcode Lottery—the third largest charitable organization worldwide—keeps the Clinton Foundation in ready cash.

All Postcode lottery winners are identified by their ZIPcode.  Postcode, which kicked off in the Netherlands in 1989, is going worldwide, meaning that every country running Postcode lotteries have a data base with the ZIPcodes of all who buy lottery tickets.

Was Barack Obama trying to tell us all something, or just feeling on safe turf when he Tweeted out of the blue on Jan. 9, 2014: “A child’s course in life should be determined not by the ZIP code she’s born in, but by the strength of her work ethic”?

But there’s a much more threatening dirty little secret torpedoing America to November 8 disaster that nobody’s even talking about:

Foreign countries who have propped up the Clinton Foundation for decades with their taxpayers’ dollars now want in on running America.  They intend to collect on it through the election of Hillary Clinton as America’s 45th president.

They rest assured in knowing that the money tap keeping the Clinton presidential campaign up and running will never be turned off so long as millions of people worldwide are buying their government-sponsored lottery tickets.

There’s an irony in knowing that without their even being aware of it, the little people of the world, the busboys, the single mothers, carwash employees et al will have brought about the takeover of America through the compromise by foreign governments of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The dream of people who buy lottery tickets is as old as the lotteries themselves.  There’ll always be room in the lottery business for some poor working stiff who thinks his winning ticket will pay off his debts and leave room for a brand new convertible.

This is the glittery paper Postcode Lottery comes wrapped in: “Postcode Lottery, an innovative lottery program that funds ideas that make the world a better place”; “Changing Cities: a Lottery that Helps Save the World”.

Most of us know that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’.  But we should know that it grows on Hillary Clinton and no one’s coming forward to arrest its invasive growth.

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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, and Glenn Beck.


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