ALEPPO LIBERATED: Syria claims final victory, Assad congratulates troops

Posted on Fort Russ

December 14, 2016 – Fort Russ News –
RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski –
The Syrian Arab Army, supported by militia brigades and the Russian air force, has completely liberated Aleppo and liquidated the cauldron in the east of the city. This has been announced by the Syrian army. Bashar al-Assad has congratulated soldiers on victory.
The terrorists blocked off in the last districts of the city have requested to be evacuated to Idlib without weapons. As has been reported, the battle for the largest city in Syria began in the Salahedin neighborhood and has now finished in it. 
This great victory in the Syrian War largely belongs to Russia, whose sons and daughters bravely fought terrorism as air force pilots, military advisors, engineers, as fighters in chemical defense units, and as military medics.
Earlier on Monday, the Syrian Arab Army won considerable successes, leaving only a handful of buildings in three districts in the hands of militants. The terrorists had no choice but to “surrender or die,” as Lieutenant Zayed al-Saleh, head of Syria’s Security Committee, stated to journalists in the recently liberated Sheikh-Said district.
The battle for Aleppo lasted four and a half years, having started with street fights on the night of July 19th, 2012.
The city’s residents already began celebrating the victory over terrorists yesterday.
After local television channels announced impending victory, the city’s residents took to the streets to celebrate, planes conducted an air salute over the city, and soldiers shot into the air. The Syrian government agency SANA has released footage of Bashar al-Assad greeting Syrian troops following the declaration of victory in Aleppo.
This morning, reports came in that some militants have not surrendered or agreed to be evacuated. The army is continuing to mop up the last pockets of resistance.

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