Russian Foreign Ministry’s comments on aggravated domestic political situation in Macedonia

Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation

April 28, 2017

We are very concerned about the latest developments in the Republic of Macedonia. On April 27, the opposition that lost the parliamentary election basically attempted to seize power in the country by electing the Speaker of the Assembly (Parliament) basically by force on its own initiative and in violation of established procedures. People were injured during an ensuing fight that involved protesters opposing the “impostors,” and some of them were hospitalised.

Official representatives of the European Union, the ambassadors of some European countries and the ambassador of the United States unhesitatingly praised the new “Parliament speaker” who is, incidentally, a former field commander in the so-called pro-Albanian National Liberation Army. This well-coordinated and quick response, doubtless, attests to the fact that these developments had been planned in advance, with the covert connivance of “foreign curators” of the Macedonian opposition. This once again confirms the fact that the current domestic political crisis in the Republic of Macedonia has been mostly caused by blatant interference in the domestic affairs of this country. We are witnessing an impudent tampering with election returns through the removal of the legitimate government from power.

Subsequent developments along this scenario, attempts to change the country on the basis of the so-called “Tirana platform” are fraught with even greater risk, and the situation might escalate into a conflict, including an inter-ethnic conflict. That same day, a French court released Kosovar Ramush Haradinaj despite a Serbian extradition request to Interpol, and this event shows that the West is obviously pandering to the advocates of a Greater Albania.

In this situation, it is possible to find an adequate solution only through intra-Macedonian dialogue based on the national constitution and legislation. It is necessary to stop all external pressure and to allow the responsible political forces in the Republic of Macedonia to independently determine the country’s future.

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