Ukraine preparing seaborne assault to capture DPR positions on Sea of Azov shore – DPR intelligence

From Donetsk News Agency

Donetsk, Feb 17 – DAN. The Ukrainian army is training a tactical amphibious landing party to seize Donetsk People’s Republic militia positions on the Sea of Azov shore, the DPR militia said.

“DPR militia intelligence agents have obtained new information on the Ukrainian army’s planned offensive in Donbass,” the militia said. “Commander of the Operations and Tactical Group “East” Yury Sodol is planning and preparing the landing of a tactical amphibious force to gain a foothold on the Azov shore of the DPR and attack our troops from the rear.”

Last week, the Ukrainian army Joint Forces Operations commander Alexander Pavlyuk visited Mariupol where Sodol reported to him on completing the training for the amphibious raid.

“Under the concept of the operation, Ukraine will deliver a strike on the Sartana-Kominternovo axis.”  The amphibious landing force includes a reconnaissance company and a fire support company from 36th Marine Brigade, a joint mortar squad as well as several platoons of 107th Territorial Defense Battalion which will be deployed to Mariupol from Zaporozhye in the nearest future,” the DPR militia said.

The landing force will use the vessels handed over to Ukraine by the USA as part of military assistance, it added. *jk

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