3 ½ weeks to solstice – powerful period for bringing justice, truth, peace

This important day comes twice a year – in June and December. The period leading up to it and the day and time itself are still marked in some places as sacred and powerful times.

One of the functions of the astronomical calendars in ancient times was to chart special days appropriate for certain activities, and to engage in alignment-healing activities for self, community, and the earth. These activities could involve ceremony, singing, prayers, toning, chanting, dance, burning sage and other sacred medicinals, resolutions, reconciliation, physical and spiritual healing, making offerings, and having celebrations and feasts.

This is a very powerful resource at this very critical time to bring peace and healing to the Earth and all the people of the Earth.

The solstice occurs on June 21-22, depending on time zone. It is Sunday, June 21, 4:39 PM UTC/GMT.

To find your time zone, http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/june-solstice.html

Look under “Local times for June Solstice 2015 worldwide”