Afghanistan in ruins and in chains — America’s suppression laboratory

Global Research, April 08, 2017

Ask anyone on the streets of Kabul about the revolutions that in recent years transformed huge parts of Latin America, and the chances are you’ll encounter a blank stare. Perhaps mentioning Cuba could evoke at least some recognition, but definitely not Venezuela, Ecuador or Bolivia. I know because I tried on several occasions, and I failed.

Ask in the marvelous historic city of Herat, with its huge minarets and Italian military contingent, about Western imperialism, or about NATO and its murderous campaigns all over the world, and chances are that your question won’t even be understood.

“Chances are that those Afghan people who can speak English or other Western languages, are now actually working for the Westerners; either for their military, or for their ‘defense’ contractors… or for the embassies, the United Nations,or perhaps some NGO”, explained an Asian reporter who is based in Afghanistan for more than two decades. “These people are not going to rock the boat, dwelling on crimes committed by the West, here and all over the world.”

That appears to be the case.

After more than 15 years of brutal Western occupation, Afghanistan appears to be thoroughly ruined. Not only in terms of its infrastructure and standards of living, and not only when it comes to all basic indicators like life expectancy (15th lowest in the world, according to the WHO, 2015) or education: all those things I expected.

But perhaps even more significantly, the country is destroyed morally and intellectually.

The only resistance the West is facing here, comes from extremist groups and movements such as the Taliban and Daesh (ISIS). All intellectual and artistic struggles against the occupation have been destroyed, contained, bought, or frightened into near absolute silence.

In fact, the occupation’ is not even called ‘occupation’, anymore. Pragmatic, opportunistic definitions are increasingly taking over those once mainstream narratives. As I was informed by a wealthy family on an outing in the Panjshir Valley:

“We are fully dependent on the presence of NATO troops in our country. Only foreigners are offering us well-paid and stable jobs. If they leave, we’d have to follow them; to emigrate to the United States or Europe.”

This is far from the once proud and brave Afghanistan, which managed to defeat British invaders, after that delivering a mortal blow to the Soviet Union.

While in the country, I tried to investigate and to analyze;how on earth did Afghanistan end up on its knees? What force, what strategy was applied to break what appeared to be shatterproof?

It was clear that the West has managed to unleash and to uphold a very complex and tremendously successful indoctrination campaign, enslaving the nation by applying various ‘weapons’, which it has used in all corners of the world.

One of those ‘weapons’ is, of course, ‘education’. For instance the American University of Kabul is literally regurgitating thousands of young sons and daughters of the elites, who are set on staying, after the proper dose of indoctrination and colorful diplomas, permanently loyal to the West. The nation’s curriculum, I was told, has been defined during long meetings at the US Embassy and at the offices of the World Bank.

There is virtually an absolute control of information and media. As in all countries occupied by the West, as well as in all client states, the so-called social media plays a vital role, setting tendencies and directing discussion patterns.

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Kiev junta targets Ukraine preschoolers and children

Posted on Fort Russ

“Stab the enemies!”

May 15, 2015
Curt Offillis
Translated by Krisitna Rus

Kharkov resident: we managed to save our child from the Ukrainian “zombie box”

A temporary lull in the combat zone, unfortunately, only means that the main efforts of the Kiev authorities are focused on other areas, for example, such as propaganda.

The easiest “prey” are youth and children whose psyche and consciousness less critically perceive everything broadcasted to them. Teachers and psychologists are sounding the alarm – a generation of zombies is being raised in the country, and parents remain one on one with this problem.

“On the eve of the Victory day we had a special parent meeting at the preschool. Subject – how and whom we honor this year considering the wishes of the Ministry. Of course, no St. George ribbons, no poems and songs about Victory, we were ordered to buy the red poppies symbols for 25 UAH. And most importantly – now, along with veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the Afghan veterans, we need to honor those who fought in the anti-terrorist operation as heroes”, — says Marina, a mother of a four year-old Vladik living in the Odessa region.

According to her, after the parents were obliged to come together with children to a meeting with the ATO fighter on May 8, Marina found an excuse to take her son out of preschool for now for a couple of weeks, but is considering to switch to home schooling, at least until school age.

Psychologist Natalia Ilchuk believes that “the new education policy in Ukrainian schools and preschools, first and foremost, aims to rip the children away from those foundations, which were inculcated in families, at home. So, we should expect a generation of Pavlik Morozovs, children without roots, without family affections, for whom ideology will become above parents and family values.”

According to the expert, this is the easiest and most direct way to turn the new generation into cannon fodder, expendable material for provocations, manipulations: “The youth because of their maximalism often choose the radical side. They want to prove themselves, to prove to themselves and to others their worth. And Maidan leaders rapidly multiply and produce such ideas, wrapped in bright and modern packaging. Unfortunately, those who are now trying to resist this information poison, are unable to offer a quality alternative”.

Inna Vladimirovna, the teacher of mathematics in grades 9-11 with 23 years of experience in one of the schools in the Kiev district of Kharkov, in contrast, believes that the Kiev propaganda has a chance to influence only those children and teenagers who are “abandoned” in their families.

If in the family instead of joint readings, family dinners and weekends, soulful conversations the priority is given to expensive gifts, gadgets, Internet, then don’t be surprised when such children seek refuge in sects, radical movements, and “Right sectors”. Children need attention, care from the bottom of your soul, but if for parents a material well-being is more important, the children will be looking for a pseudo-replacement, including in rallies and Maidans”.

Ekaterina Vasilevna, the mother of 14-year-old Dmitry, knows firsthand how to pull a child out of the grip of official propaganda.

“I did not understand, when it started, but just remember that in February of 2014 at home with my husband we were discussing the events in Kiev, and suddenly my son, previously always silent at the table, just exploded. We heard many things about the evil Yanukovych, and the pro-European movement, and about the heroism of the people on the Maidan. That frightened me, how he got his brains washed so fast”.

Then everything snowballed: Dmitry began to run to meetings, coming home late, and one day he came home with a black and red armband of the “Right Sector”. Then the parents realized that there was no more time to waste. Despite the fierce resistance of a teenager, the mother made him take a month off from classes, and the whole family went on a trip: Moscow – St. Petersburg – Karelia, then Volgograd, Kursk, and through Belgorod back to Kharkov.

“We went economy class, lived in hostels. Tried to show our son what a great country and history they are denying and who they want to fight. It was not easy, the debates were intense. Back home, we certainly did not receive the gift of a perfect son – it does not happen. But we were able to vaccinate against further poisoning, Dmitry is willing to critically evaluate all that is hammered into his head over the Internet and TV. I would like to ask other parents: talk to your children, save them, hold them with your hands, but do not let them destroy themselves,” – said the mother passionately.