Remember 2003’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’ fraud?

From Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.

Remember this time?
February 14
By Bruce Gagnon

Yes, remember


shock and awe

WMD in Iraq

the mushroom cloud

the smoking gun

bio-logical weapons

Turned out to be all lies


White House,



pushed the war

No WMD ever

found in Iraq

Today same MO,

every criminal

has one

Modus Operandi,

a way of

repeating the same

bad behavior

In this case 

we can call it




pure depravity, 

pure evil

Virtually no one

in the Congress


a mumbling word,

the Dems have gone


An election coming

soon you know,

can’t make any waves

in Washington,

can’t piss off

the MIC either


is dead.

The wedding

of Mr. Big

and government

is complete.

Friendly Fascism 

it’s called,

three-piece suit,

Wall Street


But the liberals

don’t want to 

hear it,

got to support Biden 

and hold onto the

Senate and House.

Forget about 

holding onto 


it’s already

drifting away

with the rising 

Atlantic waters.

Why is Obama hysterical?

Posted on Fort Russ

October 8th, 2015 –
By: Aleksander Zhilin,
Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

The US President Barack Obama for the first time has publicly commented the beginning of the Russian military operation in Syria. He criticized Moscow for its support of Assad and called its actions in the region “a recipe for disaster”.

What is the reason for this hysteria?

It is simple. ISIS, which is a nonstructural division of the US intelligence, during the whole period of its existence, did not face a real strong opposition. While the militants themselves received a carte blanche from Washington.

All this time the United States, France and other countries simulated a fight against terrorists. They carried out air strikes on the third-rate targets or even dropped bombs in the desert. TV channels showed staged pictures of air “attacks” in order to convince their taxpayers and the world community that they are fighting terrorists tooth and nail.

All this is fiction.

Why did Americans create ISIS?

Considering the existence of a nuclear deterrence, the United States needed different methods of waging the world war. The US invested billions of dollars in the organization of a terrorist army designed to fight a war bypassing the nuclear deterrent. Pay attention to the equipment of terrorists: they cannot be distinguished from NATO soldiers.

The same field uniform, the same weapons and ammunition. It is all American! Communications satellites used by terrorist units are exclusively American. They only use Kalashnikovs bought in Poland and the plebian Baltic countries like Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia … Well, this machine-gun is far better than any small-arms crap from NATO.

ISIS leaders have access to the American aerospace, aviation, military-technical and secret-service intelligence. The provision of such information is of paramount importance for terrorists on the battlefield. After all, the regular Syrian army does not have anything similar.

And then the Russians come. A well-organized system has been paralyzed. Within 3 days our falcons caused significant damage to the ISIS infrastructure, communications and battle management systems, with caches of weapons destroyed, military vehicles burned, personnel losses …

During the meeting with Obama Putin demanded to demarcate the Syrian airspace between the Russian and the US air forces. That is it, the Americans are no longer the unchallenged masters in the sky of this country.

The Pentagon has tried to build our Air Force into their system: they say, you let us know in advance the targets you are going to bomb. Why? To warn terrorists about the threat and immediately supply them with MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems) to fight our aircraft. Naturally, Sergei Shoigu, with a smile on his lips, diplomatically sent them to go to …

Washington (Anglo-Saxons) will do everything to protect its non-structural ISIS unit from defeat by the Syrian army and the Russian Air Force.

Obama’s behavior, who was cornered by Putin on “the Syrian issue”, has fully disclosed all the hypocrisy, meanness and cunning behavior of the Anglo-Saxons. No wonder there is a saying that friendship with the Anglo-Saxons is even worse than a war with them.

Our Russian Orthodox guys sit in the cockpits with the crucifixion of Christ on their chests and fly to the sky to save not just Assad or even Syria. They are saving the great religion of Islam from those dogs of war!

They are fighting for the faith of every Muslim! This is the ultimate mission of Russia: to defend the good against the evil. And the victory will definitely be ours.