U.S. government lies about Navy dormitory built in the shape of a swastika — San Diego, California

Below is the story of a monstrous lie and cover-up.

Some background first:

A building is not created by magic. There is a long and careful process to make sure the building goes from design stage to the finished project without any errors.

The most fundamental part of a building project is a floor plan. Without a floor plan, there is no building. A floor plan is an overhead view of a building. Consider that as you read the Navy’s claims.

There are detailed drawings of the structure and its various elements. Additional drawings show the building from various angles including how it sits on a site – the elevations. Buildings are depicted in close up and from above.

Anyone who has ever seen blueprints or building plans knows that architects, contractors, and project superintendents leave nothing to chance or guesswork. All those who connected with the building, especially the client, knows exactly how the finished building will look. Exactly.

There is no “kind of”, “sort of”, fuzzy idea. Since the client, in this case the United States Navy, directs the design and approves everything, they know exactly what they’re getting, down to the nails and bolts.

The shape of a building and its footprint on the ground are extremely important and exactly known.

Furthermore, models are often constructed of a building, particularly for expensive projects. And this was an expensive project – over $2 million dollars.

Yet, the Navy claims they didn’t know what the building would look like.

That is simply impossible. I’ll repeat: everyone who was involved with this project knew exactly what the building looked like.

The central questions that must be investigated in a criminal investigation are:

  • Who ordered the design for this building?
  • Who approved the design at every stage?
  • Who ordered the cover-up?

The architect and the contractors all knew the design. But who ordered it?

This isn’t the first time the Navy has engaged in such flagrant and preposterous lying. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last, because there are no penalties, there is no accountability in the United States on projects the U.S. government condones or supports. And it appears to support this project.

It is up to Americans to demand accountability and action, including for the reason that their tax dollars funded this monstrosity. Americans have to stop being mesmerized by flag-waving and ask themselves: does this building represent what Americans value? And, what will they do about a branch of the service that engages in this type of activity?

27 million Russians died due to the Nazis. 182,000 American soldiers. How many million people were tortured and killed in the death camps and concentration camps by the Nazis?

The U.S. Navy planned a building shaped as a swastika to serve as a dormitory for Navy Seals. Think of that: Navy personnel are living and sleeping right now inside a symbol of hatred, racism, genocide, empire. Are there other swastika buildings or buildings shaped in other occult symbols on U.S. military facilities?

What does the U.S. Navy really represent? Who do they really serve?

Is that why the U.S. supports Nazis in Ukraine?


From the Daily Kos, February 28, 2007

Nazi Symbols in the US Military: “Accidental” Giant US Navy Swastika Building Was No Accident
By Bruce Wilson

We knew what it [the building complex] was going to look like” – Architect John Mock

The story of the US Navy’s giant swastika-shaped barracks, built in the late 1960′s and located at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, just South of San Diego, has been all over the news. Rightly so – it’s the biggest government subsidized swastika display on Earth.

Below is a YouTube presentation [1] – a simple silent slide show of clips taken of views, through Google Earth, that zoom in, from space, on the giant NAB swastika complex.

The US media has now deigned to make this story into a major media spectacle. But, media depictions you may have heard in the last 24 hours, on the origin of the giant swastika-barracks which houses Navy SEALS, will probably all amount to evasion, distortions, or even lies.

After Google Earth made the Navy’s giant government-subsidized swastika building complex, located at the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base near San Diego, visible to anyone on Earth, the resultant publicity, outcry, and mounting political pressure has led the US Navy to budget $600,000 to change the swastika shape of the barracks: to unmake the swastika, which according to the US Navy was the result of an embarrassing planning oversight.

CNN below, repeats the United States Navy’s claim that the NAB Swastika complex was accidental. But, that claim has been disproved, as detailed further in this post, by researcher Avrahaum Segol.

 Here’s CNN’s story: [unavailable, withdrawn]

“There are two important questions attendant to this controversy.  The first is now that the issue is again on the front burner, what can or will be done to get rid of the swastika?  The second is how in the hell did a swastika design ever get there in the first place?….

World War II cost the lives of 318,274 U.S. service personnel—182,070 of them in the European theatre. These brave soldiers and sailors died fighting the people whose symbol inexplicably mocks their deaths from the grounds of a U.S. Naval Base.” – Donald H. Harrison, San Diego Jewish Times December 13, 2006

CNN’s  “Oops ! – gosh darn it…. accidental swastika !” explanation, offered as a joking commentary (as if a giant swastika building is funny) is both grotesque and also amounts, at best, to journalistic incompetence.

Thanks to the efforts of Israeli American researcher Avrahaum Segol,  much is known about the origin of the Navy’s enormous swastika shaped barracks complex, and the likelihood that the complex was “accidental” is close to zero. Evidence unearthed by Segol demonstrates, almost certainly, that the building complex was no “accident”…

To get another perspective on the sheer scale of the Coronado NAB swastika barracks, which houses Navy SEALS, let’s look at a Reuters news story:

Reuters did not discuss the building’s possible origin – how could such a thing have happened by ACCIDENT ?! But Reuters is to be commended – the news service did not, as did CNN newscasts, turn the giant swastika building into a joke. Unlike CNN, Reuters simply avoided the question of how the freakish Coronado NAB swastika complex came to be.

What’s the true story ?


First of all, you should be aware of a bit of swastika history. The Nazis, of course, did not invent the swastika symbol, which has been used widely around the world for thousands of years.

But, the Nazis did appropriate the swastika symbol to make it their own. Swastika symbols are typically displayed upright, with the symbol resting flatly on one of the swastika arms. In contrast, the Nazi swastika is distinguished, most notably, because it is always rotated at 45% degrees off true North.

The Coronado NAB Amphibious base swastika is oriented at 45% degrees off true North, as a properly displayed Nazi swastika would be, and it rotates in the same direction as did the Nazi swastika.

Here is the US Navy’s official explanation on the origin of the Coronado swastika building complex. The following picture is an excerpt from a reply by Navy public affairs officer Steve Fiebing dated August 17, 2006, in response to a certified letter, sent by Dave vonKleist of The Power Hour, asking about the origin of the complex.

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