Right Sector fighter used a kid as a human shield to get away from police

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July 14, 2014

Translated by Kristina Rus
“Sorry, kid, but it’s necessary.” The details of taking a child hostage by the “Right sector”

A father talked about how his son was left bound in the woods

Alexander Sibirtsev ■ July 14 | 17:51

The correspondent of the newspaper “Vesti” talked with the boy and his father, who was taken hostage by the fighters of the “Right sector”. Vova Golovachko is 11 years old.

His father Vladimir Golovachko Sr. says that the day after the shooting in Mukachevo, the son was approached by a man with a short haircut on the street in their village on Bobovishe.

“He asked my son to show him the shortest way out of the village. For that he really gave him a chocolate bar and cookies. Son led him out. On the outskirts of the village they saw the police, who were already blocking the way out. Then the man took out a grenade with one hand, and with the other took Vova and shouted that the police get out of the way.

The police retreated to a distance, and he took Vova with him to the woods. Then the son was really terrified, of course. In the woods they were met by a second man. They tied Vova’s feet, tied the rope to a tree and said that someone will come for him soon. In parting, they said: sorry, kid, but we have to do this. And disappeared into the woods,” – said the boy’s father.

Earlier, the “Right Sector” made a statement that no one was taken hostage – “the kid was showing them the way out into the woods”.