“Whom are they fighting against?” Kiev targets hospitals, schools, destroys infrastructure — why?

From Fort Russ

“Whom are they fighting against?”
By Yevdokiya Sheremetyeva (littlehiroshima)
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

In every town and city of the Donbass where we deliver aid, and we deliver it in a targeted manner, to specific houses, apartments, bomb shelters, cafeterias, we hear many stories. At first they are confused, but then something snaps. They start talking and talking. And the stories repeat themselves. I stopped becoming surprised by them. Only for many those are still “untruths” and “distortions,” propaganda.
So here are a few stories from the “civvies”, as the military calls them. And facts from village heads and city administrations.
This is everywhere, you hear? Every place we visited, we were told that when the National Guard and UAF arrived, they targeted the infrastructure for destruction. Please, try to convince me they were defending their land from Russian invaders.

Georgiyevka: The only two kindergartens, Kolosok and Beryozka, and two schools were bombed to bits. The village council was destroyed at point-blank range with incendiary shells. Experts later described munitions used to the head of the village council Yelena Nikolayevna Nikitina.
The former Georgiyevka village council building.

They bombed the cannery, they shot the metal-working shop to bits with rifle fire. The furniture factory was destroyed, all of its equipment was looted, and whatever could not be moved they burned. The metalloplastics plant was destroyed. They crushed gas lines with tanks. When they were asked “why?”, they replied, “you don’t need it.”
Nobody can understand why they crushed a children’s playground with a tank.
Various people told me that the National Guard told the locals “our sheds are nicer than your homes,” “why are you living so poorly?”. Yelena Nikolayevna: “They have no idea whatsoever where they are fighting.”
The Aidar Battalion looted family belongings by the truckload. One woman told me they took away everything from her home, down to spoons. It’s too horrible to even talk about the destruction in Khryashchevatoye and Novosvetlovka. Whole streets are in ruins. They gathered the people all in one place, then went off to loot.
I already wrote about Pervomaysk, but will repeat myself: Hospital No. 2 took five direct hits, including one to the children’s section. No Novorossia units were even in the district. The hospital was targeted on purpose.
Hospital No. 2 in Pervomaysk:

Hospital No. 1 no longer exists, it was totally demolished, only the bomb shelter exists which is now used to house people.
The obstetrics ward was struck by shells three times.
They shelled cafeterias. One shell fell short–it penetrated two top stories in an apartment building adjacent to the cafeteria, so the cafeteria survived.
The town’s best school, No. 6, was shelled four (!) times. It’s damaged beyond repair.
Schools No. 1 and No.2 were shelled three times, so they suffered less.
Pervomaysk School No. 1. The patched up howitzer shell whole where the blackboard used to hang.

The town council was shelled four times–8 direct hits. Technical College No. 31, Technical Schools No. 74 and No. 39, Alenkiy Tsvetochek kindergarten–all destroyed. Two hits to the medical school. Yunost sports complex–the roof penetrated in three places. The first hit was in September, and it was repaied by December. The next hit came right after the repairs were completed.
The kindergarten for handicapped children–destroyed.
The paramedics building was repaired for a long time, but as soon as the repairs were complete it was hit again.
The post office was shelled twice. Direct hits.
Four central heating boiler rooms are damaged, one beyond repair.
First aid clinic–destroyed.
The most important enterprise in the city, Burtsekh–destroyed.
The high pressure gas distribution station, out in the open field, burned out completely. There is nothing even remotely close that would qualify as a military target.
Nearly all the buildings in the city were damaged to some degree. Many were wiped off the face of the Earth.

No Novorossia units were near any of these buildings.
In other words, the buildings were targeted on purpose in order to destroy the city’s infrastructure. They specifically aimed at them. They shelled hospitals, schools, kindergartens, gas distribution centers.
Nearly all water wells in Chernukhino were poisoned. The locals described how the UAF “poured diesel fuel into them.”
–But why? What for?
–God only knows.
Somebody tell me why the Lugansk Geriatric Retirement Home for the Veterans of War and Labor, where there are 250 elderly people, 170 of whom are bedridden and thus can’t be evacuated, was shelled?
The home is in a forest, no Novorossia units even close, so you can’t say they were returning fire.
Why poison wells, crush playgrounds with tanks, shell hospitals and kindergartens?
Whom are they fighting against?