ALEPPO: Open Letter to French President Hollande ~ from Pierre Le Corf

I use the term « terrorist » because there are no rebels in Aleppo, at least nothing that could allow us to consider them as such. It is irresponsible to continue qualifying them as rebels in Syria while we list them as terrorist organizations in France.

On the White Helmets which actor George Clooney supports:

The « White Helmets » the French government financed among others like UK and that we received at the Élysée are, for most of them, first aid workers by day and terrorists by night, or vice versa. They pledge allegiance to Jabhat al-Nosra (Al-Qaeda), as shown by documents found after their departure and as civilians testify. The majority of their teams rescued fighters first, and civilians every once in a while.

A noteworthy feature is that each team had a cameraman, and the team of rescuers helped only while the camera was filming. A lot of civilians have told me that others had stayed under the rubbles because the rescuers refused to go there. Others told me the rescuers even staged fake attacks, fake bombings, fake wounds and interventions.

January 27, 2017

by Pierre Le Corf

Mr President,

Today, I question all the values I have been raised with, the values of a country I love, my country: France. I am writing to you as a French citizen who arrived without any preconceived ideas in Syrian territory and lives in what was previously known as Western Aleppo, now Aleppo. I am a politically neutral humanitarian, and I have been here for a year.

The situation I am in is tough. First of all, because I am the only French citizen living here, which makes me an easy target because of the testimony I offer that often goes against the official line. Second of all, because what we witness here everyday is outraging and hard to talk about. I have been the witness of a massacre and humanitarian crisis in which we, as a nation, are actors and even backers by supporting terrorism. I address this message to you, and to all the others who could have the decision making power to make peace and make all civilian populations a priority.

Every single day, I had to face death as everyone else in this city. The mission I gave myself led me to visit families living close to the ones we have been labeling as « opponents » since the beginning of the conflict. However the only elements I witnessed were black flags – and I have pictures – on all of the front-lines. These signs are the symbols used by the groups that France has been fighting against for years.

Today, the Syrian people stands united to fight not against the government but against terrorist groups, no matter what we call them to hold them accountable for their actions or the reason they have to exist. These terrorist groups are named Al-jaïch al-hour (Free Syrian Army), Jabhat al-Nosra (or Fatah al-Cham, branch of Al-Qaïda), Jaïch al-Islam, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, Brigade Sultan Mourad, etc. An anti governmental opposition exists, as for every government. This opposition is more or less peaceful, but represents a minority of the population. Since the beginning of the conflict and until now, almost all the forces on the ground that have kept bombarding Aleppo are armed fighters belonging to terrorist groups.

I use the term « terrorist » because there are no rebels in Aleppo, at least nothing that could allow us to consider them as such. It is irresponsible to continue qualifying them as rebels in Syria while we list them as terrorist organizations in France. The terrorists have been forced out with their weapons following agreements with the government and « all » went to Idlib, an area now almost entirely occupied by fighters and their families. However, many of the terrorists left Idlib to come back to Aleppo to resume bombings and suicide attacks, here as everywhere else in Syria.

I have evidence for everything I am writing. For months I have been gathering the testimonies of civilians on video and on paper, independently of their religion or political opinion and without any member of the military or government around. I publish these testimonies and occasionally give them to a UN Commission of Inquiry in charge of studying terrorist attacks and crimes, while putting the commission in contact with witnesses.

We have directed the attention of the public opinion and the bombing of zones in which were a minority of opponents but a majority of terrorists. Civilians were dying every day in these zones, without us saying that the majority of civilians in Eastern Aleppo could not run away because they were held back by the terrorists. It is by trying to run away by using the humanitarian corridors organized by the Russian and Syrian governments that many civilians were targeted and killed by armed forces (corridors indicated one to two days earlier, with precisions on the time of opening by a text message directed to all mobile phone owners using the syrian networks MTN and Syriatel, including me). Thankfully, thousands of civilians were able to make it out alive by using alternative routes, sometimes even passing through mined zones.

Few are the media which stated that these civilians were used as human shields, which the testimonies corroborate. Medias have preferred describing them as caught in the crossfire of a fight opposing revolutionary armed forces to their government, while this government was protecting its people against terrorists who are primarily foreign mercenaries. They came to Syria heavily armed and are fanatics for whom human lives hardly matter. To talk only about Aleppo, these mercenaries invaded the surroundings and the center of the city, shelling the population of Western Aleppo every day and allowing themselves to murder civilians in the eastern part of the city for no reason.

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IPT rules Indonesia guilty of crimes against humanity in 1965 massacre; rules UK, US, Australia complicit in massacre

From Sputnik

July 20, 2016

A non-binding international tribunal at The Hague has ruled that Australia, the UK and the United States were complicit in 1965 mass killings and human rights atrocities in Indonesia.

During that period, some 500,000 to one million people died in one of the bloodiest massacres of the 20th century. What began as a purge of communists after a failed coup attempt, went on to encompass ethnic Chinese and alleged leftists, which led to the massacre being referred to as “politicide.”

According to the ruling by the International People’s Tribunal (IPT) at The Hague, the 1965 government of Indonesia committed crimes against humanity, but the finding, similar to that ruled against China by the Philippines last week regarding disputed territories in the South China Sea, is non-binding and carries no punitive consequences.

The judges found that allegations of “cruel and unspeakable murders” and the “unjustifiable imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people without trial” were well founded.

“It has also been demonstrated that sexual violence, particularly against women, was systematic and routine, especially during the period 1965 to 1967,” the Tribunal report says.

The Tribunal demanded an apology from the present-day Indonesian government and demanded investigations and prosecutions into those perpetrators still alive. The Tribunal also demanded a public opening of archives and an unveiling of truth about the events.

Moreover, three countries — the UK, the US and Australia — were found complicit in facilitating the massacre by using propaganda to manipulate international opinion in favor of the Indonesian army.

According to the report, Australia and the UK, “… shared the US aim of seeking to bring about the overthrow of President Sukarno.”

“They continued with this policy even after it had become abundantly clear that killings were taking place on a mass and indiscriminate basis. On balance, this appears to justify the charge of complicity,” the report says.

The details of the crimes committed by the Indonesian army, which include brutal murder, imprisonment under inhumane conditions, enslavement, torture, forced disappearance, and sexual violence, can be found in the full text of the report.

The Indonesian government recently refused to apologize, and reaffirmed its stance regarding the victims and survivors of the 1965 atrocities.

“Our country is a great nation. We acknowledge and we will resolve this problem [the 1965 massacre] in our way and through universal values,” Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister of Indonesia Luhut Pandjaitan told reporters at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday.

The reason why people were burnt alive in Odessa (video)

From Fort Russ

February 25, 2015

Originally published February 25, 2014
First City Channel (Odessa TV?)
Translated by Kristina Rus
Alternative Maidan [the author meant Maidan, as “protest”, as the term Anti-maidan was not yet common 3 days after the coup] on Kulikovo Polye was organized since the morning. One tent was set up in the middle of the square. They started collecting signatures and signing up people into people’s patrols. Promised to set up a tent city by the evening.
– We stand for order, and unity of Odessa, we don’t want any chaos,  provocations, toppling of monuments. We don’t have a leader, our leader is the city of Odessa.
– We want Odessa to have the Russian language, we want Odessa and our region, the South, to be in a good relationship with Russia. So that Ukraine is independent, we don’t need the EU.
– To be honest, I am against any government, I just want order in the country and my children to live in peace
The organizers say that the protest is peaceful. Everyone came without masks or bats.
– To support the activists who want to defend our city from the fascist occupiers. To express our point of view.
– Standing for the future of our children. For truth. How long can this go on? They got a free pass for their rampage. This is wrong. We have a democratic country and every person has a right to say their opinion.
There are no more then 100 people gathered on the Kulikovo Polye. This is several times fewer than at the first protest on Monday. By 8 pm almost no one is left at the square.
Kristina Rus:
Two months later the members of the new Ukrainian government were celebrating “the sweep” of pro-Russian protesters and this Maidan “victory” in Odessa:
In the video you can see the Trade Union house in the background, which will become a death trap for dozens of people. How many of the people interviewed are still alive? How many have been burnt or butchered in the basement of the Trade Union house? How many have been detained by the SBU?
Ukrainian and Western russophobes are so vocal about their hate towards the Soviet Union and the KGB, while in 2014 Ukraine has far surpassed the KGB in it’s brutality and trampling of law and human rights. 

Ukrainian ambassador wants Italian town to change the name of “Odessa Martyrs Square”

Italiano: Ceriano Laghetto Piazza Martiri di Odessa; reazionne ambasciata  ucraina in Italia — “Chiederemo spiegazioni”

From Fort Russ–the-First-Pogrom-by-George-Eliason-Activism-Anti-War_Civil-Disobedience_Class-War_Obama-Warmonger-140507-595.html

February 4, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

The choice of a small town Ceriano Laghetto (30 km from Milan) to name one of their squares for the “Victims of Odessa” [Martiri di Odessa] turned into an event of national scale.

As prescribed in city charter, this name combines the memory of two events: the Jewish pogrom by the German Nazis and the tragedy in Odessa in May of last year.

The reaction of the Ukrainian Ambassador was immediate:

“We’re going to speak with the Italian authorities and the police of the province,” – announced the Ambassador of Ukraine Yevgeny Perelygin in an interview to MonzaToday. – Local authorities of Ceriano Laghetto try to equate the crimes of the Nazis against Jews in Odessa in 1941 with the tragic events of May 2014. This is absolutely untenable: in the first case we are talking about the liquidation of people along ethnic lines, while the cause of last years tragedy was the clash between groups of protesters, heated by provocateurs in respect to which the investigation is being carried out by law enforcement agencies”.

According to the ambassador, the decision of the authorities of Ceriano Laghetto can even be seen as slander against the Ukrainian state.

“The first results of the investigation point to the participation of Russian citizens in this tragedy,” – said Perelygin. – We are waiting for more clarification about the reasons for what happened, but you need to wait for the court decision.”

Perelygin also complained that one of the suspects is hiding on the territory of Russia, deputy police chief of Odessa, Dmitry Fucheji, who could be involved in the preparation of this tragedy. Russia has refused to extradite him to the SBU, and this casts doubt on the honesty of the statements of the Russian authorities”.

According to the Ambassador, the decision of the authorities of Ceriano Lagotto is caused by manipulation of the Pro-Russian political forces. As noted the official representative of Ukraine, the official website of the administration repeatedly used expressions such as “self-proclaimed Kiev government” that contradicts the official position of Italy, and the entire world community.

“The Italian government not only has official relations with Ukraine, but also tries to help us in this difficult time of military and propaganda aggression of the Russian Federation. So I can’t understand how the Italian city can do something that goes against the official position of the state”, – the edition quoted the words of the diplomat.

Perelygin believes that the mayor and the city administration do not know the true causes of the tragedy in Odessa, and this explains why they decided to call the square exactly – “Victims of Odessa”. According to the ambassador, after clarification to the local authorities, the city will have to change its decision and reject the title.

The readers of the newspaper, which published the interview, left a number of emotional comments:

Massimo: I can’t believe it! Despite all the obvious photo-video (from the place of the tragedy), these Ukrainian pseudo-politicians continue to insist that this terrible tragedy is caused by a Russian enemy. Shame on you!! Knowing the level of awareness among Italian politicians, the ambassador may even succeed in his dishonorable intentions. But remember, Odessa will not forget this, and they know, what Maidan actually was!

Christian: Outrageous ambassador of ukro-nazi authorities, Evgeny Peregyn, be an Ambassador and do not provoke Italy. We can decide about the names of the Italian streets ourselves. Big respect to the mayor and administration of Ceriano Laghetto.

Roberto: Ukrainian Ambassador should return home to Kiev, to his own kind! (With all due respect to the Ukrainians who are caught in this wave of Nazism, and who just want to live in peace).

Lina: What the Hell, now even Ukrainians tell the Italians what we can do in our country! If you don’t like it, pack your suitcase, close your embassy and return to Ukraine to your Nazis!

Christian: I think it is shameful that the Ambassador is annoyed by the fact that the square is named in the memory of “Odessans burned alive”. Odessa residents are citizens of Ukraine, right? The ambassador represents their interests, right? Or according to the ambassador, they should have been burned alive in Odessa, and it is a pity that someone in the world is trying to make them remembered?

All the rest of the amazing comments are below. Too bad Americans are so poorly educated and seem to lack such compassion. Thank you, Italian friends. 


this ambassador is shameful, just watch the video on the massacre of Odessa to understand who are the perpetrators and who the victims. Shame to the Italian government that accredits some people and that he immediately recognized the illegitimate government of Ukraine. And we would like to get in europe these people !? 


I think someone finely has taken the Ukrainian embassy around, very good … Sorry, but seems more ‘idiot so’ for a diplomat and ‘impossible … Truly a clean job …


Ambassador should rejoice that a European country title such something of his fellow citizens massacred by criminals, to which his country has not yet given a name it a face, or know them very well but is ashamed, because the instigators are his employers?

Do you know who is this “Ambassador” ?? He is a guy who recently cried in front of a group of militants “Viva Bandera”. Bandera was a Nazi criminal who ruled Ukraine in the time of Hitler. Stepan Bandera built internment camps for dissidents and Jews, were persecuted but also Russians and other minorities. Now that the supporters of this fascist collaborationist took power (illegally) behave not too differently: have banned the pro-Russian and Communist parties, have killed their leaders and especially kill civilians for months Russian speakers in the Donbass, bombing hospitals, schools, nurseries and homes. Odessa dozens and dozens of people, including women (one of them pregnant) and adolescents belonging to almost all Borotba, an organization of a Marxist-Leninist, were burned alive in the palace of the trade unions, where they had fled to escape the Nazis Ukrainians . Photos of tortured bodies are gruesome. Then say to the ambassador to the ambassador.


The ambassador should review the story. Should remember the Lvov ghetto. Between 25 and July 27, 1941 broke out a pogrom in which 2,000 Jews were killed others. For four days the Jews were massacred by the Ukrainians and Germans, 4,000 Jews died. After July 8, was imposed on the Jews to wear an armband with the Star of David. Ukrainians are accustomed to sympathize with the Nazis. The ethnic cleansing that they intend to do in Southeast del’Ucraina should be reported to the court in The Hague for war crimes against the civilian population of Russian origin .E ‘a shame to have these people in Europe and luckily there is a Russia that does not you put your feet in the head by anybody. and luckily there is a Russia that does not put their feet on the head by anyone.

Crikey! but she is taking us for a ride? He does not seem to have exaggerated the crap? or think that people are stupid? What tries to prove dear ambassador? the images are more than clear, he thinks he can indoctrinate europe with his Nazism? we face the courtesy if not go well back and ran to his house with his Nazis and leave this country .. well you have the courage to say a lot of stupid things .. I want you to remember one thing, as Uncle Sam pays to misinform and bring a war in europe us free citizens deem the Lei his government and his accomplices responsible for crimes against humanity.

Daniel this perhaps helps his investigation? you make me laugh you are a clown for the Nazis!


The Ambassador of Ukraine, would do better to promote initiatives on the recovery of historical memory in his country. After the collapse of the USSR, in Ukraine were erected monuments aa Stepan Bandera, a Nazi criminal in the same Wiesenthal Center, 


martyrs of Odessa are the dozens of people killed by the Nazi ferocity of rowdy supporters of Majdan in May 2014. Among those killed were teenagers, pregnant women, elderly, peaceful citizens that in the House of Trade Unions held various activities, no outcome of the case can change this truth. I think that Ambassador should seriously reflect on what is happening in their country, particularly in the Donbass region, where every day the army of kiev bombard civilian homes, schools and hospitals. No Russia and Putin to arm those guns but the government headed by President Poroshenko, this is a truth ascertained, although some try to say that you novorussi “autobombardino”, for the poor people of the House of Odessa would Sindacti data fire yourself.

Rolando Dubini

Unbelievable but true, the foreign diplomat orders the Italian authority the removal of the plaque dedicated to the martyrs of Odessa of the 40 and May 2, 2014, and our authorities bows his head and obeys immediately. With a whole bureaucratic motivation, although not insurmountable, that offends the local community that has decided to remember two sad episodes CEH have stained European history.

No wonder! This individual went to Catania a few months ago. Waiting for him there were some protesters to challenge it, peacefully and with massive police presence. Well, Perelyghin he began to shout “Viva Bandera” (the Nazi collaborationist) and to film the demonstrators with the cell phone, perhaps to identify the Ukrainians.

Slavyansk surgeon talks about another May 2nd massacre in Semenovka

From Fort Russ

Mikhail Kovalenko, Slavyansk surgent

February 13, 2015
Andre Omelchenko for
Translated by Kristina Rus

“The Ukrainian government has done everything to kill me personally”

“NewsBalt” interviewed Ukrainian doctor Mikhail Kovalenko, who was saving Novorossia civillians, militias and national guardsmen.

In two days, at midnight on the 15th of February, according to the Minsk agreements, bloodshed must end in Novorossia, bitter symbol of which for many is this photo from Slavyansk.

Information and analytical portal “NewsBalt” managed to find the man depicted in the picture, carrying in his hands the murdered girl, and talk to him. A doctor by profession, Mikhail Kovalenko now lives in Russia, but we will not mention the region, because the banderites are looking for a hero-surgeon.

– Mikhail Georgievich, this is a well-known photograph. The Ukrainian media said that it is the daughter’s father running away from the separatists, and that this girl was killed by the punishers. Is it you in the picture?

– Yes, it’s me. Where the picture came from, I don’t know. And the mines that killed this girl came from Karachun mountain. There was a Ukrainian battery, which regularly shelled the city. That’s where the fire came from.

– What are the events depicted in this picture?

– This happened on Trinity. We just returned with my wife from the church. At this time, city water system already did not function. In the single-house districts there were wells and all the neighbors went there to fetch water. The militia brought a generator (there was no electricity by then). Two explosions happened. They hit the spot where people got water. A militiaman ran from around the corner, carrying a child. Someone shouted: “There’s a doctor!” The fighter gave the girl to me. From my home to the hospital – 500 meters. I ran over there. Put her on the operating table, and realized that the child was dead. The girl had hip, abdomen, and head injuries. Then, when I was looking at this picture, I realized that the child was already dead. Then, in a rush, I didn’t see it.

– Who fired?

– Karachun mountain dominates over the city. Only mountain in our area. On it was a Ukrainian battery, which was constantly shelling the city. They fired from there. And the evidence clearly showed where the shells came from. Militia never fired on Slavyansk, I can vouch for that.

– Many Ukrainians supporting ATO [anti-terrorist operation], believe that the militias fired on themselves.

– A person can be convinced of many things. I myself had to convince the terminally ill that they will recover. They believed.

– Recovered?

– No. They were dying. But believed.

– Mikhail Georgievich, what are your impressions, memories from the beginning of the war?

– Until that Trinity I still had the feeling that it will be okay. They fired on the outskirts, but there were not many victims. The horror began on May 2nd. It is on May 2nd, when a column of the military, which took Karachun, fired on the village of Semenovka – small, by Donetsk standards, settlement, roughly two hundred yards.

Local residents blocked the road for the column, so that it would not get to Karachun. Locals made an agreement with the unit commander, that the soldiers will empty the ammunition into the air, and then report to his superiors: “fired everything and had to return”. And the regular UAF division shot a few rounds into the air, and then just started shooting at the people. This day was my shift at the hospital.

It was the first real slaughter. We got 16 people with gunshot wounds. Us, doctors, were not used to such injuries, especially in such quantities. Three received a bullet in the abdomen. One – in the chest. We lost him. The rest were wounded in the legs. That day we lost four. The rest survived. After this massacre some of the inhabitants fled to the city [Slavyansk]. Some stayed. There was a certain balance between the militia and Ukrainian troops. The militia took the position under the mountain. UAF dug in on the mountain.

At the initial stage there were 4 attacks on Slavyansk. There were many casualties among the civilian population. There were wounded among the militia. Even national guardsmen were brought to us. We took care of them. There was a lot of artillery shelling of residential areas. My house was bombed.

It is very scary when you hear the sounds of explosions, while operating on the wounded, and near the hospital there are such explosions that the building is shaking. The military somehow prepares for it. They know how to hide, how to behave in general. We don’t know that. Thirty meters from the hospital,  my senior operating nurse was killed. One house was bombed from aircraft. I am now settled not far from an airport. And only six months later stopped shivering when I hear the sound of a plane.

– Was there a lot of work?

– For some time I never left the hospital. Surgeons were constantly needed, because there was a non-stop flow of victims. We didn’t divide people into ours and theirs. We operated on all. Sometimes a militiaman and a national guardsman laid on beds next to each other.

– Mikhail Georgievich, how did you decide to move to Russia?

– June 17, when the militia left, I also left. After three or four days. First to Kharkov, then to Russia. We learned about the withdrawal of the militia exactly on the day when they left. The militias stopped by and said, “Doctor, we are leaving the city right now. Whoever wants to, can go with us now. Get in the car.”

We burned all the medical records. In Slavyansk militia almost all were local residents. Slavyansk by Donetsk standards is a small town – 120 thousand. Imagine what would happen to their families if UAF learned about their gunshot wounds? After militia left, the town was quiet all night. Some absolute, resounding silence. No people, no Ukrainian soldiers. Somewhere, about twelve o’clock, the first Ukrainian soldiers appeared in the city. People, of course, were hiding. I sat in the hospital and watched as two BTRs passed, then returned. Left for the night. The next day they again came back for the day,  left for the night. Only on the third or fourth day they began staying in the city. They made a caret [inverted “V”] with BTRs and slept inside.

– Why did you decide to leave?

– It’s personal. Personally I had been shot at. From cannons, small arms. Perhaps I can say that the Ukrainian government has done everything to kill me. They they didn’t kill me because I’m clever. Not because they didn’t try – they tried very well – but because I was lucky, I was able to avoid it. And to live in a country where the government personally shot at me, I just can’t.

– Did they believe they were in a hostile territory? Were they afraid?

– Yes. They are still afraid. A friend told me. After 18-19 o’clock there is no one in the city. No one goes out on the street. They patrol the city. My friend was out late, but was walking home before curfew. And then, ten meters from him, a machine gun round hit the asphalt. Without any warning. He jumped to the side: “What are you doing?”. And they said, “Turn and walk around”. I.e. when a civilian approaches them, they are afraid.

– What have you heard about extra-judicial executions in Slavyansk?

– People were disappearing. One of my friends disappeared. He was not in the militia. Just a small businessman. The majority of small entrepreneurs funded the militia. And in August his wife called, in tears, told me that her husband is missing for three days, and cannot be found. So only among my friends, there are two such facts.

– Mikhail Georgievich, did Strelkov raise everyone, or did the people rise up themselves?

– Strelkov appeared in a city ready to revolt. Therefore, “strelkovtsi” are almost all locals. It was a real popular uprising. At first people had shotguns, hunting rifles, a few German “schmeissers”, PPSh [Soviet submachine gun] …. Why people took up arms? There were mass rallies. And after the mass rallies people began to disappear. Plus everyone saw the footage from Korsun-Shevchenko. How they burned buses, beat and killed people. Until then I was skeptical about Maidan, with humor, as the last one, which was in 2004. Until the real slaughter began. Suddenly, like a devil out of a box popped the “Right Sector”, “Trident”, etc. We never heard about such organizations before. That’s when I got really scared. For the first time.

Video about “Korsun Massacre”:

– The reason for resistance, was probably, not that you were forced to listen to news in the Ukrainian language?

– For many years we have heard from Kiev that in Donbass live not people, but “donbasiane,” that with these “donbasiane” they can speak only with a language of force, that Lvov – is a cultural capital. Despite the fact that they, excuse me, have a theater built by the Austrians and no theater company. And Donetsk academic theater staged “The Flying Dutchman” and this play was a world sensation. Only this was not mentioned anywhere in the Ukrainian press. This despite the fact that all of Europe was impressed with this “Flying Dutchman”. All this also played a role. We realized that no one will listen to us. As they said, “The government of winners came to power in Ukraine”. Not of the whole country, but “of the winners”.

Everything that I have observed in Ukraine, is fully described in FeuchtwangerRemark. I felt like one, then another character in these novels. Only, for example, in the “Black Obelisk”, the characters live in a situation where the junta has already lost.

– You dealt with the Nazis face-to-face, even though wounded. Maybe after they saw the results of their “defense of Fatherland”, learned about the dead children, civilians, when there was no Ukrainian TV channels nearby, they changed their mind?

– I don’t recall that it has changed. And you know, I think it’s not the TV. I think its some psychotropic drugs. Those national guardsmen, whom I saw, looked like people under the influence of some other drugs. Perhaps from a fenamin group. This, apparently, was some kind of military pharmacology. It caused a decrease in the level of fear, pain threshold, increased muscle tone and responsiveness.

Had a chance to operate one of the fighters of national guard, who had a mortal wound. He behaved very inadequately. Was in a state of excitement. Aggressive. Didn’t feel pain at all. Got up, sat down. The expression on his face – indescribable. Glassy eyes, absolutely uncritical perception… Maybe this is just an opinion, maybe I’m wrong.

I think that the violence occurs in the process. Some submit to it, some don’t. Let’s take Khatyn. As it turns out, the Ukrainians did it. In the USSR this topic was a taboo. But it is now known that Khatyn – is a Ukrainian “achievement”. Same here. These are the same people with the same behavior.

– Why so few people at the initial stage went in the militia?

– They weren’t needed. My friend came to the assembly point. With his military papers, staff officer. He was asked: “Do you have children?”. He said – two. Didn’t take him. They took young, single, and retired.

– Have you heard about the hospitals, on the territories occupied by the junta, are full of raped women and even minor girls?

– I heard about it. But haven’t seen myself. And I believe it, because I saw these nazguardians.

– Mikhail Georgievich, is it possible to say that the Ukrainian government is carrying out a genocide of the population of Donbass?

– How would you describe it: a peaceful city, with militia made up of the residents of the city, is simply bombed by the government? Instead of talking with the residents, to send negotiators? Why was it not done? Why did they begin the shelling of the city?

And phosphorous bombs? I saw these burns. We had six people with these burns. I had seen it all and I am ready to testify under oath.

Did Poroshenko send any negotiators? At least to ask: “what do you want?”. People just wanted to feel like people. No one wanted to talk to us. And the war began.

– Would you like for the same shooting, the same war to begin in Central and Western Ukraine? That they feel the same, as your countrymen? That they realize that killing civilians is bad?

– Absolutely not! What is happening now in Ukraine – this is fascism. Understand correctly. Donbass is a place where people were not divided along ethnic lines. Where Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Armenian, Jewish and Uzbek drank cognac at one table. We ate and conversed about religion. Amazing scene.

– And how is the transition to civilian life?

– Friends in Russia helped with the move. And when we got here, it turned out that one of the hospitals of the city needs a surgeon and a therapist. And they took me and my wife. Slowly entering into a peaceful routine. Personally, I have only for a couple of weeks stopped shaking at night from the sounds of wedding fireworks. I want to wish everyone peace and a calm life.

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ICC may consider Moscow Red Cross’ report on Kiev war crimes in Donbas

From Sputnik News, January 13, 2015

MOSCOW, January 13 (Sputnik) – The Hague’s International Criminal Court (ICC) has received a report by the Moscow Red Cross on the crimes Kiev officials committed in Donbas, the organization’s chairman lawyer Igor Trunov told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

“An answer came from the public prosecutor of the ICC in The Hague, that our application of an investigation into the facts of crimes against humanity, committed by Ukrainian officials, has been accepted for consideration…,” Trunov told RIA Novosti.

“We are putting a question regarding the murder, massacre, enslavement, bombing of settlements, pressure by starvation, committed by Ukrainian officials towards civilians,” Trunov added.

Ukrainian authorities have also been accused of “persecution on political, racial or religious grounds, the torture of prisoners and other crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC tribunal.”

Last month, the Moscow Red Cross sent a statement to the UN Security Council, listing war crimes committed by Kiev officials in Donbas, all of which were in the Court’s jurisdiction.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, in turn, is investigating a number of cases of genocide against the Russian-speaking population of Donetsk and Luhansk.

According to the latest UN data, more than 4,7 civilians fell victim to the armed conflict in Donbas, more than 10 thousand were injured. Kiev and independence supporters signed a ceasefire agreement on September 5 in Minsk with the mediation of Russia and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), but the truce has been regularly violated.


Mayor of Lvov and leader of ruling coalition party wants to recognize UPA as heroes

UPA Veteran carrying Stepan Bandera portrait

Posted on Fort Russ, December 31, 2014
Marcin Skalsky –
Translated from Polish by J. Hawk

Andriy Sadoviy, who is both the Mayor of Lvov and the leader of the Samopomoga party which is part of the ruling coalition, wants to recognize the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as a combatant entity that participated in World War II.

“We remember heroes. Every month our city pays each UPA veteran 1,000 hryvnia and will continue to do so. We must remember our heroes, both the current ones and those who fought for our statehood in the last century” – said the Mayor of Lvov, Andriy Sadoviy.

Sadoviy claims that UPA veterans ought to be honored not only by his city but also the Ukrainian government itself. At present UPA veterans living in Lvov, their widows, and former political prisoners receive a variety of discounts. There are 500 UPA veterans currently living in Lvov.

The UPA is responsible for carrying out the genocide of the Polish population of Eastern Ukraine, during which an estimated 100,000-150,000 Poles were murdered.

Translator’s Note:

One of the ironies of the current Polish foreign policy is that, in the pursuit of a stridently anti-Russian policy, it is turning a blind eye to the growth of power and influence among genuinely anti-Polish movements in Western Ukraine, movements which might one day claim territories which are currently on the Polish side of the border. The armed forces of socialist Poland fought a counter-insurgency campaign against the UPA in Eastern Poland, which resulted in the remnants of the ethnic Ukrainian population there being “ethnically cleansed”, or resettled to parts of Western Poland seized from Germany as part of the Potsdam agreements. One can still see abandoned Ukrainian villages in southeastern Poland. Should the current Ukrainian government ever truly stand on its two feet, it will surely revisit this chapter of Polish-Ukrainian relations

Original post:,polityka?zobacz%2Fmer-lwowa-i-lider-wspolrzadzacej-partii-chce-uznania-upa-za-bohaterow-przez-parlament-ukrainy#