Syrian expatriates and students stage solidarity events in several capitals

From Syrian Arab News Agency

Capitals, SANA – Syrian students and Syrian communities abroad staged on Sunday events in a number of foreign capitals and cities in an affirmation of their support to their homeland and army in the face of the terrorist war to show solidarity with the terrorist attacks’ victims.

The events are held by the National Union of Syrian Students and in coordination with the Syrian embassies in those capitals.

In India, a solidarity stand was held outside the HQ of the Syrian Embassy in New Delhi that started with observing a minute of silence in honor of the souls of Syria’s martyrs.

The participants carried banners and pictures with slogans denouncing terrorism and the terrorist crimes perpetrated against the Syrians.

Syria’s Ambassador in New Delhi Riyad Abbas affirmed that the Syrians abroad are standing by their homeland until victory over terrorism is finally achieved.

In Malaysia, Syrian expatriates and students organized a similar stand in front of the Syrian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur in which they condemned all the terrorist attacks targeting their fellow citizens at home, referring particularly to the recent bombings in Jableh and Tartous cities and the continued attacks in Aleppo.

In Prague, speeches were delivered by representatives of the Syrian community in the Czech Republic, the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students and the Syrian Embassy in an event held in St. Vatislav Square in the Czech capital.

The speakers’ words expressed their confidence that Syria is heading towards an inevitable victory thanks to the steadfastness of its people and the sacrifices of its army.

In Bulgaria, a number of Bulgarian citizens joined the Syrian solidarity stand and expressed their support for the Syrian people and leadership.

The Students Union’s representative stressed in his speech the belief that the blood of Syrian martyrs won’t go in vain as it is drawing the path towards salvation.

In Algeria, the solidarity stand started with observing a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in defense of the dignity and pride of Syria.

Mazen Khayat, the representative of the Syrian community in Algeria, affirmed that Syria has been resisting the Takfiri obscurantist and terrorist forces, backed by the US and its regional allies, for more than five years now and that its people’s will has been unshaken.

Syria, which has never succumbed, won’t bow now, Khayat said.

In Lebanon, the participants in the solidarity stand screened a documentary film highlighting the sacrifices and the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and the destruction and crimes inflicted by terrorist groups in Syria.

The National Union of Syrian Students branch in Britain and Ireland organized a solidarity stand outside the Syrian Embassy in London to express their support for the Syrian people and army.

The participants expressed their pride in the sacrifices of the Syrian martyrs and their standing by the families of martyrs and injured people, condemning the terrorist bombings targeting innocent Syrians.

In Serbia, a solidarity stand was organized by the National Union of Syrian Students branch in Serbia with the participation of members of the Syrian community and the Syrian Embassy in Belgrade.

During the stand, a minute of silence was observed and a number of speeches delivered, in which the participants stressed their support for the Syrian Army in its fight against terrorism and expressed solidarity with the families of the victims of terrorist attacks in all the Syrian areas. Meanwhile in Cyprus, a solidarity stand was held outside the Syrian Embassy building in Nicosia to express loyalty for Syria and to condemn terrorist attacks.

The participants also announced their rejection of foreign intervention in their country’s affairs.

In Italy, a solidarity stand took place at Church of Saint Mary in Cosmedin in Roma attended by Archbishop Hilarion Capucci, Rome Melkite Archimandrite Father Mtanios Haddad, members of SOLID organization, European Solidarity Front for Syria and a number of Italian and foreign figures.

A prayer was held during the stand in which worshippers prayed to God to heal the wounded and return all abductees to their families.

In Belgium, Syrian students and community members condemned the cowardly barbaric terrorist attacks that targeted Syrian people in various provinces, most recently in Jableh and Tartous.

They denounced the silence of international community over these heinous crimes that are committed by killers backed by the regimes of Gulf countries and under the full sight of Western states.

In Egypt, a stand was held at the Syrian consulate in Cairo to express solidarity with the Syrian Army.

Head of the Syrian consular mission Ryiad Sneih affirmed that Syria will remain unified and the Syrians are bent on confronting the enemies of their country.

Syrian expatriates and students in Russia  organized a solidarity stand in front of the Syrian Embassy in Moscow to voice support for their homeland and their fellow Syrians.

Participants voiced pride in the victories achieved by Syrian Arab Army and issued a “cry for vengeance” against terrorists and their backers, in addition to expressing solidarity with the families of the victims of terrorist bombings in Syria.

SANA’s correspondent interviewed a number of participating students, who said they came to this event to support the families of the martyrs who were killed by terrorists, voice their rejection of terrorism, and salute the  steadfastness of the Syrian people.

Video of Russian event:

In the same context, the National Union of Syrian Students branches in Belarus, Romania, and Iran organized similar event to support Syria, the Syrian Arab Army, and the families of victims of terrorist attacks.

In Spain, Syrian community members and students organized stand in Barcelona to denounce the brutal actions of terrorists against Syria, with the participants lauding the solidarity between the Syrian people, leadership, and army.

Meanwhile in Ukraine, the Syrian community in Kiev organized a similar stand in front of the Syrian Embassy, and in Slovakia Syrian community members and students organized another stand in Bratislava.

The Syrian community in Cuba organized a solidarity sit-in to reiterate their stand by their homeland and the steadfast Syrian army.

They expressed pride over the martyrs’ sacrifices to maintain Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to fight terrorism and its supporters.

The Syrian community in Poland organized a sit-in at HQ of the Syrian embassy in Warsaw to express solidarity with their homeland in facing terrorism and the foreign aggression against it.

The participants asserted their stand by Syria and their support to the Syrian army in confronting the terrorists who came from all over the world to destroy Syria and its people upon foreign dictations.

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Updated_ Syrian expatriates and students stage solidarity events in several capitals

NATO Chief: Military cohesion needed to “prevent new age of disorder”

From Stop NATO

U.S. Department of Defense
February 9, 2015
Unity Will Prevent New Age of Disorder, NATO Chief Says
By Jim Garamone

[Perhaps Stoltenberg meant to employ the verbs create, spread or maintain for “prevent.”]

WASHINGTON: Solidarity is needed to prevent a new age of disorder, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said yesterday in Munich.

“History is not written in advance,” the secretary general said at the annual Munich Security Conference. “We can prevent an age of disorder if we have the will. We can keep the international order that has served us so well if we stand up for its rules and if we stand up for each other.”

Last year marked a turning point for European security and the global order, he said. In Europe, Russia annexed Crimea and is seeking to destabilize Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to intimidate the Baltic republics, Poland, Romania and Georgia.

“North Africa and the Middle East are also in turmoil,” Stoltenberg said. “States are breaking up, and conflict is at our borders. Extremism is fueling barbaric violence across the region and inspiring terrorism on our own streets.”

Maintaining Order

But the international order can be maintained if like-minded nations stick together, he said.

One of the tools, he said, is NATO — the most successful international security pact in history. “Since its foundation, NATO has been a resolute guardian of the international order,” Stoltenberg said. “That order is being challenged, and we must do our utmost to protect it.”

NATO must change to address the threats of the 21st century, and it must maintain and increase its strength, the secretary general said…

NATO and allied forces must be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice and must be able to deter any threat from any direction, Stoltenberg said, including countering the so-called “hybrid warfare” that Russia has used in Ukraine.

‘We Cannot Do More With Less Forever’

This is going to require resources, the secretary general said, noting that since the end of the Cold War, European defense spending has fallen steadily. “We cannot do more with less forever,” he added.

At NATO’s summit in Wales, alliance leaders agreed to increase defense spending as their nations’ economies grow. “It cannot be done overnight,” Stoltenberg said, “but it can be done.”

“We are stepping up our support for Jordan, and Iraq has asked us to help improve its defense capacity,” he added. “In this way, we can project stability without deploying large numbers of troops, because most of the time, it will be more effective to help countries look after their own security.”