Donbass International Summer School 2015, 31 August – 4 September; lectures, round table discussions, social and creative activities

From the IOUCO — International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict

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Dear friends,

I inform you that DISS (Donbass International Summer School) will finally be implemented at the end of August 2015 (more info here:

The participation in DISS is free of charge but the DISS-Coordination Team may decide to include a fee that in any case would not exceed of 50 euros per participant (all in depence on the expenses incurred by the project). You should arrange your travel by yourself. If you are coming from USA or EU you will need a visa to Russia (a transit visa or tourist visa is enough, you can ask in any travel agency of your country). I recommend you to take a flight to Rostov-on-Don and from there a bus to Donetsk. But also is possible to flight to Moscow or Volgograd and take a train or bus to Rostov and from there a bus to Donetsk.

We are working in different alternatives to get good accommodation at affordable price for all the participants.

If you can not participate travelling to Donetsk then you still may send us a communication (a letter or video). The DISS accept communications related to globalism, anti-fascism, peace building…but we are opened to get also videos in form of lectures on interesting topics as well.

More information about DISS can be found in our facebook group:

and in IOUCO site :

Mykolas Alutis on behalf of
IOUCO-International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict
DISS-Donbass International Summer School

About International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict (IOUCO)

We are an independent network of citizens concerned about the events taking place in Ukraine. The members of the International Observatory of Ukrainian Conflict (IOUCO) understand that the so-called ” Euromaidan ” is actually a coup against the Ukrainian institutions. A coup organized and funded by U.S. and some EU countries. The coup placed in Kiev an illegitimate Junta of extremists and impostors that have ruined the country and have surrendered Ukraine to the looting of Western corporations. The maidanite regime is committing atrocities against their own population. The regime do not hesitate to crush any discrepancies with the use of brutal violence and military force. The Observatory (IOUCO) is open to anyone interested in knowing what is happening in that tormented country. The group is not following any ideology or creed. We only follow our conscience as free people that want to live in a peaceful world without violence, war and imperialist impositions. A world without fascism and fear.

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