Record number of Russians want socialism back

From Fort Russ

“Pioneer! Learn how to fight for the working class!” (Soviet poster, 1930)

April 27, 2016

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Sergey Semushkin

Oh, how I want back to the USSR: number of those nostalgic for the Soviet Union set a record

The number of those nostalgic for the Soviet Union is growing steadily.

According to the findings of sociologists, 56% of respondents expressed regret for the collapse of the state.

The majority of Russians regret the collapse of the Soviet Union and do not mind if it was restored — concluded the sociologists of “Levada-center”.

56% of respondents regret the disintegration of USSR.   Interestingly, the number of such people is growing over the years. This was the record number of respondents nostalgic about the Soviet Union in the history of surveys. At the same time, the percentage of those who does not long for the Union, decreased over time: if in November of last year it was 37%, today only 28% do not feel any pity.

Moreover, 58% of Russians would like the socialist system and the Soviet Union to be restored. 31% categorically don’t want the Soviet Union back.

Meanwhile more than half of respondents, 51%, believe that it was still possible to save the country in 1991. That the collapse was inevitable voted 33% of Russians.

Experts, meanwhile, noticed that those most nostalgic for the Soviet Union not so much yearn for the Soviet ideology, but stability and relative justice, confidence in the future, secure jobs, free education and medical care, free housing. In a crisis, such things become more memorable…

Occupants or liberators: the USSR’s role in WW II


Putin blasts attempts to rewrite history of Russia’s role in WWII as ‘cynical lies’
March 17, 2015

Defamation of the whole generation of people, who gave everything for this Victory and stood up for peace in the world is aimed at eroding the power and moral authority of modern Russia, Putin says

People in Sofia greeting Soviet soldiers, 1944

People in Sofia greeting Soviet soldiers, 1944

© Fotokhronika TASS

The Russian president said that “the insolent defamation of the whole generation of people, who gave everything they had for this Victory and stood up for peace in the world,” was aimed “at eroding the power and moral authority of modern Russia and to deprive it of the status of the victor-country with all the following international legal consequences.”

Russian President has instructed Russia’s Victory Day celebration organizing committee to effectively counter attempts to distort the truth about World War II.

“The task of the Russian organizing committee in each Russian region is to effectively counter these challenges with the citizens’ active participation and support; it is important to use all the possibilities to tell the truth about the Fatherland history, about combat heroism and labor achievements of our ancestors, to open the doors before those who want to become known in this field, fulfil their aspiration to make a contribution to the national cause, patriotic education, defending the own country’s national interests,” the president said at a meeting of the Victory organizing committee.

False statements on attitude to Soviet WWII soldiers easily refuted
March 20, 2015

Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Administration made this statement visiting a Second World War memorial in Moscow together with head of the General Office of the Communist Party of China

MOSCOW, March 20. /TASS/. False statement about Soviet troops treated “not as liberators but as occupants” during World War Two are easily refuted by documents, including by photographs of those years, Chief of Staff of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergey Ivanov said while visiting a Second World War memorial in Moscow together with head of the General Office of the Communist Party of China Li Zhanshu.

Ivanov noted that various statements to this effect that could be heard now were nothing else but attempts to falsify history. They claim that “that was not liberation but enslavement and occupation”. “When we show photos depicting people with flowers welcoming Soviet troops, these myths are debunked,” he said.

Ivanov and Li Zhanshu began the museum tour by visiting the Hall of Remembrance and Sorrow, which honors all Soviet people who perished in the war or were reported missing.

The two politicians also visited an international exhibition dedicated to the 1938 Battle of Wuhan and Soviet assistance to China in its struggle against Japan.

In conclusion, their paid a visit to the Hall of Glory featuring feats of heroism by Red Army soldiers and officers.

Open letter from members of the French Resistance to President Hollande

Posted on Vineyard of the Saker, February 3, 2015

The voice of France, the UN and Russia, an open letter to Monsieur le Président de la République 

Monsieur le Président de la République

Fascisme is reemerging everywhere in Europe, singularly in countries which have been freed from the USSR where powerful and dark forces are using NéoNazism as an ideological vector for their national emancipation and their territorial sovereignty .In these circles and beyond them, the Ukrainian crisis, which is politically and diplomatically overexploited to undermine the Russian Federation is used as a pretext for multiple attempts to rehabilitate the Third Reich, especially in the Baltic Countries, where monuments commemorating the 1945 victory are often desecrated with the covert or overt complicity of the concerned governments.

The Western world is in no way immune from these dangerous overflows. In defiance of it’s historical status, the European Union tolerates within itself, political movements which have been able, with impunity, to send to the EU Parliament, legally elected deputies, although self styled Nazis.

In face of this situation, which is fed and worsened by a never ending economical crisis on the old continent, Russia submit every year to the general assembly of the United Nations, a resolution calling for the refusal of « this glorification of Nazis and their collaborators who, waiving Swastika banners and marching with their right arms held up, are overtly promoting xenophobia and racial superiority.

Unfortunately, the United States of America, Canada and the Marshall Islands, systematically oppose this text and the European Union – among which is France-, choosing in that respect to renew with the disastrous spirit of Munich, chose to refrain. Opponents and abstentions, put forward as an excuse… Respect for freedom of expression, to justify their decisions. Under the same pretext, they block the passing of similar decisions within the OSCE. This attitude is pitiful and dangerous and can be considered as a signed blank paper for the Fascists to keep on with their criminal activities.

This year, the pretext put forward for a ‘no’ vote or abstention to the resolution, is the Ukrainian crisis and the « annexation » of Crimea. Putin should be made to understand that the West won’t tolerate an expansionist Russia. This is of course only a pretext because in November of 2013, as the Ukrainian crisis was just unfolding, their was no separatists claims of any sort in Eastern Ukraine or in Crimea. The vote had been the same. Most noticeable is the 2010 vote, during which the Russian President was Medvedev, known to be closer to the West than the actual President.

The fact that the Russian diplomatic initiatives are thus subjected to contempt is unacceptable. The tremendous death toll paid by the USSR during the second world war, morally forbid it. Resistants in Europe and especially in France, know what they owe to the Red Army. Without the decisive victories over Hitler, the world battle for liberty wouldn’t have been possible and the allies would have never landed in Italy nor on the Coast of Normandie. Must it be reminded, that on the D Day, June the 6th of 1944, the Werhmacht was collapsing everywhere on the East front and that Hitler had thus already lost the war ? Must it be reminded that, without the Soviets sacrifices, France would have never recovered its freedom ? Must it be reminded that without Moscow, Stalingrad and Koursk’s victories – the mains Nazis military defeats- the world could never have freed itself from fascism and the United Nations Organisation would have never existed ?

We would also want to remind you, mister President, that during the spring and summer of 1942, the General De Gaulle had, in vain, tried to persuade the allies to open a « second front ». If the General De Gaulle had been heard, millions of people in the Soviet Union and in the concentration camps, wouldn’t have lost their lives. Must we remind you that the landing in France as suggested by the General de Gaulle, was replaced by a landing in North Africa and that the first version of the now famous American « regime change » took place at that time, the Americans having chosen the General Giraud instead of De Gaulle.

France, which as a member of the Security Council, have a right of veto, must not forget history and the lessons it teaches. France must not forget the responsibilities which have been bestowed to her by the fact of having been able to sit at the winners table. France must not forget that without the resistance movement, without the commitment of the General De Gaulle saving the honor of our country from London, France wouldn’t enjoy the diplomatic weight and prestige which it has acquired. Consequently, its voice, which is heard, when relying on historical principles, used and exalted by the National Resistance Council, its voice must be heard in the fight against the rebirth of Nazism, which is to say, in fact, its own values. Values that you invoked during your multiple public interventions, especially during the commemorations of the landings in Normandie and Provence.

As a Head of the State, it thus belongs to you to break the guilty and spineless caution of a Europe which flimsiness in foreign affairs never stops to tarnish the brilliance.

Consequently, the signatories request from you, that next year, the signature of France be added to those of the nations having already backed the resolution of the Federation of Russia.

Armand Conan, Résistant, membre du Comité Départemental du Morbihan
René Jassaud, Résistant, ravitailleur du maquis « camp Robert » dans le Var
Colette Lacroix, Résistante, membre du réseau SOE « pimento » dans l’Ain
Antoine Payet, Résistant, membre du groupe de St Fons dans le Rhône
Paul Raybaud, membre du réseau Camp Robert dans le Var