Protestors storm Kiev Cabinet of Ministers, demand Poroshenko impeachment [VIDEO]

March 6, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
RusVesna – translated by J. Arnoldski –
“Defrauded bank investors” and “civil activists” have stormed Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers and called on others to rally to them.
The protestors are demanding the impeachment of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the resignation of Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman. One of the activists, Yury Kleynos, has announced the beginning of a hunger strike. 
“The police are coming for us, but we are not afraid,” Kleynos said, “Join us. Because of the government’s bestial attitude towards the people, we demand the impeachment of President Poroshenko.”
Some of the protestors have their mouths taped shut and are holding signs with such slogans as “Poroshenko is a killer,” “For a people’s impeachment”, and “Groysman to Israel.” 

Back to war? Ukrainian parliament rejects the Minsk agreement

“No special status or authority, not provided for in the Constitution,” – confirmed speaker Vladimir Groysman

“We can negotiate only when Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts hold elections under the full control of the Ukrainian government” -declared Deputy Speaker Andriy Paruby

From Fort Russ

Back to war?

March 17, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

A month after the Minsk agreement the masks are off. New weapons are coming, American instructors are in Ukraine, the IMF credit is approved. Time to get back to killing the kids of Donbass. Where are the sanctions on Kiev?

Did anyone have any doubts that those who chose bombs instead of talks a year ago will flip and turn into peacemakers? There is no other choice in the alternate reality perpetuated by the Ukrainian media. There is no other choice for the ultra-nationalist Kiev government, like there was no choice for Hitler. It has to follow the program. They only understand the language of force. Only when Novorossia forces enter Kiev will anything change. 

The only reason they paused the war is because they were annihilated, and couldn’t physically go on. But that’s no longer a problem, thanks to the Americans, who can’t wait to start killing the Russians.

Will Europe open its eyes and realize what monster they helped create?

Mikhail Ryabov for Politnavigator:

Verkhovnaya Rada rejected the Minsk agreements, promising a storm of Donetsk

The Verkhovna Rada after a day of backroom negotiations on Tuesday night voted in favor of a resolution on Donbass. In fact, the documents violate the Minsk agreement. Firstly, the Ukrainian side has already failed the deadline for the adoption of laws. Secondly, MPs rejected the dialogue between Kiev and DPR and LPR, declaring the Republics – “occupied territories”. Thirdly, the Ukrainian Parliament appealed to the UN Security Council with a proposal for the deployment of a peacekeeping mission, which is opposed by the militia. Moreover, the representatives of Peter Poroshenko had promised that the army will eventually bring Ukrainian order to Donetsk and Lugansk.

“We can negotiate only when Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts hold elections under the full control of the Ukrainian government – not under the supervision of the Yakut tanks and Chechen snipers. It is therefore not surprising that since the morning the leaders of the terrorist groups are screaming that these laws undermine the negotiations,”  – declared Deputy Speaker Andrey Paruby.

[Who should talk about snipers! So the counteroffer is – to negotiate with themselves – KR]

He was supported by the MP-commander Andrew Teteryuk. According to him, Kiev will agree to the elections in Donetsk and Luhansk, only when “all the fighters, all equipment, all Russian mercenaries leave the territory, and the process of renewal of life on our Ukrainian lands will begin”.

The only one who tried to protest, was the deputy Yuriy Voropayev from the Opposition Bloc.

“These laws ask one side to capitulate, and only after that projects that provide special conditions will be considered. More precisely, these are just instructions for the Cabinet of Ministers to prepare special conditions. We cannot vote on this bill, it will reject the peace,” – said Voropaev.

“What party do you represent in the Parliament? The other side are Putin’s occupants! The occupier will be forced to capitulate, or will be destroyed by the Ukrainian army! Don’t listen to the militants, the State Duma, don’t be afraid to vote for Ukraine!” – said Paruby.

No special status or authority, not provided for in the Constitution,” – confirmed speaker Vladimir Groysman. According to him, the task now for the Ukrainian side is “to free from the clutches of the aggressor, the aggressor and terrorist,” Donetsk and Lugansk.

“These laws are not for Putin, not for Europe or America, but for Ukraine and its future. They lead not to the battle for the ruins of our land, but to a future resumption of sovereignty on the territory that is temporarily controlled by the rebels and the Russian army.

They provide the possibility of elections then and only then, when the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian state will bring the Ukrainian flag, the Ukrainian parties and laws to this territory, when there will be Ukrainian parties, the police, the CEC. The laws do not give any concessions to the terrorists,” – said the deputy Yury Lutsenko, the head of the faction of the Poroshenko Bloc.

Oleg Lyashko and Yulia Tymoshenko stated that they will not even vote for the laws in this form.

“They propose to implement what was signed in Minsk… Read the Minsk agreement: “until the end of 2015 – the establishment of a special status for Donbass”! Crimea already had a special status!” said Lyashko.

Yulia Tymoshenko also rejected any dialogue with the LPR and DPR. In her opinion, otherwise at the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk “will be selected the people whose hands are covered in blood, who killed Ukrainians. Does anyone have any doubts, which judges and prosecutors they will agree on for the Ukrainian authorities to confirm?”

The vote in the Verkhovnaya Rada has already received a sharp reaction from Moscow. Russian political analyst Alexey Chesnakov stated that Peter Poroshenko violated the Minsk agreement.

“Today in Parliament – another circus. Poroshenko and company are playing that part of the coalition does not want to vote for a resolution defining the boundaries of special areas. Blatantly lying, in order to then lie to the Germans, the French and us, that the voting was difficult and their option is the maximum, that can be achieved from the Rada”, – said the expert.

KR: The Rada had no problem voting for population-reducing budget after five attempts, so have no doubt – if they vote like this it’s because they have the green light from the puppet-masters. 
Don’t have any illusions – they will blame the resumption of the war on DPR and LPR.