Nazi hands that rock American cradles

It is natural when people move to a foreign country to form ethnically-based groups where they can share common traditions, foods, heritage, history, and teach their children about their heritage.

However, when the “heritage” involves Stepan Bandera and other Nazi collaborators, racists, and ultra-nationalists, when their version of history writes out, re-writes, or even glorifies genocidal activities, and when the group begins funding and promoting activities as well as a political agenda in their new country as well as in their original country, that is very dangerous and cannot be ignored.

This article describes the activities of OUNb-UCCA affiliated groups in America aimed at young people.

This article does not include the influence of Nazi officials and scientists brought to America under Operation Paperclip, and the alliances and mentoring they provided (with the blessing of the United States government) within many branches of government and industry as well as in the American neighborhoods where they lived. It does not include the homegrown Nazi and neo-Nazi individuals and groups in this country, or the industrialists who support Nazism and fascism.  Those numbers dramatically increase the phenomenal level of influence and political pressure and power.

This is in addition to historic racism in America, which provides another layer of support.

— Editor


By George Eliason, February 15, 2015
Posted in Global Research

Are Ukrainian-American children brought up to be Bandera followers? If the children of all the Eastern European and Baltic emigre populations bring their children up in American this way, will it have an effect on non-emigre children in the US? With a combined population of 20 million career age emigre ultra nationalists according to their own estimates in the United States alone, you had better find out.

Was the Euromaidan which was funded heavily by the combined emigre populations about democracy? Answering this in a surprise statement at a cabinet meeting on February 10th 2015, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko opened up about the basis of the post-coup Ukrainian state and the ideology it is built on.

“I think to the contrary that the Galicians are the foundation of the Ukrainian state,”

This definitely throws a damper on anyone in the EU or USA calling the Euro-maidan a pro-democratic protest or revolution. The Galicians that Poroshenko is referring to formulated the ideology of Stepan Bandera that is now the foundation of post Maidan Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian-American George Masni, a former UCCA Arizona state president “The “simple nationalism” Poroshenko is talking about is love of ones nation that drives to defend it from invaders. This type of nationalism is better known as patriotism.”

If ultra-nationalist ideology wasn’t part of the Ukrainian political landscape pre-Maidan, where did it come from? Before 1991 this ideology was foreign in Ukraine except for a tiny minority in the Lviv region.

The Nazi/ nationalist ideology of Stepan Bandera made its home in the hearts of Eastern European emigres worldwide, particularly in the United States and Canada. Each succeeding generation has been taught to be more dedicated to it than their parents were.

According to George Masni, former State of Arizona president for the UCCA-OUNb “The type of political brainwashing you are describing never happened to me and as far as I know, in the U.S. at least, this simply does not occur. What I do remember is being thought [taught?] Ukrainian language, dances, songs, and a general overview of Ukrainian literature and history.”-

Below are excerpts are from a young Ukrainian-American woman that grew up in the American heartland. She is educated and has a Masters Degree. She knows America fought the 3rd Reich and Nazism/ nationalism. Her own statements are clear that Dr. Rudlings studies and the many other papers written were in fact precise in describing the Bandera kids are even more committed to Ukrainian nationalism within the countries they live in, molding their own culture and politics, as well as Ukraine.

This upbringing is reinforced with a life long cultural education and celebration of nationalist Galician values, education, job support, and even the emigre choices of religion. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic and Orthodox religions were reworked to promote Ukrainian nationalism and reinforce it to adherents at the end of the 19th century. Later Protestant beliefs followed suit within the communities and started going mainstream in the 1950′s and 60′s.

According to the Manitoba Historical Society “…the establishment of a separate Ukrainian Catholic episcopate was as much a statement of Ukrainian “nationalism” as was the rise of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada.”

With this kind of regulated upbringing it is no shock that even childhood experiences like scouting play a major role in development. Consider the following carefully against what you know about Maidan. In this American girls own words, her heroes from WWII are the genocidal Waffen SS OUNb Bandera, the mass murderers of 500,000 people.

American Ukrainian Nationalist on Maidan

I have often thought of my ancestors and how they must have felt during WWII (and earlier liberation movements) and the partisan struggle to liberate Ukraine from totalitarian powers. I’ve always been fascinated by WWII and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), but never in my life did I think I would feel what they felt, get a taste of war, death, and the fight for freedom, such uncertainty, and love for Ukraine in a context similar to theirs…These sentiments which were felt by Ukrainians in WWII have been transferred to a new generation of Ukrainians who are reliving the liberation movement, re-struggling for a free, prosperous, and democratic Ukraine. Of course, EuroMaidan and Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine …. I feel that I was guided to Ukraine because the love for and attachment to Ukraine was passed down from my grandparents, and as they couldn’t return…My grandparents’ generation fight for freedom didn’t succeed, there was no independent Ukraine after the war, and so being intelligentsia and having taken part in the liberation struggle, my relatives would have been persecuted under the Soviets.

Thus in 1944 when the Soviets were again approaching western Ukraine, my grandparents had to flee west…Eventually sotnias(defense/ military units) were formed during EuroMaidan and I couldn’t help but think that the last time sotnias were formed was during the war by the UPA…The UPA slogan “Glory to Ukraine” and response “Glory to the Heroes” as well as the UPA songs sounded from maidan’s across the country, and the black and red UPA flags flew next to the yellow and blue ones. There are in fact a lot more parallels between WWII and EuroMaidan/ the Russian invasion…And once we finally had a taste of victory, finally ousted the corrupt president, finally felt we had a chance to completely reboot the country, root out the Soviet mentality once and for all.”- Areta Kovalsky

When the $5 Billion Victoria Nuland bragged about giving Ukraine is looked at, a lot of that funding went to the development of youth organizations in Ukraine that were developed by the OUNb-UCCA based on what they taught children in America. That was how the nationalist base for Maidan came into being.

“…rather than acknowledging that nationalism is fundamentally emotional. In truth, you can’t really make ‘the case’ for nationalism; you can only inculcate it, teach it to children, cultivate it at public events.”- Anne Applebaum historian for UCCA history project (Wife of Poland’s Foreign Minister, Radislaw Sikorski

What does this have to do with your own little “cubbie or brownie”? Heading toward 1991 Ukrainian scouting was finally accepted by Scouting International as a legitimate scouting organization. Before that they were considered a terrorist breeding group. Cub Scouts and Brownies have the opportunity to share values at Jamborees in America.

Both PLAST and CYM hold multiple summer camps each year. CYM is more Ukrainian oriented than PLAST but in addition to its education role, it is also a Ukrainian social organization were young people go to meet and have fun.

The Plast organization is strongly modeled after the American Boy Scouts. It has various numbered scout troops etc. Are the American Boy Scouts are the U.S. version of Nazi boot camps? When an American Boy Scout camp is not readily available, Americans have been known to attend Plast summer camps as a way of getting the same experiences they would get in with the American Boy Scouts (hiking, merit badges etc.). They might get exposed to Ukrainian tradition but many of them freely choose not to participate in those camp activities.- George Masni, former UCCA State of Arizona president

On April 23, 2004 the Ukrainian nationalist world mourned the death of Mr. Ivan Kobasa, one of the founders of CYM America and lifelong OUN-UCCA nationalist leader. His obituary says he was a leading member of the OUNb. He made his life’s work (55 years) educating young Ukrainian-Americans in the love of God and Ukraine (Ukrainian OUNb nationalism).

As noted in the UCCA press release in the link above dated 1999, OUNb leader Ivan Kobasa also took responsibility of making sure the Ukrainian-Americans received the proper secondary education at Ukrainian nationalist schools(MAUP) in Ukraine. From the mid 2000′s enrollment in this educational system has skyrocketed. Today almost all members of the current Ukrainian government are graduates of this ideological system that was taught to them by moderates like David Duke who is also a graduate of the MAUP system.

I consider myself to be a reasonably well educated and retired American of Ukrainian descent who has been somewhat active in Ukrainian affairs for over 50 years. I have never been approached to join the super secretive almost legendary OUNb or any of the OUN organizations. Why? I think the answer is quite obvious. In the U.S., other than being referenced in propaganda or other obscure publications, OUNb and its OUN peers are no longer functional organizations and have been completely inactive for at least 4 or more decades.George Masni UCCA former State of Arizona President

Could a life long Ukrainian nationalist and UCCA leader at the state level be unaware that the  Ukrainian youth groups sole purpose was to develop youth more committed to the ideals of Stepan Bandera in America and around the world than their forebears? Is it possible that Mr. Masni whose position before 1991 would have been akin to a State Governor for the Ukrainian Government in exile not to know what the National exile government was doing with kids for over 50 years?

This seems very unlikely considering the first Ukrainian Youth Group in the USA that defined Ukrainian Scouting was literally the scouting group that taught Stepan Bandera his values and political beliefs is PLAST and CYM. Below, and at every CYM branch where its says “patron” it literally means “patron saint.” Almost every Ukrainian scout troop has a patron saint that is guilty of crimes against humanity. Most of these Greek Catholic saints were in fact Waffen SS.

Can Waffen SS officers and mass murderers like Stepan Bandera be Catholic patron saints in cities like New York, Philadelphia, Stamford CT, or Boston in the year 2015?

On October 16,2011, members of the 54th branch of CYM “Khersones” in Stamford, CT attended a mass and requiem service in honor of the great Ukrainian hero and freedom fighter, Stepan Bandera. It was the first time since its’ inception that the branches’ members took part in an organized activity together with the greater Ukrainian community of Stamford.

The SUM members and the faithful present that day enjoyed a beautiful and emotional homily about the life and achievements of Stepan Bandera delivered by Reverend Bohdan Danylo, Rector of St. Basil’s Seminary in Stamford. He instructed the children on how they can model their own lives on Bandera’s by following his example of self-sacrifice and unwavering dedication to his country. Following the homily, Father Bohdan distributed candles to each child which burned brightly during a stirring execution of the prayer “Vichnaya Pam’yat” in honor of the great hero of the Ukrainian nation.”

CYM Geelong(Australia) under the patronage of Stepan Bandera celebrated Stepan Bandera Day in remembrance of the OUN leader…CYM Geelong opened up the event not only to its members but also the wider Ukrainian community not only to remember Stepan Bandera but for all our Ukrainian heroes who lost their lives in the fight for Ukraine’s independence. Druh. Marko Tkaczuk showed video clips of the work of OUN and the life of Stepan Bandera..

They were the SS units that did atrocities so great that  Michael Wittmann, Gaupshturmfyurer SS, one of Nazi Germany’s most famous tank commanders shows the perspective the 3 rd Reich had toward the OUNb Ukrainian nationalists this young woman writes about adoringly.

“What are Ukrainians- a feral Russian that for the idea of gaining the Ukrainian state is ready to kill even his Frau (wife, woman). They are the perfect fighters against the Red Army. But after that they are subject to a total cleansing (destruction) because they are the worst type of barbarians.”

Wasyl Veryha, former SS officer and prominent Ukrainian historian Interviewed by the CBC Radio in 1987- Veryha insisted, I have never felt to be a Nazi. I never believed in Nazism, and. . .I have never been a fascist. I feel that I am and I always was a Ukrainian patriot. And that’s what I am. And if you would ask me another question, if I would do the same thing all over, I would. . .

When Mr. Masni said that CYM and PLAST was modeled on Boy Scouts did he mean that they are told to model their lives on Nazi mass murderers too? Every scouting branch in the USA is named after an SS officer or an OUNb murderer. One branch is named June 30, 1941 after the day the Nazi Yaroslav Stetsko declared Galicia a free state under Adolf Hitler.

Each branch including those in the US has a “Patron” saint that was a Nazi war criminal. In the case of Geelong, Australia it is Stepan Bandera.

Both youth groups were both considered a nazi terrorist organization from their inception and on the CIA’s list of Nazi terrorist organizations. In the decades before the Soviet Union absorbed West Ukraine the youth groups were covert terrorist cells planting bombs and murdering the people in West Ukraine. In the decade after WWII the Ukrainian youth groups provided the ultra-nationalists that murdered over 28,000 Ukrainians on Ukrainian soil.

The youth groups have always been integral to the UCCA inculcating ultra-nationalism in Ukrainian- American children.

Both CYM and PLAST teach the children of the emigres that mass murderers Yaroslav Stetsko and Stepan Bandera are to be admired and emulated as heroes and leadersStepan Bandera is painted as a religious saint and literally part of Ukrainian emigre worship as the “saint intercessor.”

Starting with “scouting” children are watched to see which areas they excel in. As they progress with their Ukrainized education, they are also helped along as they start their careers. This focus and help throughout their careers continues as long as they remain Ukrainian nationalists wherever they are. Multiculturalism, memory, and ritualization: Ukrainian nationalist monuments in Edmonton, Alberta- Pers Anders Rudling Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity Volume 39, Issue 5, 2011

During the Cold War these children grew up and became the strategists that lectured at NATO command. They helped develop the defense industry into what it is today. They gravitated into the military and developed Pysch Warfare in the US Army into what is today. By 1988 General John Hackett Commander of NATO’s Northern Army Group and great friend of OUNb leader Yaroslav Stetsko (took over OUNb after Bandera) was convinced the only thing NATO needed to topple the Soviet Union was the Bandera networks (ABN-UCCA-WACL-APCL) and groups.

If NATO had any credibility the Bandera groups are the worlds masters at infiltrating and manipulating governments, societies, and intervening in protest movements and establishing themselves at the head of the table.

Post 1991 independent Ukraine, Bandera group emigre kids started migrating en-mass into the human rights field. They are the active groups and foot soldiers of the Color Revolutions.

The ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Nations) led WACL which was sustained with the resources of the emigres and over 80 countries rolled back into the (WLFD) World League for Freedom and Democracy.

This was run by Taiwan’s APCL. The APCL was formed by Yaroslav Stetsko and Chiang Kai-shek to promote ultra-nationalism throughout the world. The WLFD which is still composed of ultra-nationalists currently writes human rights reports for the UN.

Do you know who’s been influencing your little cubbie lately?


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