Russian bloggers analyze Nemtsov’s murder

Excerpts from Fort Russ


Wikipedia knew about the murder an hour early:

The West is connected to his death, which is just another provocation. There is no point for Putin to kill Nemtstov.

He did not present any danger to the Kremlin with his rating of 4-5%. You could perhaps blame the authorities if Navalny was killed, but Nemtsov is not a figure of that magnitude. This is first. And second, if Putin really wanted to kill him, then I am sure as a former KGB agent, he wouldn’t work so unprofessionally. For example, Boris Nemtsov would die in a car crash, or from a heart attack, but no one in the Kremlin would think of putting some bullets into him.

By the way, judging by the reaction of Obama and Poroshenko, we can see who benefited from the death of this politician. Also the murder of Nemtsov was denounced by head of MFA of Canada and deputy secretary general of NATO. The last one said, its a loss of freedom for Russia. I am sure, by morning, other Western politicians will join. Please tell me, why is it their business? And would they be so vocal if a communist or nationalist politician was killed? [and they were killed in Ukraine to a complete silence in the West – KR] I am sure, not.

Either way, this murder will be used to shake the boat in the country. Already came reports to cancel the liberal march of “Spring”, and replace it with a funeral march exactly in the center of Moscow. I hope the authorities will not allow any such marches in the center of Russia’s capital. If these marches are prohibited to the patriots, then they should be banned to the liberals. Especially that there is more harm from the last than from the patriotic forces.

Is junta the mastermind of Nemtsov’s murder?

“It should be noted that the wave of the charges of the Russian leaders in the crime comes not from Russia, – said the head of the Center for political analysis Pavel Danilin, – even the most radical Russian liberals stick to condolences and are not in a hurry with the accusations.”

But the Ukrainian Internet space is full of real hysteria which cannot be overlooked. “The first direct charges of murder appeared in the Ukrainian blogs and media, – said Danilin, -moreover Ukraine immediately remembered the recent interview of Nemtsov to “Sobesednik” in which he says, that the authorities will kill him, but the existence of this interview proves that the government is the last, who benefits from the murder of this politician.

“Russian authorities are in principle not interested in killing any prominent politician, and especially this one, not such a bad guy,” says the analyst. – He is a bad politician, but not a very bad person. His murder could not add any weight and strength to anyone. No one at all”.

For me it is quite obvious that this is a provocation, totally from the outside – a murder committed either directly by the intelligence services of Ukraine, or in the interests of Ukraine, expressed Pavel Danilin.

How terrifying to be a liberal today

To the altar of the struggle for the bright ideals of the revolution, in the name of prosperity of the hegemon of all progressive mankind, his Majesty the Dollar, another sacrifice is brought.

“Just-in-time”… the script has been perfected in detail. And if you’re ready to join the ranks of Obama-lovers and Putin-bashers, you must be ready that you, too, at any time, will be sacrificed, and only your task in this fight will be to die as dramatically as possible… don’t want to? And he didn’t want to, and the “heavenly hundred”, I’m sure, didn’t want to…

Who wants to die, when you are fighting for life? When and who wanted to accept death at the hands of those who guided you and blessed you in this struggle? But it is necessary, and that’s it! The script is old, and there is no reason to change the plot.

Died a man, with whom I personally strongly disagreed. And did not agree precisely because I can’t stand the smell of sulfur that just reeks of “our foreign partners” and his sponsors. And he thought – he will be lucky… wasn’t… And many more will not be, because a single victim does not impress nobody. A revolution needs mass sacrifices, and the sacrifices must be correct, ideologically sustained.

How scary is it today to be a liberal! Because the liberal, according to the scenario must have a good, but short life, so not to accidentally overspend the budget of “our partners”. But now – the business is done, and the budget is saved – wreaths-ribbons plus a proper obituary cost less than to feed…

Well, dear liberals, the first is gone… And something tells me that’s not the last. So take care of yourself. And all those who do not consider themselves liberals and russophobes, let’s together make a list of those who now may face a real danger, a list of those who may be the number two in line for a sacrificial victim. Because forewarned is forearmed. There are no political ideas, worth a human life.

From the blog of Marina Yudenich:

On February 10, 2015 in “Sobesednik” appeared a very strange article:

– My dear mother’s name is Dina Yakovlevna Eidman, in March, she, God willing, will turn 87 years old, – told me Boris Nemtsov.
Now I live in Moscow, and the mother in Nizhny Novgorod, alone, but doing well. She has less gray hair than me, she has no sclerosis, she is absolutely sane, has clear memory. We like to talk politics with mom. She is totally against what is happening in Ukraine, believes that this is a disaster and a complete nightmare. But more then Ukraine she worries about Putin. Every time I call her, she complains: “When will you stop criticizing Putin? He’ll kill you!” And this in all seriousness.

– Interesting. And do you after such conversations with your mother fear that Putin may soon kill you personally or through intermediaries?

– You know, Yes… a little. Not as much as mom, but still… But still I am not so much afraid of him. If I was very afraid,  then I would not head the opposition party, would not be engaged in what I do. By the way, say hello to Dmitry Bykov from me and mom.

– Thank you, I will. Hope, common sense will prevail and Putin isn’t going to kill you.

– God willing. And I hope so.


Two minutes before

The first report of the murder appeared in wikipedia (UTC time?) at 21:38 with Rostov IP. This was the first and last post from that IP.

TASS reported it at 00:40

First Twitter report was by Yashin at 00:27,_%D0%91%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%81_%D0%95%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87&oldid=68908797,_%D0%91%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%81_%D0%95%D1%84%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%87&offset=20150227214734&action=history


Former co-chair of the party “Union of Right Forces” Irina Khakamada:

“This is definitely a provocation, it is not beneficial for Putin and is directed to shake everything to pieces”


Pavel Chikov believes that all the leaders are now under threat. “Everyone should think of measures of personal protection. At least until the reasons for Nemtsov’s murder are known.”

By killing Nemtsov and blaming Putin and the regime, the customers could try to threaten some elites with physical annihilation at the hands of the regime, and thus push them to a palace coup under the information cover of protests.


It was perfect timing before the “spring” march. Despite the fact that I am in opposition to Putin, there is no reason to blame him. The deceased did not present any threat to Putin, at least because in the ratings of hatred he was only behind a few of Putin’s oligarchs, Chubais and Borovoy. To confirm that just read the comments to all the news of his death. I would understand the killing of Navalny, but not Nemtsov. Thus I agree with Putin’s statement that Nemtsov’s murder has a provocative character.

So who killed him then? Those who want to shake the situation in the country. And Nemtsov’s murder was a first try. First of all this is in the interest of the West. Also please note that online broadcast from the murder was held by Newcaster TV, which is financed by Khodorkovsky.

[May be he also knew too much from his contacts – KR]


That the march on March 1st will be a failure was clear two weeks ago. When opposition, which supports the sanctions of the USA and Europe against Russia goes to an anti-crisis march – it looks like a bigger farce then Nemtsov’s murder for hire.

And at the sound of a gunshot Russian Maidan gets a green light.

Even the most ideological national traitors admit – Putins rating is as unrelenting as mount Everest and no sanctions can do anything about it. The only result of the sanctions was the growth of the rating to 85 -86%.

Ukraine has immunized us from Maidan, but US rigid mentality does not allow them to change course from previous scenario and the American aggressor keeps placing bets on those who no one in Russia could care less about.

Next, according to plan – trained fighters among the wired liberal crowd, and snipers to increase the number of victims. Should I add that many such fighters have already been brought in from Ukraine?

Russia and all of us need to be destroyed.

I wish courage to our authorities, police, army and spetsnaz, who are on the verge of a difficult trial. There is no right to loose, there is only one try and on it – our country and our lives



Nemtsov as Polonium

To be honest, even for internal sacrificial victim – unconvincing. Apparently provocation by external intervention.

Customer – USA. Performers likely Ukraine.

Personally after March of child killers [in support of junta bombing Donbass]  not sorry for any of the Moscow liberals. They get their reward.

That is the move is purely a hope that Moscow will blink and will rush to save “the reputation”. Personally, I would instead take Mariupol.

And most importantly, the Supreme [Putin]  must understand that any dialogue with US scum is not possible.

By the way now I understand why they said “Surkov led the snipers on Maidan”. And why the “error” of CNN with Putin-the executioner.

Why the murder is next to the Kremlin (how did he end up there!).

Of course in the head  of retarded consumers of Fox News, etc. the connection is automatic.

Surkov is sitting on the Kremlin wall and on the order of Putin standing next to him, shooting opposition activists passing by.

Perfect picture for Charlie Ebdo.

The only thing left – machine guns for every creature that moves and stone face for any of the antics of Washington.

Again – ANY. With any degree of hysteria.

Well, and characteristically every time Putin is trying to solve the matter peacefully through concessions of Russian interests, the providence with the hands of American madness brings him back on the right path.

The murder on Vasilyevsky bridge is a good chance to move the Maidan closer to the Kremlin, to the spot of the murder.

Therefore they should put up a very tight cordon and allow only small groups.

Perhaps the timing is such that the police does not have enough time to react.
Da Dzi

Seems when Nemtsov said those words that Putin could kill him, he signed his death sentence.

They looked at him, measured him, priced him, and figured he fits for a sacrificial lamb. If I was Khodorkovsky or Navalny , I would be worried too, if Nemtsov’s mother worries about them.

I know who will be blamed tomorrow by all the liberal, Ukrainian and western media. But any thinking human will understand that Nemtsov’s death is not beneficial to Kremlin. But very beneficial to USA, Ukraine and the white ribbon activists.

There was no chance to get any good crowd for the anti-Russian “anti-crisis” march on March 1st. And therefore Boris Nemtsov was used accordingly.

Amazing fate. All his life he tried to wreck Russia, and continues to even in  his death. 

PS There was also a version that this could be a strike at Putin, but by someone within the Russian establishment

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