12 U.S. top political figures murdered like Boris Nemtsov

This article was published anonymously by Oriental Review. Presumably, this was done to protect the author. The article lacks footnotes and references. Hopefully, a subsequent version will contain references. I put footnotes on Sen. Paul Wellstone’s death and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

From Oriental Review, March 2, 2015

At this moment when Russia is being hit with a new propaganda attack over ‘political murder’ in Moscow it’s a good time to recall 12 notable US national political figures, all found murdered or suspiciously dead – Senators, Congressmen, Federal Prosecutors, Federal Judge, Governor, CIA Director – after questioning corruption or disturbing US oligarch leadership – since the 1963 JFK assassination. With 4 coup d’état ‘hits’ on the last 10 US Presidents themselves.

The list makes clear the ongoing menace of murder of any US prosecutor or national judge or politician who does not serve US ruling political families. Especially note the recent, media-hidden shooting murder of US Federal (national) Judge Roll after ruling against the US regime, along with the ‘suiciding’ deaths of two US Federal Prosecutors Ross and Colbert … ‘hits’ which keep even the US Supreme Court and all US prosecutors in terror and behaving submissively.


(1-2) Two Congressmen, Thomas Hale Boggs, Sr, House Majority Leader (right), along with Alaska Congressman Nick Begich, killed in the same plane crash, 16 October 1972; Boggs was involved in JFK assassination investigation.


(3) Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia was killed on 1 September 1983, booked onto the Korean airliner that was shot down over the ocean; McDonald had filed bills asking the US Congress to investigate the globalist Trilateral Commission and CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).


(4) Former US Senator from Texas John Tower, killed in plane crash 5 April 1991, after criticising Reagan-Bush scandals.


(5) William Colby, former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, found dead 27 April 1996, laughable story he drowned after paddling his canoe by his Maryland weekend house; Colby had made revelations critical of US policies.


(6) Sonny Bono, singer from Sonny & Cher, Congressman on key House Judiciary Committee, killed 6 January 1998, after gaining position to investigate corruption at America’s highest levels, Bono handled files on judicial corruption and the CIA drug trade … fake story that excellent skier Sonny went head-on into a tree … even ex-FBI people say it was murder.


(7) US Missouri Governor Melvin Eugene ‘Mel’ Carnahan, killed in plane crash 16 October 2000, opponent of vicious US Attorney General John Ashcroft, Carnahan won the election even after being dead.


(8) US Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota, killed in plane crash 25 October 2002, after leading opposition to the US Iraq War.[1]


(9) Former US Congressman Wayne Owens from Utah, found dead in Tel Aviv, Israel, 18 December 2002, while investigating the triangle of US-Israeli-Palestinian Authority corruption.


(10-11) US Federal Prosecutors Thelma Colbert, US Dept. of Justice in Fort Worth, Texas (left), and Shannon Ross, criminal chief US Attorney in Dallas, Texas, jointly involved in pursuing crimes linked to the Bush family and Novation LLC, both ‘suicided’ within weeks of each other, Colbert drowned in her swimming pool in July 2004, and Ross found dead in her home 13 September 2004, case involving Bushes buried along with them.


(12) US Federal Judge John Roll shot dead in Tucson, Arizona, 8 January 2011, shortly after ruling against Obama and the US gov’t … drugged up ‘lone gunman’ promptly supplied, ‘confessing’ and otherwise barely seen. Media almost totally obscured this story in favour of other shooting victims, because the main object was intimidating all other US judges with how they can be killed violently and with few aware of how or why they died.

The murder (6) above, of US Judiciary Congressman Bono supervising the judges, was used in turn to terrorise US Congress Judiciary Chairman John Conyers in 2008-09, and prevent him from enacting a bold plan to remove US corrupt judges, when Conyers was temporarily fooled by the hype of his fellow black Barack Obama being elected President; Conyers wife’ was jailed on charges to drive home the death threats against him.

Note too that of the last 10 US Presidents, 4 have been attacked with coup d’état removal attacks. Two Presidents were shot – John F Kennedy killed in 1963, and then Ronald Reagan in 1981, wounded by a shooter linked to the family of then Vice-President Bush. [2]

Two other US Presidents underwent CIA-tied ‘impeachment’ deceptions, first the 1974 Watergate ‘Silent Coup’ using intel officer Bob Woodward planted as a Washington Post fake ‘brave reporter’, Woodward having worked in intel directly under US Joint Chiefs military head Admiral Maurer. And then Bill Clinton in the 1990s, when he balked at plans to bomb Serbia and kill thousands of people, was hit with the ‘impeachment’ farce with agent Monica Lewinsky  Clinton submitted and began bombing shortly after his stage-managed ‘acquittal’.

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  1. Red Storm Says: March 6th, 2015 at 9:37 PM

A few years back i red an outstanding essay by Chaim Kaupfberg on islamic terrorism,in it he mentioned that CIA Director William Colby was murdered because he was gathering evidence with the intent to expose a nation-wide paedophile ring being served to a clientele of high-profile politicians in Washington.






http://www.tomflocco.com/fs/HinckleyAndBush.htm — with several sources

“US-NATO military operations aimed at Russia” — a declaration of war

It is astounding that America has had any positive reputation in the world.  Any admiration it still receives is a tribute to the massive public relations campaigns the government and industry wage.

One point of disagreement with this article: there is no evidence that Washington and Kiev “allowed” the self-defense forces in East Ukraine to win this latest round. Reading the accounts, the situation in Kiev and with their military and volunteer forces is volatile and chaotic. By contrast, those who defended their homes were disciplined, showed remarkable restraint, and took all necessary action.

There is a great deal to be said for actions and discipline springing from deep love of land and family and self-preservation. This is in contrast to propaganda-fed, conscripted (often unwilling), poorly trained, and inexperienced soldiers, working together with fanatical and violent racist punisher militias, led by undependable commanders, with incompetent and racist politicians in Kiev who frequently lied about the real battle situation. How could Kiev win?

By Bruce Gagnon
Originally posted on Space4Peace

At times I feel completely overwhelmed by the current US-NATO military operations aimed at Russia.  It’s growing rapidly – one can’t help but wonder if the recent ‘victory’ of the self-defensive forces in eastern Ukraine wasn’t allowed by Washington and Kiev as a way to get public opinion behind the already well established plans for even more NATO escalation.

It’s all just far too neat and tidy to be seen otherwise.  This is not a conspiracy but a well designed military plan to take down Moscow.  They are playing with fire. In some respects the ‘project’ is now impossible to stop.  The question for the moment is how long will this attack on Russia go on and what level of conflict will result?  Will it go nuclear?  If so the world is fucked.

The Pentagon role now is to send legions of NATO trainers into Ukraine to “push Kiev’s [reluctant] troops forward” in order to “deter Russian aggression.”  It’s a long term military operation that is going to be exceedingly expensive.  It’s got to be sold to the American people and folks throughout Europe.  In order to make this public relations campaign successful the perpetrators have to flip the switch – turn the story ass backwards – blame the other side for doing what US-NATO are in fact doing.

The source of the aggression is quite clear to me.  US-NATO are all over Russia’s border.  I learned today that the current right-wing EstonianPresident Toomas Hendrik Ilves grew up in New Jersey and went to Columbia University.  It’s funny how the US is able to continually put their agents into office in key nations around the world.

Go back to post WW II and note how fascist Syngman Rhee lived in the US and was then put in power in South Korea to ensure Washington’s control.  Recall the many fascist dictators that the US repeatedly put in place in Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia and throughout Latin America and the African continent.  It’s called good corporate planning.

More recently in 2008 we saw Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili (also trained in the US at George Washington University) launch an attack on Russian speaking republics South Ossetia and Abkhazia along Russia’s border.  Russia responded to the Georgian military strike against the  people there by counter-attacking Georgia.  The fighting took place in the strategically important Transcaucasia region which borders the Middle East.

I’ll never forget watching the first US politician to arrive in Georgia after the 2008 shooting war subsided.  It was then Sen. Joe Biden who made that visit, just months before being selected as Obama’s running mate. Biden came back slinging much anti-Russian rhetoric and most importantly threatened Russia with dire consequences if it did not do as instructed by Washington and Brussels.   Biden of course also led the effort in the Senate to send more weapons and US military ‘trainers’ to Georgia.  So this is all a familiar story.

Just this morning NPR (National Public Radio) had an interview with a Russian woman who ‘fingered’ Putin as the one who called for the killing of Boris Nemtsov this past weekend in Moscow.  It’s all so damn convenient – the pieces just keep tumbling into place as the case is made for war with Russia in order to contain the ‘evil Putin’.  Can you see Manuel Noriega (Panama), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), and Muammar Qaddafi (Libya) all over again?  It’s a tried and true twisting of the truth in order to set up supposed ‘obstacles’ for take down.  It’s always sold though as the mighty super-moral US swooping in to protect ‘freedom and democracy’.  Walt Disney couldn’t have done this any better.

The US-NATO expansion of the conflict in Ukraine is indeed a declaration of war against Russia.  And from what I can make out the Russian people see the writing on the wall – they can hear the train coming.  Sadly the American people have no clue what is going on nor do most of those in Europe.

This project has been set up with criminal precision.  After all the CIA and the Pentagon have had alot of practice over the years.  This is what Washington does best.



Nemtsov’s killer was hired by the commander of Dzhokhar Dudaev Battalion in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev

Posted on Fort Russ

Adam Osmaev

March 12, 2015
Anna Veligzhanina for Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Kristina Rus

FSB source to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”: “the customer of Nemtsov’s murder was preparing an assassination of Vladimir Putin”

The main suspect in the organization of the high-profile crime – is a commander of the Ukrainian battalion in the name of Dzhokhar Dudayev, Adam Osmayev.

The correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” met with the FSB agent, who is part of the team investigating the murder of Boris Nemtsov. In an exclusive interview he spoke about the new details of the crime and named the most likely customer of the murder.

The pistol was found

Today the investigators have irrefutable proof that all persons detained on suspicion of murder of the politician are the perpetrators, – said our source in the FSB. First of all, billing (data about calls and movements of the subscriber. – Ed.) from their mobile phones showed that they conducted surveillance of Nemtsov before the murder, following him closely. The suspects were tracked with their phones at the location where Nemtsov was present with his phone. During the murder all the detainees “were in the area”: some under the bridge, some in a car, some nearby.

Zaur Dadaev pulled the trigger. He first made a confession, and then, on the advice of his lawyers, took it back. But it changes nothing, the investigation has already collected compelling evidence of his guilt. I will not give details of how this was done. The pistol was thrown into the river after the crime, it was later recovered by divers. That Zaur Dadaev immediately said to the TV cameras: “I love prophet Muhammad” – is just a cover. There was no religious motive for the killings. They cynically carried out an order. They are far from devout Muslims. In fact, just real gangsters.

And the most important thing. The executor of the murder was in close contact with Adam Osmaev, who recently became the commander of the Ukrainian battalion in the name of Dzhokhar Dudayev. They met, talked a lot on the phone. Zaur Dadaev and his cronies worked with Osmaev on Ukrainian affairs. And also with Chechens, who fought on the territory of Ukraine for the new regime. Zaur Dadaev was listed in the battalion “North” (“Sever”) of the Chechen Interior Ministry, but while serving in it, in fact, was engaged in activities against Russia. He was associated with Osmaev by a certain relationship and mutual obligations.

Непосредственно нажал на курок Заур Дадаев, который сначала дал признательные показания, а потом, по совету адвокатов, отказался от них
Zaur Dadaev

When the journalists from the Russian TV channel “Life News” were recovered from Ukraine, Zaur Dadaev was involved in this operation. Held direct communication with Osmaev. I don’t have the right to disclose the details. The evidence is still being gathered. But I can say that today the main suspected customer of Nemtsov’s murder is Adam Osmayev.

“The main purpose of the crime is to show Russia in a bad light”

– The perpetrators were told to execute the order in the place where it was committed, – continues our source. – Another words not just to kill him in the alley, but do it in the heart of Moscow across from the Kremlin – deliberately to cause outrage around the world. Before the crime they received the advance payment, it was agreed that the remainder of the money for the “job” will be transferred to their bank account.

– Why did they have to kill Nemtsov, who spoke out against Putin’s policies? It turns out, they had killed their ideological ally!

– [Ultra-] Nationalists and criminals will not stop at anything. To kill their ally for them is not a question of morality. Nemtsov became a bargaining chip. The goal was – to slander Russia, to show it in a bad light, to prevent peace in Donbass (especially after talks with Merkel and Hollande). To show the President of Russia in the eyes of the world community as the “ultimate evil” – to show: look, how he strangled the opposition. The world just began to warm up to Putin’s politics, which he is following in relation to Ukraine. And this cynical murder of Nemtsov has caused a wave of discontent, fueled by the world media. The American and European press immediately began to show this murder in their own light, placing the responsibility on the President of Russia.

Националисты и бандиты не брезгуют ничем. Убить своего союзника для них - не вопрос морали. Немцов стал разменной монетой

Preparing to blow up the President’s motorcade

Adam Osmayev was previously suspected in the attempt to organize the 2012 assassination of Vladimir Putin, at that time a Prime Minister and presidential candidate. Osmayev  planned to blow up Putin’s motorcade, which was confirmed by a video, found in his laptop, of Prime Minister’s motorcade travelling through Moscow. Then Osmaev cooperated with the investigation – admitted he came to Odessa from the United Arab Emirates with instructions from field commander Doku Umarov. But in court Osmayev refused to testify, claiming he gave his testimony after a beating. His lawyers wrote a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office and the European Court of Human Rights.

– Osmaev failed to get to Putin himself, but it seems that he did not calm down, – says our source in the FSB. – And later the most accessible target to attack the President was selected – Boris Nemtsov. Nemtsov lately was not seen as an active member of the opposition, was no competition to Putin, but his name was known. The choice of a sacrificial lamb was quite successful. The gangsters do not stop at anything. And gangsters involved in politics is a devilish blend.

Адам Осмаев ранее подозревался в попытке организации в 2012 году покушения на Владимира Путина
Adam Osmaev

– Will Osmaev be charged?

– Now everything is in the stage of investigation and evidence collection. Some of the evidence we already gathered, but I don’t want to tell everything in order not to hinder the investigation.

“KP” Files

What was Adam Osmayev “famous” for…

In 2007 in Moscow on the eve of Victory Day a terrorist attack was averted – explosives were found in a parked car. A native of Grozny, Adam Osmayev, a suspect in the case, was arrested in absentia by the Lefortovsky district court of Moscow and declared for international search. The investigation found that Osmayev with a group of Chechens and Ingush was also preparing an assassination on May 9 of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

According to the press, after that Osmayev was hiding in the UK, where he was contacted by associates of Doku Umarov and was offered to organize a new terrorist attack. Adam agreed and went to Ukraine with a fake passport. In 2012, he was arrested after an explosion in a rented apartment – the terrorist was preparing homemade bombs. Osman and his “right hand”, a Kazakh citizen, Ilya Pyanzin, admitted: they were preparing an assassination of the head of the government of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. The suspects also reported that they recruited fighters for future terrorist attacks in Russia. But later they took back their testimony.

Russia demanded to extradite Adam Osmayev, however, the European Court of Human Rights had blocked it, declaring: “In Russia the detainee may be subjected to torture”. Pyanzin eventually was extradited to Russia, and in September 2013 he was sentenced to ten years in a colony with a strict regime.

On November 18, 2014, the court of Odessa declared a sentence for Osmaev: 2 years and 9 months imprisonment. He was released in the courtroom “for lack of evidence of preparation of assassination” – he was credited the time he already spent in jail. The court room reacted to the sentence of Osmaev with applause, and he, in turn, encouraged them to “protect Ukraine”.

In February of this year Osmayev headed the Ukrainian battalion  in the name of Dzhokhar Dudayev, succeeding the general, deceased under Debaltsevo, Isa Munaev.


Dmitry Peskov: In the coming days, the prosecutors will announce the motives for the murder

“We hope that in the coming days all legal formalities will be completed and prosecutors will announce their versions of the murder, will name those who are behind this,” said the President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov to the journalists of “AP”, answering the question about the prospects of completing the investigation of the murder of Boris Nemtsov.

Readers Comments:

– You can’t make up a better plan to frame Kadyrov through Osmaev (Kadyrov’s worst enemy) and Dadaev  (a traitor), and most importantly to smear Russia

– This looks like the truth. The volunteer battalion is likely curated by the SBU. And SBU is a branch of American special agencies. Classic sacrificial lamb. Technologies of color revolutions are very cynical. The fifth column doesn’t realize that it is just disposable material for the puppet-masters.

– What a present to Kadyrov and Putin – Nemtsov’s murder! How could Kadyrov be so fooled!

– If you continue down the trail, it might lead to the UK or Americans

Kristina Rus: 

Another important point to make, is that although in Russia Nemtsov was virtually forgotten, except to the old-timers and his direct followers (he complained that he has not been on Russian TV in 8 years), Nemtsov was quite popular in Ukraine, and was frequently invited on Ukrainian TV as a Putin’s critic and a supporter of the current regime, creating a perception that he was a major opposition player in Russia. Although it is true that Nemtsov was in charge of organizing the anti-Putin rallies in Russia, he himself admitted in personal conversations in his wire taps that he had no future chances in politics, because of his disastrous track record in the 1990’s, when he was a Deputy Prime Minister at the time of the economic collapse in 1998. It is possible that to Ukrainian and foreign observers Nemtsov’s importance looked more exaggerated then it was in reality, making him a likely candidate for a sacrificial lamb.

No matter how little attention was paid to Nemtsov by the Russian media, there is no one that the Western mainstream media can not make a celebrity overnight (even after their death) – and it was achieved.

The investigation, of course, learned about the connection to Ukraine much earlier. We can wonder if Putin tried to withhold these revelations until two weeks after the murder and after the Western media had a chance to pour all the dirt that they had on Putin and Russia, ending with the European Parliament resolution to demand independent investigation. 

Now Putin can get his popcorn and watch the West change their tune after the trail lead to Ukraine. Perhaps they will try to quickly forget about it and ignore it, just like the Boeing. 



Nemtsov’s role in the plunder of Russia in the 1990’s: links to Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky and Soros

From Fort Russ

Boris Nemtsov and Boris Berezovsky

March 9, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Certainly, the performers of the savage murder should be caught and severely punished. However, we will likely not find the true customers. Well, except with nuclear missiles. However, listening last week to the praise for Boris Nemtsov, people in the know were puzzled: Oh my God, is this all really about Nemtsov?!

“Russia is rapidly becoming a colony of China. Russia is losing sovereignty. This is the main point of modern foreign policy of the Kremlin” – accused Vladimir Putin the opposition leader Nemtsov.

Apparently, he forgot that back in 1997 as Deputy Prime Minister himself he initiated this process and arrived in Beijing the day before President Yeltsin to finalize the agreement on the gas pipeline from the Kovyktinskij gas field in Irkutsk region and from Western Siberia to China.

His signature is under the agreement between the governments of Russia and China about the pipeline for transportation to the Chinese of crude oil from Eastern Siberia. Nemtsov participated in the negotiations on the demarcation of the Russian-Chinese border, which ended with the signing of a disadvantageous for us treaty. After which many Russians, to their astonishment, ended up on the Chinese territory.

And what about the agreement with Japan “About some of the types of cooperation in the field of harvesting of marine living resources”? Only business publications briefly reported that the Japanese were allowed to fish in our waters without compliance with the Russian legislation. And after seven years we saw terrible videos about how this is done. The damage to Russia was then estimated at $10 billion.

The Deputy Prime Minister also aided the Chechen terrorists. Personally signed an agreement on the transit of oil through Chechnya, through which the militants received from the federal budget about $10 million in excess fees for oil transit. This instrument of financial support for terrorism from the state worked properly prior to coming of Putin. At the first problems the press howled about human rights violations in Chechnya. And Boris Efimovich got the reputation of an irreconcilable opposition activist.

In one interview he admitted that he agreed to become first Deputy Prime Minister under pressure from Tatyana Dyachenko, who came to Nizhny Novgorod and “begged all night that the President always helped you and now the hour had come when you must help him”. But did not mention that Dyachenko begged him together with Boris Berezovsky, the corrupt alliance with whom by the time of the interview Nemtsov called an absolute lie. However, the jury in the High Court of England came to a different conclusion.

Boris and Boris quarreled about a blocking stake in Svyazinvest. Berezovsky wanted to buy it, but Nemtsov sold it to Soros!

In 1998 Nemtsov founded “The National Fund for Regional Policy” for the transfer of money from offshore companies, including TNK and YUKOS of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Part of the funds went to Nemtsov, “The Union of Right Forces (SPS) and “the human rights defenders”, but most of the money was cashed and disappeared. The loss to the state was estimated at 370 billion rubles. But everything was on the fringes of law, since after the shelling of the White House [in Moscow] in October 1993, the laws were written by scoundrels for scoundrels. And were approved by the cohort of senators whom Nemtsov had joined in December.

His election to the Council of Federation [Russian Senate] was financed by a businessman with a criminal background,  Andrey Klimentyev.

But that’s not all. Two weeks before the default of 1998, Nemtsov announced that he had found $30 million for the Russian Space Agency, which was behind on the production timeline of the Russian segment of the International Space Station. Say, the amount needed for the construction of the ISS was found by VimpelCom for the right to operate at frequencies of GSM 900 in Moscow and the Moscow region. But ISS had received only $7 million. The promise to save “Mir” station has remained only on paper, and experts wondered how much Nemtsov received for assisting the project on ridding the state for the promised $30 million of what is worth $200 million. Financial analysts estimated the commission for the service at 15 percent of projected annual profits of $4.5 million per year.

That is, the story of this gentleman is clear. All the corrupt deals of Boris Nemtsov apparently we will never be discovered. But many still remember the story of the bankruptcy of Navashinsky shipyard and the credit affair with “Nizhegorodets” bank.

How Vladimir Putin blocked the U.S. “pivot to Asia”

Posted on CounterPunch, March 8, 2015
By Mike Whitney

“The collapse of the Soviet Union removed the only constraint on Washington’s power to act unilaterally abroad…. Suddenly the United States found itself to be the Uni-power, the ‘world’s only superpower.’  Neoconservatives proclaimed ‘the end of history.’”

—  Paul Craig Roberts,  former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury

“Don’t blame the mirror if your face is crooked.”

— Russian proverb

On February 10, 2007,   Vladimir Putin delivered a speech at the 43rd Munich Security Conference that created a rift between Washington and Moscow that has only deepened over time.  The Russian President’s blistering hour-long critique of US foreign policy provided a rational, point-by-point indictment of US interventions around the world and their devastating effect on global security.   Putin probably didn’t realize the impact his candid observations would have on the assembly in Munich or the reaction of  powerbrokers in the US who saw the presentation as a turning point in US-Russian relations. But, the fact is, Washington’s hostility towards Russia can be traced back to this particular incident, a speech in which Putin publicly committed himself to a multipolar global system, thus, repudiating the NWO pretensions of US elites. Here’s what he said:

“I am convinced that we have reached that decisive moment when we must seriously think about the architecture of global security. And we must proceed by searching for a reasonable balance between the interests of all participants in the international dialogue.”

With that one formulation, Putin rejected the United States assumed role as the world’s only superpower and steward of global security, a privileged position which Washington feels it earned by prevailing in the Cold War and which entitles the US to unilaterally intervene whenever it sees fit. Putin’s announcement ended years of bickering and deliberation among think tank analysts as to whether Russia could be integrated into the US-led system or not.  Now they knew that Putin would never dance to Washington’s tune.

In the early years of his presidency, it was believed that Putin would learn to comply with western demands and accept a subordinate role in the Washington-centric system. But it hasn’t worked out that way. The speech in Munich merely underscored what many US hawks and Cold Warriors had been saying from the beginning, that Putin would not relinquish Russian sovereignty without a fight.  The declaration challenging US aspirations to rule the world, left no doubt that  Putin was going to be a problem that had to be dealt with by any means necessary including harsh economic sanctions, a State Department-led coup in neighboring Ukraine, a conspiracy to crash oil prices, a speculative attack of the ruble, a proxy war in the Donbass using neo-Nazis as the empire’s shock troops, and myriad false flag operations used to discredit Putin personally while driving a wedge between Moscow and its primary business partners in Europe. Now the Pentagon is planning to send 600 paratroopers to Ukraine ostensibly to “train the Ukrainian National Guard”, a serious escalation that violates the spirit of Minsk 2 and which calls for a proportionate response from the Kremlin. Bottom line: The US is using all the weapons in its arsenal to prosecute its war on Putin.

Last week’s gangland-style murder of Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemtsov, has to be considered in terms of the larger geopolitical game that is currently underway. While we may never know who perpetrated the crime, we can say with certainly that the lack of evidence hasn’t deterred the media or US politicians from using the tragedy to advance an anti-Putin agenda aimed at destabilizing the government and triggering regime change in Moscow.  Putin himself suggested that the killing may have been a set-up designed to put more pressure on the Kremlin. The World Socialist Web Site summed up the political implications like this: Continue reading

The CANVAS and Right Sector trail in the murder of Nemtsov

Posted on Fort Russ

March 6, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus
Originally published: March 1, 2015

The Serbian trail, stretching from the terrorist attack in Kharkov to the murder of Boris Nemtsov, stands out from under the carpet too much to ignore it. NGO CANVAS, grown from the Serbian maidan organization “Otpor!”, is very heavily involved in Ukraine and now have seriously taken over Russia.

The murder of Boris Nemtsov, whose corpse was found almost at the walls of the Kremlin, is in itself a very extraordinary event for Russia. Never in the Russian Federation there was a murder of a former member of the government, Deputy Prime Minister, a politician who was welcome at the White House and who spoke before the U.S. Congress. The body of this politician, deliberately executed in direct line of sight from the Kremlin, calls for a very serious approach to the murder, the forces behind it and the effects. A serious approach to the situation forces us to carefully consider all the versions of what happened.

On February 28, 2015, on the program “Norkin’s List” (NTV) a well-known political analyst Sergey Kurginyan expressed some thoughts about the murder of Nemtsov:

In particular, Kurginyan said:

“…Yarosh [the leader of the Right Sector”, a radical Ukrainian organization – Ruskom] cooperates with CANVAS, it’s a Serbian – American organization for the implementation of the “orange revolutions”, this organization organized Maidan [in Kiev – Ruskom] and everything else. Now CANVAS is heavily involved in Russia. Boris Nemtsov, unfortunately, said some strange words on February 10th, that he is afraid he will be killed by the authorities [which turned to be a fantasy of the editors – KR]. Immediately after that, the topic was discussed by Yarosh and representatives of CANVAS. Then the representatives of CANVAS came to Russia, among those representatives there is a man, a Serb, “Atsa” is his nickname (Alexander “Atsa” Kazun, lives in the USA, works for CANVAS – Ruskom), who was apprehended for the Kharkov explosion, and then he was released by Turchynov. Isn’t this interesting? Do we really want to know who is behind the murders?”

If we discard all versions except for the most probable – the murder of Nemtsov was supposed to destabilize the situation in Russia before the opposition march on March 1, this destabilization is most needed by the Ukrainian radical organizations, and therefore, Yarosh and the Right Sector. The situation on the fronts of Donbass is such that defeated on all fronts and expelled from Debaltsevo Ukrainian military will not soon recover from the damage and most likely will not be able to recover at all. In this situation a strategically winning solution for the Ukrainian radicals and their Western friends and curators is only a serious destabilization of the situation in Russia.

The focus of certain forces on the course of civil and political terror in Ukraine is evident in the terrorist act that took place in Kharkov on February 23, killing three people and injuring about ten. Ukrainian media of course, immediately, before the start of investigation, rushed to blame the “separatists”, “vatniki” and the Russian security services. There is no faith that the Ukrainian investigation will find the perpetrators, just as there is no hope for the investigation of Maidan snipers, which has taken already a year to no result. But if we think about who benefits from the terror in Ukraine, it is clear that neither Russia nor DPR/LPR can benefit from it.

The terror only benefits Ukrainian radicals and their curators, who thus wish to strengthen the anti-Russian and anti-Donbass mood in the society.

What was extraordinary about the Kharkov explosion?

“…two fighters from the special police battalion group “Kharkov-1” and a girl from the Right Sector, who showed negligence when handling explosives, injuring themselves, were supposed to be evacuated by the group consisting of four people. Strange activity of this group attracted the attention of the police, and the four were arrested. During a search of their minivan it turned out that, that it was unclear how they were going to evacuate their own, when the car was packed full of weapons, including automatic mounted grenade launcher AGS-30 of Russian production. The senior of the group turned out to be a U.S. citizen, presumably, of Serbian decent, Alexander Kazun nicknamed “Atsa” permanently residing in Washington, DC. Place of work: NGO CANVAS. Mr. Kazun was immediately released on the personal order from the Secretary of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Aleksandr  Turchinov.”

A capture of a foreign citizen at the place of a terrorist attack looks very suspicious. Even more suspicious is the fact of the release of this citizen, Alexander Kazun, on the order of Alexander Turchynov, who has serious ties with the elites in the USA. And it becomes even more suspicious after understanding what is the NGO CANVAS. Here’s what William Engdahl wrote about it on January 7, 2014 in the article “American NGO involved in the protests in Ukraine”:

“CANVAS: the Belgrade U.S.-funded training organization is behind the carefully organized protests in Kiev. The recent protests in Ukraine stink of an attempt to destabilize the government of Yanukovych, organized from abroad 

After the events in Kharkov the representatives of this organization, engaged in the export of “revolutions” ended up in Moscow. In addition, NGO CANVAS originated from the “bulldozer revolution” in Belgrade in 2000, which overthrew Slobodan Milosevic. The Serbs, who at the time experienced all the “charms” of the coups organized by the West, warned the citizens of Ukraine about those consequences which follow the “peaceful protest against the bloody tyrant” under the cries of “they’re just children!”:

“I live in Belgrade, Serbia, and events in Ukraine remind me of the events in Serbia in the late 1990s and in 2000. In 2000 Western-paid opposition overthrew Slobodan Milosevic, all to our great joy and our great hopes for the future, just because we were tired of the difficult life (or what we perceived as a difficult life at that time) and, in fact, we were naive and duped by Western media (as well as you are today, but let me continue, I will explain this later). Later we realized that it does not work like that – the West did not give us money, did not give us investments, in essence, the West and the European Union did not act like friends at all. Better life never came, and in fact things have gotten worse.

Now, attention! The same people who lied to us and made our “democratic revolution”, are now making YOURS – NGO called “Otpor!” (“Resistance”) in the 1990s, now known as the “CANVAS” – “The Center for the applied nonviolent action and strategies”. Also the usual names and agencies in this show: USAID, Freedom House, The National Endowment for Democracy, George Soros… See for yourself. These are the same people – the oligarchs in Serbia now. They are trained by the CIA, and do their work in Ukraine (and other countries), your Yanukovych even banned some of the many very interesting articles, Ukraine is mentioned in almost every one of them”

Unfortunately, the Ukrainians did not heed the calls of the Serbian people and decided by their bitter experience to test the heavy forces of democracy and breathe the free air of Maidan. In this they were helped by many experts from Serbia (and not only), in particular Marko Ivkovic, the head of the above-mentioned Serbian organization “Otpor!” This was reported by Oleg Tsarev on December 1, 2013 at his page on Facebook:

“The day before yesterday my friend was flying to Ukraine, and in his companion he recognized the well-known organizer of coups and revolutions, Marko Ivkovic. He became famous as the founder of the Serbian “Otpor”, then there were Georgian “Kmara” and Ukrainian “Pora”. Marco tried to organize something similar in Russia, but was extradited and banned from entry. Was in Kyrgyzstan in 2010, when President Bakiyev was ousted there. Now Maidan is in experienced and financially secure hands. Americans do not spare any money on Ivakovic – not so long ago on his projects in Ukraine the National Democratic Institute of the United States provided $1,200,000″.

In 2012, Marko Ivkovic already worked in Ukraine at the National Democratic Institute of USA, operated in contact with the party “Front of Changes” of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, created a public organization “OPORA” to count the votes at elections. Was the unofficial head of the electoral headquarters of Yatsenyuk. The Ukrainian media already in early 2012 hypothesized that Ivkovic was busy preparing “Maidan-2”.

In 2013, right before the aggravation of the situation, Ivkovic arrived to Ukraine on November 29, which was reported by Oleg Tsarev. Next, let’s give a word to the Ukrainian media (publication date September 12, 2013):

“On the eve of the “Popular Assembly,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk and opposition leaders met with Marko Ivkovic – one of the members of the National Democratic Institute, USA. This was reported by the media, citing sources close to Yatsenyuk. The meeting was attended also by Fink Bryne (Gomez) – U.S. citizen, employee of the Agency for International Development, USA. Both U.S. citizens, known as consultants for colored revolutions, came to Ukraine a few weeks ago (Fink Bryne – on October 28). [the spelling of the name may be different in English as it is a translation from Russian – KR]

Now the details of that meeting became known. In particular, it is reported that Marko Ivkovic offered to A. Yatsenyuk, V. Klitschko and O. Tiagnybok to proclaim on the Maidan on Sunday during the “Popular Assembly” a “Manifesto”, according to which to announce the transition of power into the hands of the provisional (until the elections) “people’s government”.

Next was a matter of technique and concerted action. The “People’s government” was supposed to move into the building of the Kiev city administration to use the existing phones of government communications, contact law enforcement agencies and the army calling for support. And also – and this is, perhaps, the most important thing – to contact the embassies of the European countries and the USA with the request for recognition. When it comes to their interests, the United States and Europe, do not waste time with recognition. According to the source, the American Embassy has already prepared the official response with the approval of the actions of the opposition”

Now we know that the January – February events of 2014 in Kiev took place according to the scenario written in December 2013, and therefore, reality confirms the involvement of Serbs and Americans in Kiev events, and the high profile of the organizers of Euromaidan.

Serbian – American consultants of Kiev Euromaidan do not hesitate to use established and successful templates, instructions and practices. For example, the leaflets, which were first used in Belgrade in 2000, then in Cairo in 2011, and then in Kiev in 2013-2014:

NGO CANVAS at first glance at its website seems like a reputable international organization which strongly emphasizes its non-violent character. Now we understand what “non-violent” actions the employee of CANVAS Alexander Kazun, nicknamed “Atsa” was engaged in in Kharkov on February 23 in the car with explosives and automatic grenade launchers and what actions he may have been engaged in in Moscow.

CANVAS operates in Europe, in America, in Africa, and Asia. Tremendous scope for a modest Serbian organization, isn’t it?


Everything falls into place, when we see,  which organizations CANVAS is cooperating with in “developing long-term strategies related to the production of knowledge, tools, and studies of the global nonviolent struggle and the formation of a network of researchers related to the topic of non-violent resistance and strategies”. This is the Air Force Academy of Colorado, the John Hopkins University, and Columbia University. The website of CANVAS shows links to the sites of organizations such as the Institute of Albert Einstein, Freedom House and others, not less “friendly” to Russia:


Words are given to us to conceal our thoughts, and websites – to hide the true extent and details of the activities of organizations. So the sterile website CANVAS will not reveal the real information about their activities. But this data is provided by Wikileaks and other resources.

For example, there is a correspondence between the staff of the American organization Stratfor (private intelligence company of the United States, which is also called “the shadow CIA”), in which “CANVAS” and its leaders are very highly rated:

“This is an impressive group. They come in, operate in a country, and try to topple its regime. When used properly, they are stronger than an aircraft battle group.”

In response to the mention of “aircraft battle group”, Vice President of Stratfor, Fred Burton, sarcastically said that perhaps they should be sent to Iran.

Another letter said that “this organization (CANVAS) gets a lot of American money …I spoke with some people who lobbied for them (CANVAS) to get more money”. It is further specified that the Serbian organization “Otpor!” was funded, in particular, by Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, The Open Society Institute, USAID and the U.S. Institute for Peace. And it is indicated that CANVAS has financial ties with these organizations.

“Otpor!” and then CANVAS are not only mentioned in the correspondence of Stratfor employees, they also have close ties with Stratfor, Goldman Sachs, and the U.S. government. The wife of the leader of CANVAS worked in Stratfor for one year (from March 2010 to March 2011).

Srdja Popovich, the leader of the CANVAS

To put it briefly, CANVAS helps Stratfor in executing the color revolutions, overthrowing any leader hostile to the United States. This is what, according to Wikileaks, the US elite valued in Srdja Popovic and his “Otpor”.

In another letter dated March 2010 Stuart Burton said that CANVAS “is trying to get rid of Chavez,” referring to the late President Hugo Chavez. In 2007, the CANVAS tried to overthrow Chavez with trained activists.

In conclusion we can say that the activists of Serbian “Otpor” in their work used (and use) the models of Gene Sharp, the leading expert on the so-called “non-violent regime change”.

How non-violent are these methods, you can evaluate, judging how Gene Sharp participated in the events in Riga in 1990, advising “Sajudis” (nationalist anti-soviet Latvian organization), and that snipers from “Sajudis” shot (and killed) the demonstrators and the police with the aim to destabilize the Baltic States and cause the collapse of the USSR. These are the “non-violent” methods used in his time by Gene Sharp. Such methods are used by his followers from CANVAS, blowing up rallies in Kharkov and killing politicians in Moscow. Don’t you think this version seems more than logical?

For Russia today a new complex phase began, in which the country can win, and therefore survive only if Russian patriots and responsible citizens will understand the situation in all its complexity and tragedy. For further detailed analysis please see Friend: http://friend.livejournal.com/1762463.html (Russian)

The Remarkable Coincidences of John C. Tefft

From Fort Russ


The Remarkable Coincidences of John C. Tefft

By J.Hawk

The graphic above is going viral on the Russian side of the internet, and it reads as follows:

“Since the current US ambassador arrived in Russia, they killed Nemtsov, while he was in Georgia they killed Zhvaniya, and in Ukraine—Gongadze. Coincidence?”

Each of the three was a prominent opposition figure, and in each case his death had led to political upheaval. To quote Ian Fleming, “once is a happenstance, twice–a coincidence, three times–enemy action.”

Victoria Nuland lied to US Congress this week — phantom Russian hoards in Ukraine

This hearing is available on C-Span for those who can stomach it: http://www.c-span.org/video/?324656-1/victoria-nuland-testimony-us-policy-toward-ukraine-Russia

This hearing dramatically shows the state of United States leaders — their willful ignorance, their staunch prejudices, their pompous outrage, their narrow education, and their appetite for war against Russia. The hearing played like theatre — completely orchestrated.

By Stephen Lendman, March 7, 2015
Posted on Global Research

On March 4, Nuland addressed House Foreign Affairs Committee members.

She called murdered US-funded, Boris Nemtsov a “freedom fighter, Russian patriot and friend.”

She absurdly called Ukraine “central to our 25 year Transatlantic quest for a ‘Europe whole, free and at peace.’ ”

Fact: Washington wants Ukraine used as a dagger against Russia’s heartland – with menacing US bases on its borders threatening is sovereign independence.

Nuland called US planned and implements year ago Maidan violence using well-trained Nazi thugs “peaceful protest(s) by ordinary Ukrainians.”

“They braved frigid temperatures, brutal beatings and sniper bullets…Ukraine began to forge a new nation…holding free and fair election…and undertaking deep and comprehensive economic and political reforms.”

Fact: US-deposed President Viktor Yanukovych’s police showed remarkable restraint.

Fact: Washington-supported Nazi thugs bore full responsibility for beatings, sniper killings and other violence.

Fact: Ukrainian parliamentary and presidential elections were farcical – with no legitimacy whatever.

Fact: So-called economic reforms involve crushing hardships on already impoverished Ukrainians in return for loan-shark-of-last-resort IMF blood money.

Fact: No responsible political reforms exist. None are planned. It bears repeating. Ukraine is a US-installed fascist dictatorship.

Nuland lied claiming

“enhance(d) (Ukrainian) transparency in public procurement, reduce(d) government inefficiency and corruption, (laws) making the banking system more transparent, and measures to improve the climate for business and…foreign investment.”

Ukrainian banking is a black hole of grand theft. State farmland and enterprises are being sold to Western predators at fire sale prices.

Corruption is worse than ever. Government and military officials are stealing everything they can get their dirty hands on – at the expense of imposing crushing austerity on deeply impoverished millions.

Hyperinflation grips the country. The “breadbasket” of Europe can’t feed its people. Rationing was imposed.

Energy prices skyrocketed to unaffordable levels. Ukraine symbolizes humanitarian disastrous conditions wherever America shows up.

Nuland recited a litany of Big Lies about the “new Ukraine,” – a Nazified menace to its people

Claiming it’s “building a peaceful, democratic, independent” nation is polar opposite truth.

She aimed the worst of her rant at Russia and Donbass freedom fighters.

She lied about Crimea “under illegal occupation” – ignoring near Crimean unanimity to reverse a historic mistake and rejoin Russia.

She turned truth on its head claiming

“(i)n eastern Ukraine, Russia and its separatist puppets unleashed unspeakable violence and pillage.”

“MH17 was shot down. Hundreds of Russian heavy weapons and troops poured across the border, fueling the conflict.”

“Sixteen Russian uninspected ‘humanitarian convoys’ entered Ukraine in violation of agreements with the Ukrainian government, the ICRC and the international community.”

“Donetsk airport was obliterated…Debaltseve, a key rail hub beyond the ceasefire lines, fell to separatist and Russian forces six days after Minsk was signed…”

“This is a manufactured conflict controlled by the Kremlin, fueled by Russian tanks and heavy weapons; financed at Russian taxpayers’ expense and costing the lives of young Russians…”

Fact: Kiev collaboratively with Washington launched naked aggression against Donbass residents wanting democratic rights everyone deserves – wanting to live free from the scourge of fascism.

Fact: No Russian hoards “poured across (Ukraine’s) border.” Kiev’s own military chief said so.

No evidence whatever shows Russian involvement. None exists except photos exposed as fakes.

Fact: Washington and Kiev bear full responsibility for unleashing unspeakable violence against Donbass residents.

Fact: One or more Ukrainian warplanes downed MH17- a US/Kiev false flag. Russia and rebels had nothing to do with it.

Fact: Russia is the only nation delivering vitally needed humanitarian aid – inspected by ICRC representatives.

Fact: Minsk ceasefire terms included nothing about Debastseve.

Fact: Washington and Kiev “manufactured” Donbass’ conflict – not Moscow or rebels.

Not a single House Foreign Affairs Committee member challenged Nuland’s obvious and outrageous Big Lies.

They accepted them as gospel. They let an unindicted war criminal insult them.

Russia and rebels are consistently and wrongfully blamed for US/Kiev crimes.

Obama wants war, not peace. He wants unchallenged control over America’s newest colony. He wants it pillaged for profit.

He wants it as a stepping-stone toward long sought regime change in Russia – replacing its sovereign independence with pro-Western puppet governance.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net . His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” http://www.claritypress.com/LendmanIII.html Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.




Nemtsov wire taps: how to organize Russian Maidan on the phone. Part 1

Posted on Fort Russ

<iframe width=”480″ height=”270″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ohlxHWfzvBo&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Recorded in 2012

Translated on February 28, 2015 by Kristina Rus
Nemtsov’s statements are highlighted in bold
Hello! Are you coming at 1 o’clock? 
Of course, I am trying to dry my hair. While I was washing my hair, I got called five times.
Do you dry your hair in front of the computer?
What would you like?
I want to write in your Live Journal, on Facebook, write about the situation with this place, so this scum will stop to… last night they were having fun all night on Twitter, as you know, right?
Yes, I know, today we will get together at Udaltsov, and at 2 o’clock at Ilya Ponomarev and Udaltsov. We will send someone from Solidarnost, for a press conference at the independent press center. Delyagin wrote that the meeting is coordinated between Solidarnost and the Left front
So they stopped squealing already? 
Bastards, f%ck. Is the scum Chirikova  still barking?
The scum Chirikova continues to bark along with Limonov.
Limonov I don’t care about at all. Ok, I am suggesting to write a short post in Live Journal. 
Can I tell Misha to write that?
Where is Misha?
He is at the computer


Borya! Hello dear!


Why couldn’t you convince Chirikova, a chick! Jesus!

She is f%cked up, how can I convince her?

Yes she is f$cked up, of course

No, she doesn’t want to hear anything. Do you understand the point? At least do you understand it? 

I read something online…

Those who will come to the Revolution square, for them a passage, a march will be organized to Bolotnaya. They are cretins! They should put up a monument for me instead of Dzerzhinsky on Lubyanka! What?

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Nemtsov wire taps. Russian Maidan. Part 2: “Who does a revolution at the Ritz?”

Posted on Fort Russ
Part 1 can be found here

This recording was made on the eve of Russian opposition protests in 2012

Translated on March 2, 2015 by Kristina Rus

Nemtsov’s statements are in bold

18:00 – 27:00 Nemtsov and Tikhomirova:

<iframe width=”480″ height=”270″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ohlxHWfzvBo&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


We have a meeting at 3:30 in the lobby of hotel National

Hotel “National” lobby?

There is a cafe

How about, what do you call it … I think Hyatt is closer to me

I think “National” is convenient, because I told them – near the Central Telegraph

Yes, Telegraph on Tverskaya. Ritz, how about Ritz?

No, we don’t want to go to Ritz. Who does a revolution at the Ritz? (laughter)

And who does a revolution at the “National”? (laughter)

Ok, try to talk them into my offer, I can tell you, their offer is simply unacceptable, I will simply be against it, it will turn the event into boring crap.

I understand, again, we don’t have any aggressive desires to steal anything from anyone, we all have a desire to continue this wave.
I am just asking to consider this. Rykhlin is coming, who is categorically against their offer, but I am simply suggesting … I am offering to discuss this calmly

And we need a schedule, we have one hour for the discussion, they need to be constructive,  they are normal smart guys, aren’t they?

They are absolutely constructive, they are relaxed and calm

It’s just that they are euphoric… As always, when people achieve something they get euphoric. 

Of course, of course

But I have been there done that. I know everything about this life, totally everything

Besides they are ready to find money

That’s true, money is important, but do you think whose money was used to organize the rally?

I know whose money was used to organize it

A search for money in this situation is a secondary issue (laughs) No, I am very glad, that they are in the same boat with us, as far as I understand they don’t ahve a problem with me?

Absolutely not, they are absolutely adequate, they are just afraid that it will turn into … because according to their opinion, the speeches of the politicians are boring crap, do you understand?

Nevertheless, the reaction to me was good

The reaction to you was good, but for example the reaction to Nastya Dontsova was not so good,

And Yavlinsky was not so good

And Yavlinsky was not so good, and the communists weren’t so good

Wait, may be it depends on the politician?

May be, may be

Wait, I think, they don’t understand anything. I will fix their brains. Politics is the same profession as journalism

Listen, they will share their impressions, and what is written and said in Facebook about the results of the meeting, they will tell you all of this, this is important, so you know about it

Ok, is it very negative about the politicians?

No, anyway the best performance was Akunin

Ok, what did he say, I left…

You left, I will let you listen to it

What did he say?

He said that we should make up a committee of 15 people, which would present demands to the Kremlin about what we want to do, and how concretely

Ok, so it turned into our demands, what else? 

Akunin was excellent, besides he now wants to participate in everything

Akunin is a smart dude, of course he was good. I don’t want to see writers in the organizing committee, because its a destructive element

This is not the organizing committee for the rally, it’s a different committee

He can participate in a different one

Anyway, Rykhlin is coming too at 3:30, on your side

Can you tell me the participants

Tikhon, Ilya Krasilshyk


Parkhom is not around, he is in Piter. Rykhlin, you and I

Ok, I like that. Do they have clout with Parkhom or is he going to say, go f%ck yourself? 

Yes, they have clout with Parkhom, besides Rykhlin has clout with Parkhom, because they are friends

I know that, Parkhom is my friend too

Ok, are they internet moderators?

Yes, they are moderators. Besides, look, Ilya Krasilshik has absolutely apolitical readers, him and his magazine, however the rally became the main topic of everything.


The magazine “Big City”, Phillip Didko, Tikhon’s brother… the same thing

Is Phillip going to be there? 

No, Phillip will not be there, Tikhon will be there

Tikhon is a good guy

Tikhon is great

What is Tikhon in charge of, what does he do?

First of all they invite everyone, second of all, they look like an absolutely neutral side from the perspective of any politician.

I understand, Olya

They decide everything together, there is a group: Ilya, Tikhon, Kashin, Phillip

Is Kashin with them?

 Kashin is with them

Excellent, I like that, ok

But there will be two, with whom we actively worked, Tikhon and Ilya, Philip

And their idol is Navalny, as far as I understand?

No, only Kashin

What about Tikhon and Ilya?

Absolutely no idols

So they have no political goal to endorse anyone?


That’s not good, by the way, do you know why?


It’s a loss of horizons. Again, not bad for us, but in general

I understand

Let me explain, they represent the internet crowd, which …

Yes, which turns out to be very numerous….

Yes it’s very numerous, but is an absolutely amorphous mass. What they f$cken tell them, they will go there. 


It’s a crowd … Yes, yes, yes… It is very inert, it is very vulnerable to different conferences … to consolidate it you need a will. Such will has Navalny, listen, who is a specialist in manipulating internet crowds, and politicians, who don’t cause a very strong rejection, like myself

You should talk to them about this Internet crowd, about who these people are, I think we don’t understand them somewhat, because we live in the different world, talk to them…

Don’t overestimate it

I am not overestimating, I don’t know, I don’t have an answer to that question, I don’t know

Ok, fine

Ok, 3:30 National cafe, bye

Check back soon for Part 3 …