Ukraine blocks 10,000 websites, confiscates a newspaper

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April 10th, 2015
by Eric Zuesse

As I reported yesterday, the Security Bureau of Ukraine, on April 7th, had seized and disappeared two Odessa bloggers, who were trying to get an independent investigation, and ultimate prosecution, of the individuals who participated in the 2 May 2014 massacre of regime opponents, and who burned, shot, and clubbed to death perhaps over 200 in the Odessa Trade Unions Building — the event that precipitated the breakaway of Donbass from the rest of the former Ukraine, the country’s civil war.
And I also reported that April 7th saw the official announcement that, “The security service of Ukraine … has discontinued operation of a number of Internet sites that were used to perpetrate information campaigns of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.”
The follow-up to that story is the news on April 9th, which was reported in the courageous independent Kiev newspaper, Vesti, that “SBU has blocked more than 10,000 websites.” It says that, “Law enforcers seized the servers,” and that one SBU official told the newspaper, “‘We have made the decision of the court and confiscated equipment.’ He promised to return the servers in two months.”
Another news report on April 9th in Vesti tells of seizures of that day’s edition of newspapers by far-right toughs at news stands throughout the city, and the story even shows a video of Right Sector toughs raiding and emptying a Vesti delivery van headed out for distribution. The report also said:
“On Thursday, April 9, machines [coin-operated distribution boxes] that were transporting part of the circulation of the Kiev edition of the newspaper ‘Vesti’ were attacked. The attacks occurred around the metro stations ‘Heroes of Dnepr’ and ‘Vasylkivska.’ In both cases, the scenario was the same: the circulation machine was blocked by two cars that emerged containing unidentified men wearing symbols of the ‘Right Sector’ who illegally seized the circulation. In the case near the metro station ‘Vasylkivska,’ a driver was beaten, and the attackers threatened to burn his car.”
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Back on 5 July 2014, Vesti had headlined, “Masked men smashed and fired into ‘Vesti’: broke windows, spread tear gas.” A video accompanied that news report, too. The video showed a man outside the newspaper’s office, opening the door, being suddenly attacked by approximately a hundred men who rushed at him from hiding and beat him.
The accompanying news report from a witness said:
“I first heard several shots. Then stones and Molotov cocktails were hurled at windows on the first and second floors. After that, the room filled with tear gas, which quickly spread throughout the office, and it’s still very hard to breathe. One of the guards who tried to stop the thugs was beaten.”
The video shows all of this from the outside of the building.
There are accompanying photos of the ransacked office.
That news report, in turn, linked to an earlier one, on 27 June 2014. That report had said: “Suddenly, four dozen masked strangers came, headed by the controversial deputy of Kyiv City Council, Igor Lutsenko.” These men “began to shout anti-Putin slogans, and then climbed onto the improvised stage” where there was to be presentation of a Constitution Day award. “Finally, radicals tried to throw bricks at our editors, but Maidan volunteers blocked that.”
The head of the Security Bureau of Ukraine, Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, the man who closed 10,000 online sites on April 7th, was reported, a week earlier, on April 1st, (translation here) saying:
“SBU does not need to invent anything new. It is necessary only to build on the traditions and approaches that were set forth by the Security Service of the OUN-UPA in the 1930-1950 years. They battled against the aggressor [Russia] during the temporary occupation of the territory [Ukraine, which ’temporary’ period was already 350 years], had a patriotic education, military counterintelligence, and relied on the peaceful Ukrainian population, using its unprecedented support.”
This video recounts and shows the history of “OUN-UPA in the 1930-1950 years” and documents that it carried out most of Adolf Hitler’s extermination program in Ukraine during World War II — including 80% of the Babi Yar massacre of Jews, which the Russian poet Yevtushenko memorialized. To the people that the Obama Administration has placed in power in Ukraine, it was a heroic achievement. And yet, far-right Jews are part of it — ideological brothers-under-the-skin, and it also has the support of 98%+ of the U.S. Congress.
The head of the Security Bureau of Ukraine lied about the ‘temporary’ inclusion of Ukraine as part of Russia, and also about how ‘peaceful’ was the reign of Ukraine’s and Germany’s nazis over Ukraine during 1940-1944. But at least he was honest that he is returning to those “traditions and approaches.”
Barack Obama reigned over the entire process and installed these people into power over Ukraine. He has almost 100% congressional support for that within both the Republican and Democratic Parties, even though over two-thirds of Americans who have an opinion on the matter are opposed to his policy. America’s Establishment wants him to pursue this policy more aggressively. And the West’s newsmedia blame Russia’s Vladimir Putin.
Here is a video of Ukraine’s troops shelling the Donbass village of Slavyansk and joking that they’ll turn it into a “crematorium.”
As I reported earlier, the founder of Right Sector, Dmitriy Yarosh, was the leader of the thugs who perpetrated the May 2nd massacre, and who also carried out the February 2014 coup that brought these people to power in Ukraine. Starting on April 20th (Hitler’s birthday), his men will be receiving military training and weapons from U.S. troops, whom Obama is sending in to help them and other executioners with their program of exterminating the residents in Donbass — the region that rejects the coup-imposed government. So, Yarosh helps Obama not only by terrorizing the few remaining independent news media in Ukraine, but also by installing Obama’s regime there, and now, increasingly, by fighting his war there. Yarosh is already the most powerful person in Ukraine, and yet his power is still increasing there. He’s a man to watch. He wants Putin dead, so Putin is probably watching him carefully. Obama meanwhile, is watching Putin’s ‘aggression.’

Right Sector will join Ukrainian military but as an autonomous territorial defense organization

From Fort Russ

Kiev convinced the Right Sector to become part of the UAF
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Rada Deputy and Ukrainian nationalist leader Dmitriy Yarosh announced that a procedure for incorporating the Right Sector into the UAF as an subordinate organization had been agreed upon. The two sides agreed at a closed meeting between Ukrainian MOD representatives and Yarosh in Dnepropetrovsk to adopt as a model the cooperation between the Tallinn government and the Estonia Defense Union, which began in the early 1990s.

“We agreed to introduce a bill that would establish the Right Sector as the basis for an organization similar to the Estonia Defense Union. We will have reserve units, combat units. This will be a compromise system, the golden middle which will satisfy both us and the government institutions,” Yarosh told Ukrainian journalists.

The Estonia Defense Union is a volunteer paramilitary formation which is part of the national army and which is financed by the state, but which at the same time retains certain autonomy. The EDU participates in national and international military exercises, and also prepares personnel for militias that patrol assigned territory.

Moreover, EDU units have their own command. Obviously it’s that aspect of the organization that persuaded the Ukrainian radicals to cooperate with the GenStaff, after all the Right Sector HQ said many times they would not accept a leader other than Yarosh. Therefore the nationalists will become an official part of the armed forces, while retaining certain autonomy.

We remind our readers that the Ukrainian MOD held negotiations over several months with the Right Sector activists, offering them various options for incorporation into GenStaff structure. The nationalists rejected all Kiev proposals, including full legalization of the movement in return for joining the military as contract servicemen.

There are fully justified concerns among Ukrainian politicians and experts that should the conflict in the Donbass fade away, yesterday’s volunteer fighters will create illegal armed formations aimed at, among others, the Kiev government.

Oleg Medvedev, an advisor to the president of Ukraine, admitted that the Kiev authorities had lost control over the National Guard. On his Facebook page, he blamed the volunteer battalions in creating disorders in Kharkov, where the Ukrainian activists picketed the state council in December, trying to force Mayor Gennadiy Kernes to resign. Medvedev proposed that they either return to the front, or find civilian work, and stop creating pickets and disorders in cities where they do not reside.

J.Hawk’s Comment: This is actually a sign of weakness on part of Poroshenko, not quite the “night of long knives”, but rather an “evening of short letter openers”. It’s one of several instances in recent days where Poroshenko, when trying to confront the right-wing nationalists, blinked first. One would think that he would follow up the success against Kolomoysky by mopping up the right-wing paramilitaries which represent the biggest threat to his own power at the moment. But instead he made them even more of a danger, both to himself and to the country as a whole. 

Conversely, the granting of autonomous status to the Right Sector makes Yarosh more powerful, and it’s not even clear whether Poroshenko was able to peel Yarosh away from Kolomoysky, who may well continue to fund the Right Sector, now a perfectly legal organization and moreover one with specific security responsibilities, thanks to its autonomous status. So now the Ukrainian neo-Nazis have a perfectly legal cover for conducting paramilitary training, something they could not have dreamed of before the Maidan. Ukraine is still firmly on course for its Doomsday.   Not that Ukraine is alone in doing this. In addition to Estonia, Poland is establishing a similar relationship with that country’s virulently nationalistic Rifle Associations in order to re-create something resembling territorial defense which once used to exist in a very robust form–but that was under the Socialist government of the Cold War era, back when Poland had a military worthy of the name. All in all, it looks like all the countries of Central Europe are inching toward fascism, it’s only a question of which one will be the first get a full-blown, openly fascist government.


Ukraine’s Right Sector leader Yarosh wants “unruly” Donbass residents deprived of civil rights and deported

From Sputnik News
March 29, 2015

Dmitri Yarosh, Rada MP and leader of Ukraine’s Right Sector, has declared that the unruly residents of eastern Ukraine must be deported and deprived of their civil rights before a program of ‘affectionate Ukrainianization’ can begin.

In an interview for Ukrainian newspaper Obosrevatel published on Sunday, Ukrainian Right Sector leader and Rada deputy Dmitri Yarosh stated that the unruly residents of eastern Ukraine should be deported and deprived of their civil rights.

Yarosh noted that much of Donbas is populated by ‘Sovoks’, an insulting slang term in Ukrainian and Russian derived from the word ‘Soviet’. Yarosh stated that the region “is populated by Sovoks –real Sovoks. And they should be deported. We have to deal with those who do not want to live by the rules and the laws of the state in a very harsh manner. This includes deportation, the deprivation of civil rights, and so on. Without force, it will not be possible to do anything with the region, to turn the tide so to speak.”

The Right Sector leader added that the region’s “unruly” residents must also be dealt with. “If we get rid of the unruly ones, everything will be fine, quiet and peaceful. And then, of course, a program of affectionate Ukrainianization can begin.” The MP noted that “spiritual rebirth” can begin only if authorities act in a consistent and forceful manner.

Yarosh cited Ukrainian authorities’ response to events in Konstantinovka, Donetsk, controlled by the Ukrainian military, where an inebriated Ukrainian armored vehicle driver recently crashed into a crowd of people and crushed and killed an eight-year-old girl in a hit and run incident, leading to riots in the streets.

“The events in Konstantinovka are an example of what I mean. If we had shown even a little bit of weakness…Right from the beginning a whole bunch of ‘heroes’ began crawling out of the woodwork, using the tragedy in their own separatist interests. And when our guys came out and began shooting into the air and arresting the instigators of riots, everything ceased at once. This is the rule,” Yarosh explained.

The MP noted that in his view, there are still many “real patriots” of Ukraine in the region, and that the present anti-Kiev attitudes are the result of many years of Russian propaganda and the removal of genuinely Ukrainian spiritual values. Yarosh explained that the “guys from Donetsk and Lugansk regions” fighting for the Ukrainian army “should become the [new] elite, on whose basis a qualitatively new society can be built…And those Vatnik [slang for Russians blindly loving their country], criminal oligarchic attitudes sitting in the minds of ordinary people for one reason or another must be removed.”

Dmitri Iarosh – now “advisor” to the Ukrainian Minister of Defense

The extreme nationalist leader noted that he has accepted the president’s invitation to come work in the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, adding that he has chosen to do so on a volunteer basis. Speaking about the Ukrainian army’s recent losses on the battlefield, Yarosh recalled that “we faced a route near Ilovaisk…On the one hand, we have learned to fight, with morale at a high level. But things are very bad when a pride of lions is led by sheep. They cannot lead us to victory, and only roll us back…Speaking about the current situation on the front, our forces are still threatened by several encirclements. And I don’t know, again, whether the sheep will react to this, or whether they are playing some sort of geopolitical game.”

The Right Sector is a far-right wing Ukrainian nationalist party. In January and February of 2014, the movement’s members participated heavily in fighting with Ukrainian police in the streets of Kiev, and in the capture of government buildings during the Euro-Maidan coup. Since April, they have taken the lead in the crushing of protest movements in eastern Ukraine, and enforcing the new order of the revolutionary government. In addition, they have also been involved in Kiev’s military operation in Donbas. Right Sector’s Ukrainian Volunteer Corps includes two battalions operating in eastern Ukraine, as well as eight reserve battalions throughout the rest of the country.

In November 2014, the Russian Supreme Court declared the Right Sector to be an extremist organization, and its activity has been banned on the territory of the Russian Federation. Earlier, in March, 2014, Russian authorities issued an arrest warrant against Dmitri Yarosh for incitement of terrorism, and for his organization’s combat operations in the First Chechen War against the Russian military.

Poroshenko offers Yarosh a Ministry of Defense job

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Poroshenko offers Yarosh a Ministry of Defense job

Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk

President of Ukraine Poroshenko offered Right Sector leader a position at the Ministry of Defense. This was announced on the [Poroshenko-owned] TV Channel 5 by Anton Gerashchenko, a Poroshenko advisor.

“I can confirm that Dmitriy Yarosh received a proposal from the president to take up a position at the Ministry of Defense. I would be very pleased if Yarosh were to start working as part of the state administration. I’ll say more: I can see that he is very bored at the Rada. Plus he was wounded in battle. I would be most pleased to create, together with Yarosh, a Volunteer Union for the Defense of Ukraine based on the Estonian, Finnish, and Swiss systems,” Gerashchenko added.

J.Hawk’s Comment: So we’ve seen the stick (the high-profile arrests, the threats, the SBU campaign), now comes the carrot. If I were Yarosh I’d seriously consider it, though of course  I’d be concerned about losing control over the Right Sector should it become absorbed into some state structure. But a territorial defense job—now that would be something right up Yarosh’s alley. Besides, what’s the alternative? Wage a guerrilla war against Poroshenko? Hang out at Kolomoysky’s side, hoping the fortunes will turn? Nah. Besides, it doesn’t seem an offer Yarosh can refuse. If he doesn’t like the carrot, he might have to taste the stick instead.

It’s also becoming clear that Poroshenko is aiming not at destroying but at isolating Kolomoysky. The arrests during the Cabinet meeting were of officials who gave state contracts to Kolomoysky’s companies. The offer to Yarosh is an effort to peel off the oligarch’s militant support. 

Incidentally, I would not attribute any of it to the US or any other outside force. Poroshenko is doing it on his own. Remember how just a few months ago it seemed entirely plausible that Poroshenko might be overthrown and that Yats would once again be “the Man”? Well, the shoe is on the other foot now—I mean, Yatsenyuk surely thought for at least a moment that the people who came to arrest his Cabinet members were actually coming for HIM. Yes, Poroshenko can arrest Yatsenyuk’s ministers right from under his nose. He managed to similarly neutralize Parubiy and Turchinov and, at least temporarily, secure the support of Avakov and Nalivaychenko whose star is rising. The US and the EU are, at most, recognizing the reality on the ground, and that reality is Poroshenko as the clearly dominant force in Ukrainian politics. For better or worse. 

What that “clearly dominant force” will do is another question, of course.

Nazis officially in Ukrainian Army? Right Sector negotiates to join as separate division under Yarosh command

From Rick Rozoff

March 27, 2015

Right Sector negotiates joining Ukrainian Army as independent division under Yarosh command


The volunteer battalion Right Sector is ready to join the Ukrainian Army as a separate division under the command of Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh.

“We can only agree on ‘legalization’ in one situation: if the volunteer Ukrainian corps remains a whole structure and if we continue reporting directly to our leader Dmytro Yarosh,” Right Sector press officer Artem Skoropadsky told reporters on Friday.

“We want everything to stay as it is now: we are now cooperating with the Defense Ministry and the Ukrainian Security Service,” Skoropadsky said.

“There should be no direct command. We don’t want any generals sent to Right sector to command it,” Skoropadsky said.

Responding to a question as to whether negotiations are being conducted with Defense Ministry officials on the inclusion of Right Sector in the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this format, he answered in the affirmative: “Negotiations are still being conducted and I don’t know what is being offered there as of this morning. Maybe during the way.”

Skoropadsky said offers to join the Ukrainian Army have been made to Right Sector before, but those offers were “various,” including those that were unacceptable to other organization, specifically, “the offer to disband the force and go to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces through district military commissariats” or to join the Ukrainian National Guard.

Skoropadsky said “the idea of disbanding the volunteer Ukrainian corps Right sector is also unacceptable.” Because we have groups, including intelligence groups, subversive groups, attack groups, where people are selected. It seems to me it will be very bad for the country’s defense capability to disband them now and make them ordinary privates, he said.

The Right Sector spokesman also believes the proposal on Right sector’s integration in the structure of the Ukrainian National Guard is unacceptable “because the National Guard is a police force, and we demand full-fledged lustration in the Interior Ministry.”

Vladyslav Selezniov, acting spokesman for the Ukrainian General Staff, said on March 26 members of the volunteer battalion Right Sector had been offered to join the Ukrainian army, but the battalion had not made a decision yet.

The CANVAS and Right Sector trail in the murder of Nemtsov

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March 6, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus
Originally published: March 1, 2015

The Serbian trail, stretching from the terrorist attack in Kharkov to the murder of Boris Nemtsov, stands out from under the carpet too much to ignore it. NGO CANVAS, grown from the Serbian maidan organization “Otpor!”, is very heavily involved in Ukraine and now have seriously taken over Russia.

The murder of Boris Nemtsov, whose corpse was found almost at the walls of the Kremlin, is in itself a very extraordinary event for Russia. Never in the Russian Federation there was a murder of a former member of the government, Deputy Prime Minister, a politician who was welcome at the White House and who spoke before the U.S. Congress. The body of this politician, deliberately executed in direct line of sight from the Kremlin, calls for a very serious approach to the murder, the forces behind it and the effects. A serious approach to the situation forces us to carefully consider all the versions of what happened.

On February 28, 2015, on the program “Norkin’s List” (NTV) a well-known political analyst Sergey Kurginyan expressed some thoughts about the murder of Nemtsov:

In particular, Kurginyan said:

“…Yarosh [the leader of the Right Sector”, a radical Ukrainian organization – Ruskom] cooperates with CANVAS, it’s a Serbian – American organization for the implementation of the “orange revolutions”, this organization organized Maidan [in Kiev – Ruskom] and everything else. Now CANVAS is heavily involved in Russia. Boris Nemtsov, unfortunately, said some strange words on February 10th, that he is afraid he will be killed by the authorities [which turned to be a fantasy of the editors – KR]. Immediately after that, the topic was discussed by Yarosh and representatives of CANVAS. Then the representatives of CANVAS came to Russia, among those representatives there is a man, a Serb, “Atsa” is his nickname (Alexander “Atsa” Kazun, lives in the USA, works for CANVAS – Ruskom), who was apprehended for the Kharkov explosion, and then he was released by Turchynov. Isn’t this interesting? Do we really want to know who is behind the murders?”

If we discard all versions except for the most probable – the murder of Nemtsov was supposed to destabilize the situation in Russia before the opposition march on March 1, this destabilization is most needed by the Ukrainian radical organizations, and therefore, Yarosh and the Right Sector. The situation on the fronts of Donbass is such that defeated on all fronts and expelled from Debaltsevo Ukrainian military will not soon recover from the damage and most likely will not be able to recover at all. In this situation a strategically winning solution for the Ukrainian radicals and their Western friends and curators is only a serious destabilization of the situation in Russia.

The focus of certain forces on the course of civil and political terror in Ukraine is evident in the terrorist act that took place in Kharkov on February 23, killing three people and injuring about ten. Ukrainian media of course, immediately, before the start of investigation, rushed to blame the “separatists”, “vatniki” and the Russian security services. There is no faith that the Ukrainian investigation will find the perpetrators, just as there is no hope for the investigation of Maidan snipers, which has taken already a year to no result. But if we think about who benefits from the terror in Ukraine, it is clear that neither Russia nor DPR/LPR can benefit from it.

The terror only benefits Ukrainian radicals and their curators, who thus wish to strengthen the anti-Russian and anti-Donbass mood in the society.

What was extraordinary about the Kharkov explosion?

“…two fighters from the special police battalion group “Kharkov-1” and a girl from the Right Sector, who showed negligence when handling explosives, injuring themselves, were supposed to be evacuated by the group consisting of four people. Strange activity of this group attracted the attention of the police, and the four were arrested. During a search of their minivan it turned out that, that it was unclear how they were going to evacuate their own, when the car was packed full of weapons, including automatic mounted grenade launcher AGS-30 of Russian production. The senior of the group turned out to be a U.S. citizen, presumably, of Serbian decent, Alexander Kazun nicknamed “Atsa” permanently residing in Washington, DC. Place of work: NGO CANVAS. Mr. Kazun was immediately released on the personal order from the Secretary of the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Aleksandr  Turchinov.”

A capture of a foreign citizen at the place of a terrorist attack looks very suspicious. Even more suspicious is the fact of the release of this citizen, Alexander Kazun, on the order of Alexander Turchynov, who has serious ties with the elites in the USA. And it becomes even more suspicious after understanding what is the NGO CANVAS. Here’s what William Engdahl wrote about it on January 7, 2014 in the article “American NGO involved in the protests in Ukraine”:

“CANVAS: the Belgrade U.S.-funded training organization is behind the carefully organized protests in Kiev. The recent protests in Ukraine stink of an attempt to destabilize the government of Yanukovych, organized from abroad 

After the events in Kharkov the representatives of this organization, engaged in the export of “revolutions” ended up in Moscow. In addition, NGO CANVAS originated from the “bulldozer revolution” in Belgrade in 2000, which overthrew Slobodan Milosevic. The Serbs, who at the time experienced all the “charms” of the coups organized by the West, warned the citizens of Ukraine about those consequences which follow the “peaceful protest against the bloody tyrant” under the cries of “they’re just children!”:

“I live in Belgrade, Serbia, and events in Ukraine remind me of the events in Serbia in the late 1990s and in 2000. In 2000 Western-paid opposition overthrew Slobodan Milosevic, all to our great joy and our great hopes for the future, just because we were tired of the difficult life (or what we perceived as a difficult life at that time) and, in fact, we were naive and duped by Western media (as well as you are today, but let me continue, I will explain this later). Later we realized that it does not work like that – the West did not give us money, did not give us investments, in essence, the West and the European Union did not act like friends at all. Better life never came, and in fact things have gotten worse.

Now, attention! The same people who lied to us and made our “democratic revolution”, are now making YOURS – NGO called “Otpor!” (“Resistance”) in the 1990s, now known as the “CANVAS” – “The Center for the applied nonviolent action and strategies”. Also the usual names and agencies in this show: USAID, Freedom House, The National Endowment for Democracy, George Soros… See for yourself. These are the same people – the oligarchs in Serbia now. They are trained by the CIA, and do their work in Ukraine (and other countries), your Yanukovych even banned some of the many very interesting articles, Ukraine is mentioned in almost every one of them”

Unfortunately, the Ukrainians did not heed the calls of the Serbian people and decided by their bitter experience to test the heavy forces of democracy and breathe the free air of Maidan. In this they were helped by many experts from Serbia (and not only), in particular Marko Ivkovic, the head of the above-mentioned Serbian organization “Otpor!” This was reported by Oleg Tsarev on December 1, 2013 at his page on Facebook:

“The day before yesterday my friend was flying to Ukraine, and in his companion he recognized the well-known organizer of coups and revolutions, Marko Ivkovic. He became famous as the founder of the Serbian “Otpor”, then there were Georgian “Kmara” and Ukrainian “Pora”. Marco tried to organize something similar in Russia, but was extradited and banned from entry. Was in Kyrgyzstan in 2010, when President Bakiyev was ousted there. Now Maidan is in experienced and financially secure hands. Americans do not spare any money on Ivakovic – not so long ago on his projects in Ukraine the National Democratic Institute of the United States provided $1,200,000″.

In 2012, Marko Ivkovic already worked in Ukraine at the National Democratic Institute of USA, operated in contact with the party “Front of Changes” of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, created a public organization “OPORA” to count the votes at elections. Was the unofficial head of the electoral headquarters of Yatsenyuk. The Ukrainian media already in early 2012 hypothesized that Ivkovic was busy preparing “Maidan-2”.

In 2013, right before the aggravation of the situation, Ivkovic arrived to Ukraine on November 29, which was reported by Oleg Tsarev. Next, let’s give a word to the Ukrainian media (publication date September 12, 2013):

“On the eve of the “Popular Assembly,” Arseniy Yatsenyuk and opposition leaders met with Marko Ivkovic – one of the members of the National Democratic Institute, USA. This was reported by the media, citing sources close to Yatsenyuk. The meeting was attended also by Fink Bryne (Gomez) – U.S. citizen, employee of the Agency for International Development, USA. Both U.S. citizens, known as consultants for colored revolutions, came to Ukraine a few weeks ago (Fink Bryne – on October 28). [the spelling of the name may be different in English as it is a translation from Russian – KR]

Now the details of that meeting became known. In particular, it is reported that Marko Ivkovic offered to A. Yatsenyuk, V. Klitschko and O. Tiagnybok to proclaim on the Maidan on Sunday during the “Popular Assembly” a “Manifesto”, according to which to announce the transition of power into the hands of the provisional (until the elections) “people’s government”.

Next was a matter of technique and concerted action. The “People’s government” was supposed to move into the building of the Kiev city administration to use the existing phones of government communications, contact law enforcement agencies and the army calling for support. And also – and this is, perhaps, the most important thing – to contact the embassies of the European countries and the USA with the request for recognition. When it comes to their interests, the United States and Europe, do not waste time with recognition. According to the source, the American Embassy has already prepared the official response with the approval of the actions of the opposition”

Now we know that the January – February events of 2014 in Kiev took place according to the scenario written in December 2013, and therefore, reality confirms the involvement of Serbs and Americans in Kiev events, and the high profile of the organizers of Euromaidan.

Serbian – American consultants of Kiev Euromaidan do not hesitate to use established and successful templates, instructions and practices. For example, the leaflets, which were first used in Belgrade in 2000, then in Cairo in 2011, and then in Kiev in 2013-2014:

NGO CANVAS at first glance at its website seems like a reputable international organization which strongly emphasizes its non-violent character. Now we understand what “non-violent” actions the employee of CANVAS Alexander Kazun, nicknamed “Atsa” was engaged in in Kharkov on February 23 in the car with explosives and automatic grenade launchers and what actions he may have been engaged in in Moscow.

CANVAS operates in Europe, in America, in Africa, and Asia. Tremendous scope for a modest Serbian organization, isn’t it?

Everything falls into place, when we see,  which organizations CANVAS is cooperating with in “developing long-term strategies related to the production of knowledge, tools, and studies of the global nonviolent struggle and the formation of a network of researchers related to the topic of non-violent resistance and strategies”. This is the Air Force Academy of Colorado, the John Hopkins University, and Columbia University. The website of CANVAS shows links to the sites of organizations such as the Institute of Albert Einstein, Freedom House and others, not less “friendly” to Russia:

Words are given to us to conceal our thoughts, and websites – to hide the true extent and details of the activities of organizations. So the sterile website CANVAS will not reveal the real information about their activities. But this data is provided by Wikileaks and other resources.

For example, there is a correspondence between the staff of the American organization Stratfor (private intelligence company of the United States, which is also called “the shadow CIA”), in which “CANVAS” and its leaders are very highly rated:

“This is an impressive group. They come in, operate in a country, and try to topple its regime. When used properly, they are stronger than an aircraft battle group.”

In response to the mention of “aircraft battle group”, Vice President of Stratfor, Fred Burton, sarcastically said that perhaps they should be sent to Iran.

Another letter said that “this organization (CANVAS) gets a lot of American money …I spoke with some people who lobbied for them (CANVAS) to get more money”. It is further specified that the Serbian organization “Otpor!” was funded, in particular, by Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, The Open Society Institute, USAID and the U.S. Institute for Peace. And it is indicated that CANVAS has financial ties with these organizations.

“Otpor!” and then CANVAS are not only mentioned in the correspondence of Stratfor employees, they also have close ties with Stratfor, Goldman Sachs, and the U.S. government. The wife of the leader of CANVAS worked in Stratfor for one year (from March 2010 to March 2011).

Srdja Popovich, the leader of the CANVAS

To put it briefly, CANVAS helps Stratfor in executing the color revolutions, overthrowing any leader hostile to the United States. This is what, according to Wikileaks, the US elite valued in Srdja Popovic and his “Otpor”.

In another letter dated March 2010 Stuart Burton said that CANVAS “is trying to get rid of Chavez,” referring to the late President Hugo Chavez. In 2007, the CANVAS tried to overthrow Chavez with trained activists.

In conclusion we can say that the activists of Serbian “Otpor” in their work used (and use) the models of Gene Sharp, the leading expert on the so-called “non-violent regime change”.

How non-violent are these methods, you can evaluate, judging how Gene Sharp participated in the events in Riga in 1990, advising “Sajudis” (nationalist anti-soviet Latvian organization), and that snipers from “Sajudis” shot (and killed) the demonstrators and the police with the aim to destabilize the Baltic States and cause the collapse of the USSR. These are the “non-violent” methods used in his time by Gene Sharp. Such methods are used by his followers from CANVAS, blowing up rallies in Kharkov and killing politicians in Moscow. Don’t you think this version seems more than logical?

For Russia today a new complex phase began, in which the country can win, and therefore survive only if Russian patriots and responsible citizens will understand the situation in all its complexity and tragedy. For further detailed analysis please see Friend: (Russian)

Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh creates parallel Armed Forces of Ukraine, says “there will be no ceasefire”

From Fort Russ

Yarosh with Right Sector commanders

February 13, 2015
Translated by Krisitna Rus

“Total war” – terrorist Yarosh warns, that the militants of the Right Sector and other volunteer-punisher battalions will not abide by the Minsk agreement.

About this and about the creation of parallel armed forces of Ukraine of the volunteer army, the infamous terrorist and a member of Parliament, Dmitry Yarosh says on his official Facebook page.

“With the permission and an entourage of doctors went to one of the bases of DUK PS [“DUK PS” – Ukrainian Volunteer Corps of the Right Sector – “Rusvesna”].

Took part in the extended meeting of the commanders of the various units and divisions of the Corps. Outlined a number of strategic and operational directions for the development of military-political movement “The Right Sector”.

Discussed the situation at the front and rear, as well as opportunities and options for state legitimization of the Volunteer corps as a social phenomenon.

Decided: on joining in the structure of the operational headquarters of the volunteer movement, on deployment of new combat and reserve units of DUK, on further systematization and structuring of medical, intelligence, and information services of the Corps.

Considered the possibility of creation of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army as a separate type of UAF [we are talking about completely independent from the main command structure with its own General Staff – “Rusvesna”], and the like…

Frankly, terribly tired, but got a great moral satisfaction from communicating with brothers.

We are all united by the idea of statehood of our people and strive for victory over enemies foreign and domestic. We know that despite the efforts of katsap [derogatory term for Russians – tr.] jackals and snake hissing of sympathizers and collaborators, we are on the right path. We – are the strength which protects Ukraine. This is our main mission in this earthly  life…

We want to win. We can win. We will win!

P.S. At the meeting we decided that there will be no ceasefire with Russian occupants and terrorists. We will wage the war until a victorious liberation of all Ukrainian lands from Moscow freaks. And victory will be ours! Glory To Ukraine!”


Minsk-2 is over before it began: 17 volunteer battalions refuse to obey Kiev

From Fort Russ

The Right Sector

February 12, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus
RIGA, 12 Feb – RIA Novosti.

Defense Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Vladimir Kononov said that 17 territorial battalions involved in the fighting in the South-East of Ukraine pulled out of control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and went under the control of the Right Sector.

“I have data that 17 territorial battalions withdrew from subordination to UAF and came under the jurisdiction of Yarosh. This is the “Right Sector”. “Right Sector” never fulfilled any agreements and in fact they constantly provoked further clashes,” – said Kononov on Thursday on Latvian TV show “Tonight” on channel LTV7.

Right Sector” – is a Ukrainian union of radical nationalist organizations. In January and February 2014 the militants of the movement were engaged in clashes with the police and the seizure of administrative buildings, and since April – in the suppression of protests in the East of Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly called on Kiev to disarm illegal armed groups, including the militants of the “Right Sector”.

On Thursday in Minsk ended peace talks in “Normandy format” with the participation of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. Following the talks, it became known that an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in some districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine should start from 00: 00 (Kiev time) on 15 February 2015.

The withdrawal of heavy weapons must begin no later than the second day after the ceasefire and be completed within 14 days specified in the Minsk document. The security zone for the heavy artillery in Donbass should be from 50 to 140 kilometers.

Coincidentally, Kolomoisky also controls 17 battalions.

Kristina Rus:

The Minsk-2 agreement was the end of Poroshenko, and the end has begun. Crimea and Donbass uprisings were a defensive response to the threat of armed ultra-nationalists, which originally formed the Right Sector, and later – the various volunteer battalions. The Russian South-East is fighting not against the Ukrainian people, but against the raging ultra-nationalists, for whom the latest agreement was a shameful capitulation, and they had just declared they are not obliged to follow it. For them Poroshenko is a traitor, Russian-Ukrainians are subhumans, who should be annihilated and/or chased from the Ukrainian lands. 

The union of ultra-nationalists and liberals which made Maidan of 2014 a success as opposed to the Maidan of 2004 stands upon the ultra-nationalist ideology, which is incompatible with any attempt to reconcile the divided Ukraine. The conflict between the East and the West is woven into the fabric of today’s Ukraine, pumped with nationalist propaganda. The only chance for peace is a military victory of one of the parties. Or else, the Kiev regime needs to cleanse itself of the brown plague, of which it was born. This is what Minsk-2 attempted to achieve. 

If indeed these are the battalions controlled by Kolomoisky, then he is keeping his bet on the neo-nazis, who would help him get rid of Poroshenko and increase his clout. In a way he is out of options as they are his only fighting force. Where this all will lead is looking more and murkier by day.

The question is how will Europe and USA try to save face by enabling the “pro-US” neo-nazi forces who just wiped their bottoms with the latest agreement? Will they still be able to turn the tables and blame the “separatists” for everything? 

As for whether this was a success for Putin: the ultimate measure of victory in Ukraine is denazification and building of a state friendly to neighboring Russia. In order to do it, Ukraine needs to surgically remove the cancer that is eating at it from inside. That means entering the stage of open confrontation within itself.

Yarosh draws 17 “volunteer battalions” to his side

From Fort Russ

Kolomoysky is creating his own GenStaff (Clarification of situation)
By Yurasumy
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The next moment of honesty from Yarosh:

“The new HQ will be joined by about 17 various volunteer battalions, subordinated to the MVD and the MOD, and of course the Right Sector Volunteer Corps.

We have already created a unique operational staff. It will be located in Dnepropetrovsk. It will perform intelligence data exchange, mutual assistance, military-technical cooperation, and so on. We may also form certain operational formations at the front, after all we often have the best operational information about what is happening on this or that sector of the front simply because our battalions are there. We can make recommendations to the General Staff in order to carry out operational and tactical missions,” added Yarosh.

As we can see, the creation of a new command entity for part of the UAF and MVD is proceeding at full pace, and it will be based in Dnepropetrovsk. The formation will in practical terms means the formation of a Dnepropetrovsk khanate, and an increase in Kolomoysky’s influence in intra-Ukrainian power struggles, which will violate the current balance of power.

Even if there is an agreement reached in Minsk today, which I don’t believe will happen (if anything is signed, it will not be done seriously or for long, unfortunately), the break-down of the UAF and MVD into two components will be de-facto concluded. Then UAF formations will have to choose a side, either with Poroshenko or not with Poroshenko.

It won’t happen today or tomorrow, but very soon everyone who is fighting against LPR/DPR will have to make that choice, and then the Ukrainian civil war will spread with new force to new territories. Because according to the Washington central, it’s not enough to plunge the Donbass into chaos; all of Ukraine must be affected. And unfortunately the people of Ukraine are following that path.

P.S. US plans do not foresee the war in Ukraine ever ending. If it ends, it will be a defeat for Washington. They will never agree to that. I am certain of it.

J.Hawk’s Comment: It’s not a given that Yarosh is Kolomoysky’s creature. After all, it is Yarosh who controls the Right Sector, and Kolomoysky has no means of replacing him with anyone else. The location of the parallel Right Sector HQ in Dnepropetrovsk does not necessarily imply Kolomoysky’s control over the enterprise. Instead, it may mean Yarosh is being planted there to keep an eye on Kolomoysky whose political reliability is probably suspect. Though it is possible that Yarosh is happy to collect Kolomoysky’s money in exchange for “protection” from Poroshenko, and that the relationship between the two is strictly business, with the extent of Yarosh’s loyalty to Kolomoysky being limited by the latter’s cash reserves. To be sure, Yarosh very recently stated that he made a mistake by supporting Poroshenko during and after the Maidan.

Aside from that, one cannot help but agree with Yurasumy’s analysis. It would appear that the volunteer battalions opted on their own to join the Right Sector’s command structure, even though they are presumably still attached to regular army brigades. No word on any regular army or National Guard formations opting to come under Yarosh’s command—they are presumably remaining loyal to Poroshenko. But since the volunteer battalions are “legal” and therefore have access to all manner of military equipment, the “military-technical cooperation” simply amounts to a back-door way of accomplishing what Yarosh could not do openly, namely ensuring access to large quantities of military equipment. Because now the volunteer battalions will be able to pass their weapons to the Right Sector, then request replacement (by claiming destruction during combat or some such thing) from the MOD. It’s a big win for Yarosh and the Right Sector. It may well be that, by being based in Dnepropetrovsk, they intend to carve out a role for themselves as a “military frontier” of sorts, by keeping the unrest down in the border areas and also providing security at the border itself.

As to the US policy in Ukraine, I would have to disagree with Yurasumy here. The US seems to be clearly deferring to the EU since at least the Munich Conference. Senior EU officials were adamant that even should this round of Minsk talks fail, it will not change their mind concerning arming of Ukraine. The US seems to be respecting those wishes, restraining to providing support equipment (apparently communications equipment, artillery radars, and associated training) rather than actual weaponry.


Ukraine’s new Prosecutor General continuing the pattern of nepotism

From Fort Russ

“What, again”? Godfather-President Appoints Godfather theProsecutor General.
By ua_katarsis

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Everyone remembers how the former President Yanukovych appointed Pshonka, to whose children he was the godfather, as the Prosecutor General. The new President Poroshenko decided not to deviate from the tradition and likewise appointed someone to whose children he is the godfather.

“The Verkhovna Rada voted to appoint Viktor Shokin the new Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Shokin was supported by 318 deputies, and needed 226 to be confirmed. Prior to that the Rada had voted to dismiss Vitaliy Yarema from that post. Shokin’s candidacy was presented by Poroshenko, who said he knows Shokin for over 15 years and knows him as a professional with good reputation.”

Shokin for his part opted not to ignore the ancient Ukrainian tradition of nepotism. “The Deputy Prosecutor for the Odessa region became Tatyana Gornostayeva, the daughter of the newly appointed Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.”

Shokin’s other relatives are likewise employed by the Prosecutor’s General office. “They include Shokin’s son-in-law and father-in-law, who likewise were appointed to senior leadership posts at that institution. The husband of Shokin’s daughter, Aleksey Gornostayev, became the Deputy Prosecutor General for the Kiev region of Odessa. The father of Aleksey Gornostayev now works as the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Dnepropetrovsk Region. Prior to that he occupied various posts, and he has headed the Prosecutor’s General office in Dnepropetrovsk.

Faces may have changed, but the methods of exploiting the people remain the same.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Aside from the sheer nepotism and the “godfather angle” of this shockin’, excuse me, Shokin appointments (which Shokin, incidentally, denies) one thing they have in common is that they pertain to cities and regions (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk) where Kolomoysky’s influence is quite strong. Shokin is known to have put together a number of cases against Poroshenko’s rivals in earlier years, including against Kolomoysky himself. The combination of Yarosh’s new Right Sector/Volunteer Battalion HQ being located in Dnepropetrovsk, and of Poroshenko’s loyalist to Dnepropetrovsk indicates either a brewing conflict between Poroshenko and Kolomoysky (this assumes that Yarosh remains in Kolomoysky’s pay), or a conflict between Poroshenko and Yarosh over how Kolomoysky’s empire is carved up.