Divisions within the Kiev regime, the role of Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoysky — report

By Eric Zuesse
Global Research, March 29, 2015

The Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung reported Thursday the 26th, that the Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, whom Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko recently removed from control over Ukraine’s monopoly oil-transport firm and from being governor of a Ukrainian province, had been using his private army, augmented by forces from Dmitriy Yarosh’s Right Sector party, to rob other oligarchs, especially Ukraine’s richest one, Rinat Akhmetov. 

Akhmetov’s companies are mainly in eastern Ukraine, and so Akhmetov had been trying to avoid siding with either the post-coup Ukrainian government or the anti-coup residents of the far-eastern, and pro-Russian, Donbass region of Ukraine, who reject it. (That’s the dark-purple area shown on this voting map of the last Presidential election before the coup, where 90%+ of the residents had voted for Viktor Yanukovych — the man who was overthrown in the coup.) Akhmetov was thus vulnerable after the coup.

This news report, by FAZ’s Warsaw correspondent Konrad Schuller, says that Kolomoysky’s thugs had been using ”psychological pressure,” “intimidation,” “physical force,” and “kidnappings,” in order to “extend their influence.” They were “going to build in eastern Ukraine’s combat zone a network of extortion and violence that would subject everyone there to kidnapping and robbery by Kolomoysky  with the help of some of his leading battalion commanders.”

This article reports that, “In the center of it all there stood a man named K., a prominent and close associate of Kolomoysky.” Earlier, the article says, “Kolomoysky’s deputy as governor, Hennadij Korban, was preparing to organize demonstrations in his stronghold Dnipropetrovsk,” which is the region to which, after the coup, Kolomoysky had been appointed governor by Oleksandr Turchynov, who had been appointed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who had been appointed by Geoffrey Pyatt, at the instruction of Victoria Nuland, who had been appointed by Barack Obama.

Kolomoysky, furthermore, himself appointed Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden to the board of Kolomoysky’s own gas-exploration company.

However, apparently, Kolomoysky, who had long been known for taking over companies by raiding them with his private army, has now become too much for Obama to take, and so Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko recently removed Kolomoysky from his posts.

Back in June, Kolomoysky said publicly that he would not take instruction from President Poroshenko. But now that Obama has turned against Kolomoysky, Kolomoysky no longer has any effective political power-base in Ukraine, despite his billions and his private army and his backing from Yarosh’s Right Sector, which includes an even larger private army, very nazi. (In Ukraine, the nazis, or racist fascists, are haters of Russians, not necessarily also of Jews; Kolomoysky himself is Jewish, yet he’s also a leading Ukrainian nazi.) Yarosh’s Right Sector troops, as well as Kolomoysky’s own mercenaries, have been the most effective of all of Ukraine’s forces at killing the residents of the rebelling region, Donbass.

FAZ‘s reporter Schuller says that the Security Bureau of Ukraine (SBU) had found that Kolomoysky was planning to become Ukraine’s “final number one among the oligarchs of the country,” by stealing from Akhmetov and others.

Apparently, Obama has decided to let Poroshenko take over. The nazis, whose guns and muscle overthrew the previous president, Viktor Yanukovych, now know that Obama will no longer be beholden to them — he has had enough of them, and he expects everyone to line up now behind President Poroshenko.

There has been a contest in Ukraine as to whether the ethnic cleansing of Donbass, to get rid of its residents, would be taken over by the nazi forces or would remain under Poroshenko’s command. Evidently, it will remain under Poroshenko’s command.

On March 24th, U.S. Abrams tanks were photographed in Linz Austria on rail cars heading toward Ukraine. If that’s where they are going, then the Ukrainian government might have better weapons this time than they did in either of their previous two invasions of Donbass.

U.S. President Obama accuses Russia of arming the residents in Donbass. In his National Security Strategy 2015, he uses the word “aggression” 18 times, 17 of them referring to Russia.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity, and of Feudalism, Fascism, Libertarianism and Economics.


Yarosh draws 17 “volunteer battalions” to his side

From Fort Russ

Kolomoysky is creating his own GenStaff (Clarification of situation)
By Yurasumy
Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The next moment of honesty from Yarosh:

“The new HQ will be joined by about 17 various volunteer battalions, subordinated to the MVD and the MOD, and of course the Right Sector Volunteer Corps.

We have already created a unique operational staff. It will be located in Dnepropetrovsk. It will perform intelligence data exchange, mutual assistance, military-technical cooperation, and so on. We may also form certain operational formations at the front, after all we often have the best operational information about what is happening on this or that sector of the front simply because our battalions are there. We can make recommendations to the General Staff in order to carry out operational and tactical missions,” added Yarosh.

As we can see, the creation of a new command entity for part of the UAF and MVD is proceeding at full pace, and it will be based in Dnepropetrovsk. The formation will in practical terms means the formation of a Dnepropetrovsk khanate, and an increase in Kolomoysky’s influence in intra-Ukrainian power struggles, which will violate the current balance of power.

Even if there is an agreement reached in Minsk today, which I don’t believe will happen (if anything is signed, it will not be done seriously or for long, unfortunately), the break-down of the UAF and MVD into two components will be de-facto concluded. Then UAF formations will have to choose a side, either with Poroshenko or not with Poroshenko.

It won’t happen today or tomorrow, but very soon everyone who is fighting against LPR/DPR will have to make that choice, and then the Ukrainian civil war will spread with new force to new territories. Because according to the Washington central, it’s not enough to plunge the Donbass into chaos; all of Ukraine must be affected. And unfortunately the people of Ukraine are following that path.

P.S. US plans do not foresee the war in Ukraine ever ending. If it ends, it will be a defeat for Washington. They will never agree to that. I am certain of it.

J.Hawk’s Comment: It’s not a given that Yarosh is Kolomoysky’s creature. After all, it is Yarosh who controls the Right Sector, and Kolomoysky has no means of replacing him with anyone else. The location of the parallel Right Sector HQ in Dnepropetrovsk does not necessarily imply Kolomoysky’s control over the enterprise. Instead, it may mean Yarosh is being planted there to keep an eye on Kolomoysky whose political reliability is probably suspect. Though it is possible that Yarosh is happy to collect Kolomoysky’s money in exchange for “protection” from Poroshenko, and that the relationship between the two is strictly business, with the extent of Yarosh’s loyalty to Kolomoysky being limited by the latter’s cash reserves. To be sure, Yarosh very recently stated that he made a mistake by supporting Poroshenko during and after the Maidan.

Aside from that, one cannot help but agree with Yurasumy’s analysis. It would appear that the volunteer battalions opted on their own to join the Right Sector’s command structure, even though they are presumably still attached to regular army brigades. No word on any regular army or National Guard formations opting to come under Yarosh’s command—they are presumably remaining loyal to Poroshenko. But since the volunteer battalions are “legal” and therefore have access to all manner of military equipment, the “military-technical cooperation” simply amounts to a back-door way of accomplishing what Yarosh could not do openly, namely ensuring access to large quantities of military equipment. Because now the volunteer battalions will be able to pass their weapons to the Right Sector, then request replacement (by claiming destruction during combat or some such thing) from the MOD. It’s a big win for Yarosh and the Right Sector. It may well be that, by being based in Dnepropetrovsk, they intend to carve out a role for themselves as a “military frontier” of sorts, by keeping the unrest down in the border areas and also providing security at the border itself.

As to the US policy in Ukraine, I would have to disagree with Yurasumy here. The US seems to be clearly deferring to the EU since at least the Munich Conference. Senior EU officials were adamant that even should this round of Minsk talks fail, it will not change their mind concerning arming of Ukraine. The US seems to be respecting those wishes, restraining to providing support equipment (apparently communications equipment, artillery radars, and associated training) rather than actual weaponry.



Ukraine’s new Prosecutor General continuing the pattern of nepotism

From Fort Russ

“What, again”? Godfather-President Appoints Godfather theProsecutor General.
By ua_katarsis

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Everyone remembers how the former President Yanukovych appointed Pshonka, to whose children he was the godfather, as the Prosecutor General. The new President Poroshenko decided not to deviate from the tradition and likewise appointed someone to whose children he is the godfather.

“The Verkhovna Rada voted to appoint Viktor Shokin the new Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Shokin was supported by 318 deputies, and needed 226 to be confirmed. Prior to that the Rada had voted to dismiss Vitaliy Yarema from that post. Shokin’s candidacy was presented by Poroshenko, who said he knows Shokin for over 15 years and knows him as a professional with good reputation.”

Shokin for his part opted not to ignore the ancient Ukrainian tradition of nepotism. “The Deputy Prosecutor for the Odessa region became Tatyana Gornostayeva, the daughter of the newly appointed Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.”

Shokin’s other relatives are likewise employed by the Prosecutor’s General office. “They include Shokin’s son-in-law and father-in-law, who likewise were appointed to senior leadership posts at that institution. The husband of Shokin’s daughter, Aleksey Gornostayev, became the Deputy Prosecutor General for the Kiev region of Odessa. The father of Aleksey Gornostayev now works as the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Dnepropetrovsk Region. Prior to that he occupied various posts, and he has headed the Prosecutor’s General office in Dnepropetrovsk.

Faces may have changed, but the methods of exploiting the people remain the same.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Aside from the sheer nepotism and the “godfather angle” of this shockin’, excuse me, Shokin appointments (which Shokin, incidentally, denies) one thing they have in common is that they pertain to cities and regions (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk) where Kolomoysky’s influence is quite strong. Shokin is known to have put together a number of cases against Poroshenko’s rivals in earlier years, including against Kolomoysky himself. The combination of Yarosh’s new Right Sector/Volunteer Battalion HQ being located in Dnepropetrovsk, and of Poroshenko’s loyalist to Dnepropetrovsk indicates either a brewing conflict between Poroshenko and Kolomoysky (this assumes that Yarosh remains in Kolomoysky’s pay), or a conflict between Poroshenko and Yarosh over how Kolomoysky’s empire is carved up.



Kolomoisky is preparing a massive private army for a coup in Kiev

Posted on Fort Russ:

<iframe width=”480″ height=”270″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/YdX5dqMIyvQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

January 22, 2015
Phillip Ekozyanz – Oplot
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Good evening, this is important and urgent information for all the Ukrainian people. Right now on the territory of our country there is a diversion operation taking place. What is it about, and what is its goal?

Active military operation along the entire front in South East. Bombing of residential neighborhoods. Soaked in incredible cynicism scenes of crying Poroshenko family on the graves of the people, killed by himself. New mobilization and callous forcing of peaceful people to war. Clear demonstration of helplessness of the Ukrainian army. All of this is just a curtain that is hiding the really important events.

Here is what is hidden from us. You may have noticed that just recently the pages of Boris Filatov’s (the right hand of Igor Kolomoisky) disappeared from social networks. At the same time appeared the rumors that the head of the European Jewry is folding. Exiting the game in Ukraine. And these rumors considering whats’ happening seem believable. But it is not truth. As one respected person said: “Benya is folding? You must be idiots!”

So what is happening in reality? Now, behind the scenes of Ukrainian theater, namely in Dnepropetrovsk, a powerful military formation is in the final stages of preparation.  It consists of foreign military battalions, and has a strong skeleton from NATO specialists. Dnepropetrovsk needed time to prepare, and a good smoke screen. This is why we see what we see. We observe the highest activity at all the areas of military-political field of Ukraine, all except for Dnepropetrovsk. It is hot in Donbass, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa. Even Western Ukraine is heating up. Only Dnepropetrovsk is quiet. One does not hear from the masters of fate or the stars of Skype anymore . But as soon as Dnepropetrovsk ripens it will capture the power in Verkhovnaya Rada along with the right to institute a martial law. Dnepropetrovsk doesn’t need the Ukrainian army which exists now, created by hoarding the factory workers, peasants and shop keepers. In front of us it is being spent on the territory of Donbass, which is desperately defending itself.

In the next several weeks a new phase of Ukrainian crisis will begin – a destruction of Ukraine, and it will begin from Dnepropetrovsk. Everything is almost ready there. Repeating the words of Boris Filatov: “the time for promises is over, the time has come to hang all of us, Ukrainians”..



Ukrainian airspace shut down to receive military cargo from United States

The documents found on Vice President Joe Biden’s staff’s mobile device, with an order for military equipment, including diving gear, are here:
25.11.2014 г. CyberBerkut gained access to the documents of Joseph Biden’s delegation officials

Posted by Fort Russ

Two American Transport Planes Are Being Unloaded At Zaporozhye Airport [1]
December 13, 2014, 23:10 Local Time:

“Right now at Zaporozhye airport they are unloading two transport planes from USA. Cargo is in boxes. According to additional information two more planes are expected to arrive.”

Blogger Colonel Cassad: The Reason For Shutting Down Ukrainian Airspace Is To Accept Military Cargo From USA [2]
Colonel Cassad – Live Journal December 14, 2014

Ukrainian airports are shut down in order to accept military-transport planes of USA and NATO. One of my readers who has connections in Zaporozhye already confirmed it.

His friend’s work is connected with Zaporozhye airport. Here is his quote:

“Now at the airport they are performing an urgent order for the installation of defensive towers along the perimeter of the airport. He said that the work needs to be completed ASAP, since the order is urgent. Started in late November. Now almost complete. Yesterday reported that flights from Zaporozhye (Motor Sich) will stop on the 13th. And this is despite the wishes of Motor Sich to fly to Moscow daily from December 16, instead of three times a week.

To the question, why stop, one of the airport workers replied that the airport has to be prepared to accept military aircraft with equipment, including Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. The equipment is expected from the United States.”

In Dnepropetrovsk – a similar situation, from Kharkov there was no confirmation. In general, apparently the US does not want to wait until the Act on military assistance to Ukraine adopted by the senate will pass through congress and are boosting rearmament of junta troops. New unofficial military advisers/assistants should be expected to show up as well.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called this Act confrontational and threatened a radical response. Let’s see where this muscle flexing will lead.


Translated by Kristina Rus for FortRuss.blogspot.com

[1] http://fortruss.blogspot.com/2014/12/two-american-transport-planes-are-being.html

[2] http://fortruss.blogspot.com/2014/12/blogger-colonel-cassad-reason-for.html